for all i care.. it should stay ripped

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do anything right? Why do the people I care about the most always leave? Everyone promises that they will never leave me and they love me but sooner or later, they all leave me. Am I really that bad of a person? Am I really not even worth one person? Not even one freaking person stays. I accept people into my heart and trust them but all they do is rip it out and stomp on it until it’s no longer usable. Then someone comes along, repairs it only to destroy it again. I seriously have no one. And it hurts to be physically and emotionally alone. I sit home with no one, talk to absolutely no one. I bother everyone. I annoy everyone. But I understand it, I wouldn’t want to be friends with me either. I’m not worth it so why stick around? That is in my head 24/7. I hate myself too. I just want to drown all these pills and sleep. Never bother anyone, never annoy anyone, never hold anyone back. I don’t expect people to miss me. I honest think everyone will be like, “oh she killed herself, took her long enough, no one wanted her here anyway”. I’m not even worth one single person staying, why stay? My best friend doesn’t even care for me, that’s why she ended our friendship. My high school friends never loved me, that’s why they never texted me after graduation. I’m tired of giving my heart and having it ripped and torn. I’m just tired, period. I want to sleep. Sleep and never wake up to all the pain surrounding me. No more fake smiles, no more fake laughs. I’m not worth it. I’m not worth her staying, why should I stay and get my heart hurt by another person? I can’t.

Requested by @samascara
Tommy falls in love with blind Reader.
Warnings: Fluff, Angst.
Hope you guys enjoy! Feedback is very much appreciated!

Note: I didn’t do much research for this Imagine, I also thought that in this time-period it would present more struggles for a blind person and their family than it would in today’s day and age. I figured the “reader” would need to have some sort of dependency on others – but also struggle with needing to be independent as well. Also, I kind of tried a weird point of view in this (I feel like it’s a little muddled but I tried to convey two inner monologues for two characters at the same time.)


You woke up to a loud commotion outside your window, screaming, shouting, some sort of loud engine, sirens and bells ringing urgently and steadily.

“Gilly?” You spoke up, feeling around the side of your bed for your walking stick. You felt for your sister in her bed, but only found the sheets and duvet to be empty – bed still made from this morning.

Gilly must have stayed out late dancing and drinking again. You shook your head and moved across the room to your door – but when you touched the door knob, a searing pain shot throughout your palm and fingers – causing you to let out a scream.

“GILLY?!” You yelled frightened, you couldn’t tell if you were bleeding or what even bit you. You put your uninjured hand against the door, an intense warmth enveloped it – you could only pick up the sounds of unknown objects shifting and shuffling on the other side of the door. It only took you a split second to realize that what you were hearing was furniture, walls and floorboard – crackling as the deathly heat began to overtake your flat.

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I wrote you letters; that spring that came after the harshest winter. It wasn’t the weather that was cold, but your absence that filled me whole. My body shivered many nights; when I imagined how much I still have left to say to you. You won’t get the letters. I didn’t send them. I figured you’d throw them in the trash unopened when you saw my name scribbled in the right corner of the envelope. So, I tucked them under my pillow and forced them in my dreams at night; it was the only place I could still see your face and hear your voice. I listened to your unthought, unsaid, unwritten, unsent words that my imagination gave me permission to weave between thoughts of forgiveness and second chances. Somewhere, between fantasy and reality, I let you go. I know you let me go when you plucked off my thorns and stabbed me in the back with them, you wielded my vulnerability as a weapon so effortlessly. But I chose to stay and bleed for you. I clung to your ghost, for it was all I had. But now I scrapped off the ghost of you that made my mind its home. I reached under my pillow and pulled the letters out. They haven’t seen sunlight since I threw them in the dark; remnants of memories drenched with affection and care, of hopes and wishes flooded with “Will I hear from you again?”, of apologies I should have said and ones I should have kept. I gathered all my strength to rip the envelope apart, tear each sheet to pieces the way you tore my heart and I did what you would have done: I threw them in the trash.
Alleyways - Smut

Originally posted by stilinski-for-alpha

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Isaac Lahey/Reader
Words: 1,971

Request: hey! i was listening to alleyways (the neighbourhood) and it gave me an idea. my idea was for isaac (set after he was bitten and turned into a complete jerk off) and the reader is upset that they aren’t close and he’s mean, essentially pushing her away and she confronts him & he gets mad?? maybe some angry smut.
My bff @princessdavina requested some Isaac smut.

AN: Fucking Isaac Lahey Lax smut, you’re fucking welcome.

Listen to THIS

You frowned at the back of Isaac’s head, your grip on your pen tightening. If you were a little stronger you thought you’d probably break it in half. You were so aggravated at that curly haired asshole that you were silently quaking in your chair. What was his fucking problem?

You’d been friends with Isaac Lahey since you were kids. Your brothers had been friends, so by default you had spent a lot of time together. And when his brother had died, and his father had become abusive, it was your house he would come to to get away. You could remember nights in your living room, huddled under blanket forts, watching Indiana Jones movies, your mother and father always joking that you and Isaac would be married someday. And when you’d gotten older, nothing had changed. He was always there for you like you had always been for him. Best friends till the end. Or so you had thought.

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Knock, Knock Ch. 20: Teach You a Thing or Two

OK, so yes it’s been far too long since I updated, but I’m going to try to get this done in the next month or so! It’s 27 chapters total, so we’re nearing the end… with a few twists and turns still to come. If you’ve forgotten where we left off, there’s a summary under the cut to refresh your memory! Or if you’re reading for the first time, you can use the links below to start from the beginning.

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Previously on Knock, Knock

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Don't you dare! - Audrey Jensen

I don’t know why but I decided to combine 2 requests together and I hope that’s fine with y'all.
Requests: a rough Audrey smut, where Audrey gets jealous.
Audrey and the reader having a study session and don’t end up doing much studying.  
Warning: swearing, smut, bad vocabulary and grammar.
SN: this is so bad I apologize. 😭
“Audrey, I’m so sorry”, you rushed into her room after being almost 2 hours late for your study session. You had a huge psychology test coming up and you being late was the last thing Audrey wanted to see.
She was sitting on her bed, her face dark with wild eyes and tightened lips.
She was angry, really really angry, and you didn’t know what to expect.
“What or rather WHO was more important than your girlfriend and your education?”, her tune was cocky and rude. Did you sense jealousy? What was happening right here.
“Babe, I swear I-”. She cut you off as she got off of bed, hands thrown in the air, “keep it (Y/N), I know where you were and it disgusts me”, she said, not blinking.
Grabbing her phone from her bed, she unlocked it and handed it to you. Your eyes downcasted as you saw a photo of you sitting at the Grindhouse Cafe with a girl, laughing and having fun.
“How many times have I told you to not hang out with this…. bitch?”.
“Audrey please, she’s my friend and I know that you two had problems before but she’s good to me and-”
“Are you kidding me (Y/N)?, don’t your get it? The only reason why she’s “good” to you is because she wants to get into your pants and ruin me, again!“.
Pissed and jealous Audrey was the hottest and the most dangerous.
“But Audrey, I love you and I will never let that happen.”
You kept on walking backwards as she got closer and closer to you.
“If you loved me, you would’ve listened to me the first time I told you to stay away from her,” she was inches away from you, “but you didn’t”, she placed her index finger on your chest and pushed you back a little, blaming you, and oh well turning you on even more than you already were.
“Fuck, you’re so hot”, these words flew uncontrollably out of your mouth.
“Is this all you care about?”, she grabbed you from your shirt aggressively.
“No, but I think I need to be reminded why I should never hang out with other girls, especially the ones you hate.”
“My fucking pleasure”, Audrey ripped your shirt off of you and pinned your hands above your head,“but you’re gonna regret this.”
Her soft and sweet lips finally met yours and began to hungrily kiss you. She forced her tongue into your mouth and began twirling it around yours as she bit into your lower lip every now and then and you let out low moans.
Her free hand slapped your ass and grabbed it tightly as she pushed your body closer to her. Her belt was touching exactly where you most wanted to be touched and she knew that because she kept on grinding on you.
Her lips moved to your neck and left a lot of love marks. She bit and sucked on your neck and that made you so shaky. All you wanted right now is to tug into her short hair and touch her beautiful body but you couldn’t.
She unbuttoned your shorts and slide them off of you and threw them somewhere but you honestly could care less because now she finally let go of your hands and was grabbing your tits tightly in her hands as she was twisting your nipple. You said ouch and she smirked, “you think this is painful? Oh (Y/N)”, she dug her fingers in your thighs and lifted you up, allowing you to wrap your legs around her waist. She threw you roughly on her bed and hopped on you and ripped off your thong.
Without any disclaimers, she shoved 3 fingers inside of you and that made your scream her name. She’d never done this before, she’d always start with one finger and move up from there.
“Damn you’re so wet for me”, she started moving her fingers in and out of you really fast, making your back arch. Her other moved behind your neck and grabbed a big chunk of your hair which made your head fall back. “So tell me, who are you gonna hang out with next, huh?”, she lifted her eyebrows when she said huh and pushed her fingers deeper in you.
“N- no one, I promise”, you breathed heavily.
“Are you just saying that so I can finish fucking you right now?”, she suddenly pulled her fingers out of you just as you were getting close. Oh hell no, she wasn’t about to tease you and leave you like that.
“Babe, no, no.” Behind all the heightened emotions, she could see that you were genuinely honest.
“Good”, she grinned, flipped you over and gave your ass a couple of smacks as she placed rough kisses on your area who was now on her face.
Her tongue began doing the miracles and her fingers were spreading your folds, allowing her to lick and suck every bit of you. She moved you back and got herself between your legs and shoved her three fingers in and began lick and finger fucking you as hard as she can. You were pretty sure her neighbours could hear your loud moans that were screaming her name and curse words. It was painful yet so pleasing. This was probably the roughest Audrey had gotten since you started dating and you couldn’t be more grateful. If making her jealous and angry was all it took, then you considered doing it all the time.
“Aud- I’m-”, proper words couldn’t be formed. Both of your hands were tugged in her her, moving her bangs away from her face and pushing her closer to you.
Her beautiful bluish green eyes looked at you and her lips applied more pressure on your clit and she winked at you. Just like that, you exploded your sweet juice in her mouth and she licked it all clean along with her fingers. “Fuck Audrey, I love you so fucking much and I think I should make you jealous more often”, you let out.
“Don’t you dare!”, she laughed and laid next to you. You finally got your breath back after 10 minutes and you sat up on the bed.
“So about our study session”, you said to her.
“I don’t think any of us can focus after what just went down, plus you sitting naked in front of me is what I would rather stare at and study than that stupid psychology test.”
You both laughed and rolled back to bed.

Preference "How they react when they get jealous"

(Yay for our favs being jealous and cute :3 PS.I hope this request is different from my other preferences, it seems jealousy is a recurring theme lately XD Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d just walk over to the other person and start to threaten them, only to look back at you with a big mischievous smile. “You talkin’ to my Y/N, again?! Back the fuck away, alright! Back off! The next time, I see you again, you’ll be having a talk with Lucille!”

Daryl- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d throw dirty looks at the other person. However, he’d always act in denial whenever he’d catch you glancing at him but subtly tell off the other person. “Are you done? I’m pretty sure, Y/N’s tired of hearin’ you…i’m tired of hearing you…Well, actually everyone feels that way…”

Rick- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d always cross his arms and act in disbelief. He’d exhale, chuckle sarcastically and roll his eyes. “Yeah, we got it…but Y/N doesn’t care about what you have to say…Maybe you should go back and do other stuff…and things…rather than stay here talking to her…”

Merle- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d start to play with his prosthetic arm, ripping the leather straps loudly or sometimes tightening them instead, all while looking away from you. “I-I don’t even know why you’re talking to him, Y/N! He can’t be that damn interesting! I sure as hell ain’t ever believing that!“

Glenn- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d put on a fake smile and act completely off from his usual self and nothing would seem genuine. "Oh, you’re talking with Y/N…that’s okay…yeah, it’s fine…sorry to bother you…Hey Y/N, i’ll just wait out here alright…take your time…”

Carl- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d curl his fists tightly and tap his toe quickly trying to distract himself. When you’d confront him he’d avoid from just admitting it. “What? No, Y/N…i’m fine, it’s okay…you guys can keep talking…There’s no problem…Although i’m sure it can’t be that interesting!”

The Governor- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d give you a warning look and sometimes glare at the other person, trying to hint them of you being taken already. “Y/N’s none of your concern…Which means you shouldn’t be here, leave…and you…you should be joining me in my room, now…”

Abraham- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d scoff and make a big joke out of it, with the straightest face ever. “You have some big balls talking to Y/N so much! You know she’s with me, right! Oh, you didn’t? That’s okay, no! keep talking, I insist! Here, I’ll even stay just to hear what else you have to tell her!”

Eugene- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d frown looking over at you but avoid your gaze, in embarrassment whenever you’d look back. “I’m not jealous, Y/N…it’s just…why does he always come over and talk to you…I don’t get it…I think he has a serious problem…Like he needs to see someone for it…yeah definitely.”

Jesus- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d pull his scarf up to try hiding his feeling and think about whether he should just go over to you or not and mumble to himself “Y/N’s only talking to you cause she’s pitying you…that’s for sure! What other reason could there be…she’s already got me…she doesn’t need you to be all around her like this…”

Ron- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d usually sulk and go take a walk away from you. He’d then later catch up with the person talking and have a talk with them. “Hey! Y/N’s with me…alright…she’s only talking to you because…because she’s a nice person to everyone…so whatever was going between you and her…it doesn’t mean anything, believe me!”

Dwight- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d always find a way to aim his empty crossbow or his gun over to the person flirting with you, from far away and whisper “Get away from Y/N…come on…just fucking leave her alone…Fine, then Y/N, you walk away from him…tell him you’re with me…come on…tell him before I blow his head off…”

Morgan- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d act casual about it to you but go blow off some steam by practicing with his staff in the yard, quite aggressively. “Y/N! Isn’t! Interested! Damn it! Why is he still talking to her?! Doesn’t he have any other person to talk to or what?!”

Shane- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d just barge in your conversation and disagree with whatever the other person said, in hopes to get them away. “That’s cute…But no, I don’t think so…What? No! You know what…maybe just leave Y/N alone…Yeah…it’s for the better…right babe?”

Milton- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d pout and cross his arm like a child walking away to go work aggressively on one of his projects and mumble to himself. “Stupid idiot…thinks Y/N’s interested…she’s only talking with you out of kindness, i’m sure…Why else would she ever do that…”

Aaron- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d smile and chuckle finding himself silly to feel this way for you over someone flirting at you and admit to a nearby friend “Gosh this is so stupid…why do I feel this way, I mean I know Y/N will never leave me…but I guess it is strange seeing them together like that!”

Gabriel- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d stay close to you and try to tell the other person to back off in the most polite/father like way possible. “Oh, you’re still talking to Y/N? I beg your pardon but…Shouldn’t you be…helping the other’s with whatever they need…Y/N, here doesn’t need your help…”

The Wolf- Whenever he’d get jealous, he’d grab the other person from the back of their neck and pull them away from you, while laughing it off jokingly. “Talking to Y/N, again?! Don’t you have anything else better to do than this?! I’m kidding! I get it , you’re curious about Y/N…”

Michonne- Whenever she’d get jealous, her attitude would change and you’d noticed her being more on the quiet and rude side to the other person flirting at you. “Has Y/N ever told you how annoying you are? No? Alright, then i’ll let you know…you’re annoying, get out…”

Maggie- Whenever she’d get jealous, she’d always try to act more flirty and extroverted to show you that she’s better than whoever you’re talking to. “Y/N! Hey! I missed you so much! I haven’t seen you since the morning! What have you been up to? Oh, you’re here too?! I didn’t see you!”

Andrea- Whenever she’d get jealous, she’d act like it wasn’t a big deal and deny her feeling as much as she can. “What, Y/N? Me, jealous? No, i’m not! Like why would I be? I have no problem with you talking with that person! Seriously, go at it all you want, I have friends too and I totally get it…”

Jessie- Whenever she’d get jealous, she’d act like it suddenly didn’t matter and just awkwardly brush it off. “Y/N? You’re here with…Oh, you…Ok…No it’s ok you can stay! I don’t have a problem with that…why would i, right? It’s fine seriously…stay as much as you like…”

Beth- Whenever she’d get jealous, she’d go over to you and ask you to come along with her to attend to other matters, while denying her feeling. “Hey, can I borrow Y/N for a while? There’s something urgent…come with me…come on we don’t have much time! And no i’m not jealous, alright…”

Sasha- Whenever she’d get jealous, she’d take out one of her guns and pretend to get a look at it, sometimes loading it or polishing it, just to show it off to the other person. “No…I’m not doing anything…i’m just cleaning my gun…To prepare in case you ever talk too much with Y/N…”

Rosita- Whenever she’d get jealous, she’d act overly comfortable around you, she’d put her legs on table or really anything to distract you from the conversation you where having. "Y/N…so what are you doing later…I hope you’re not staying with…whoever this is…”

Enid- Whenever she’d get jealous, she’d take out her book and start to draw whatever she’d feel like, quietly in her corner and mumble to herself “They’re talking again…but that doesn’t mean Y/N’s interested…So there’s nothing to worry about…right, nothing to worry about..”

Tara- Whenever she’d get jealous, she’d just keep it to herself and look at you from a distance thinking about all the positive things that had happen between you and her to avoid making a big deal out of it and think “Y/N’s isn’t interested…she already has me…so I shouldn’t be worrying this much…the’re just talking…”

Should you fight NCT?
  • Taeil: no. what the f cuk??? taeil wouldn't even get in the position to fight he's too good and even if he did he'd cry because he thought he hurt you or even worse he'd cry because you hurt him. not to mention Taeyong would whoop your ass if you did. in short: dON'T FIGHT MOON TAEIL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T-
  • Taeyong: absolutely go for it. you MAY get your ass whooped we all know taeyong could kill a man with a glare alone but if you could land one punch, just one punch, you would have achieved a feat. punch him. but only out of love. but if you do square him too hard i'll fight you personally 1v1 meet me in the pit
  • Doyoung: FIGHT HIM. FIGHT KIM DOYOUNG. well you wouldn't have been looking for a fight but the moment the very millisecond shit-talk about the vroom vroom talkshow left your mouth this kiD WOULD BE READY TO WHOOP YOUR ASS and he would so you would have no choice but to fight him. and lose
  • Ten: do it. fight him. figHT THAT LITTLE BINCH JUST KICK HIS ASS DON'T EVEN HOLD BACK. he may come from the land of the most vicious boxing tournament in the world but this boy is the opposite also who hasn't thought about fighting ten at least once. take the opportunity. fight him.
  • Jaehyun: look i'd say don't fight jaehyun on the premise it would be kind of boring. i can't imagine jaehyun whipping anyone's ass. play some hoops with him instead i mean he lived in america for four years that's why-
  • Hansol: oh my god. why would you fight ji hansol. you'd have to answer to nakamoto yuta and that would be a very very bad way t o go what colour would you like your coffin??
  • Yuta: if the way he kicks a soccer ball is any indication on how he'd kick ass i would strongly advise against fighting yuta. he is deep down full of rage.
  • Johnny: fight him. finally he has an outlet for the rage of all the 8 years he's been left in the basement. he probably got bored a lot, and i don't doubt he probably did a lot of rage boxing. fight him with caution and let him win. lov u johnny
  • Kun: this sn ake. this mf snake. fight him. but beware. idk what i'd expect. he'd probably leave your ass beat and say you tripped or some shit i wouldn't put it past him. though i'm not stopping you. fight him
  • Winwin: the fact this kid can do aerials and flips is a fair indication he is really a ninja. he'd probably do everything with a smile on his face too, he's that sort of guy. you could try fight him, but you may end up dead. for this reason i would recommend you do not fight dong si cheng
  • Mark: firstly why would you fight him??? he literally stays in his own lane all the time. don't fight mark. he's too chill for fighting. let him rap instead. and if you did fight him, i assume xiumin wouldn't be happy and you've seen how ripped xiumin is don't do it
  • Donghyuck: this kid would fight you alright. i can just tell. hyuckie would throw relentless punches. fight donghyuck. but don't hurt him. he's only small. that's what he wants you to think
  • Jeno: no he's too busy looking like donghae to care
  • Jaemin: no????? his face should not be rearranged it's too pretty for that and jaemin is too peaceful let him live
  • Jisung: why would you fight a 14 year old
Before He Cheats

Tittle: Before He Cheats

Paring: Peter Pan and Reader

Rating: PG 13

Warning: swearing, sexual references

Requested: yes by @faithtrustandrobbiekay

   I walked across the street, hands stiffed into my pockets my head bent down against the chilly October wind. I raised I just long enough to wave at Mr Hopper, who was hurrying down the opposite side of the street, Pongo  walking happily at his side. He smiled as he returned my wave. I was just able to make out his usual “good morning” over the sound of the wind before I look away, ducking my head away from the cold. As I continued my walk I passed the dwarfs, Leroy stopping to smile as me he passed, after taking in my appearance he frowned, placing his hands on my shoulder.

  “It`s cold out little princess you should be wearing a hat.” He frowned, his voice stern.

   “I know, I didn’t think it would be so cold out. I`m going to stop by nana and papa`s on the way to Peter`s and grab a hat.” I explained, holding back a giggle as he growled at me.

  “I don`t like that boy Y/N he`s trouble.” He replied, his voice cold. I nodded and sighed, hardly anyone in the small town liked my boyfriend. It was mix of things really. He was hated because he once tried to kill my brother Henry, and now because he was dating me, which cased everyone to hate him. When we first started dating, my father locked me my room, demanding that I quit seeing Peter. When I never stopped dating him, my father freaked out before my mother calmed him down. That was the night when my parents and the rest of town started to put up with him, it had became apparent that I wouldn’t stop seeing him. Everyone made sure not to talk about my relationship with me, well everyone except Leroy.He made sure to always vocally tell me what he thought about Peter.

    “I understand that`s how you all feel but really Peter is a good guy.”

  “Then why has he been avoiding you?”

  “I don`t know but I`m sure its nothing bad. He has probably just been busy.” I shrugged, trying to hold my voice steady. I didn’t need him to know that I was worried, but time. A few of my friends had told me that a few girls were seen from leaving his house. They assured me it was only rumors, but I was still worried.

  “Your worried. I can tell. What do you think he`s doing?” Leroy demanded.

  “Nothing. Really. I`m just getting cold and I can`t remember when Grandma would be leaving to meet mom. I don`t want to have to look for the key. Papa moves it a lot.” I kissed his cheek quickly darting around him to start heading toward my grandparents.

  As I ran up the steps in the door, stopping only long enough to grab the hat my grandmother was holding out towards, thank her and assure her I would be by later, I couldn`t stop the sudden fear that was pulsing through me. I had managed to stop my mind from running towards the reason I was scared, worried, that is until I reached Leroy. Then I had to start thinking of the reason I was so worried, why I was running towards the house that Peter was staying in.

  As I reached the top steps of Peter`s house, I flung the door open letting myself. I walked in, calling out his name only to stop short. My heart shattering at the sight. Peter was sitting on the couch, his lips attached to a skinny blonde that was straddling his lap. At my cry he looked up, his going wide at the sound of my voice.

  “I can explain.” He cried, pushing the blonde off him. I shook my head and ran back outside the door, pulling my phone from pocket and dialing a number I knew by heart.

  “Daddy, I need you.” I cried when he answered his phone. His voice turning from happy to concerned.

  “Princess what`s wrong?” He demanded, his voice causing my mothers to join him. Behind me Peter cursed, begging me to hang up the phone.

  “Peter, daddy he`s cheating on me. Please come get me.” At my words he growled, cursing the now panicking boy behind me. I let out a cry, which earned a soft sigh from my father. “Of course my baby girl, I`m coming now. I`ll kill him.” He growled before hanging up the phone. As I hung up the phone, Peter ran in front of me, his hands falling onto my shoulders.

  “I have about 5 minutes before your father shows up and I need you to listen. Y/N I never..” His words was cut short by my grandfather`s sudden cry.

  “Y/N what is wrong?” He asked, glaring at Peter as he stood beside me, his arm wrapping around my waist.

  “He cheated on me papa.” I cried, ripping free from Peter to fling myself into my grandfathers arms, sobs racking my body. Instantly his arms wrapped around me, a protective growl leaving his mouth.

  “He father was right, we all should have put our foot down she started dating you. I knew you were going to hurt her. That`s what you do.” He snarled.

  “Honestly it`s not what she thought.” He cried, throwing his hands in the air, in annoyed scream.

  “I don`t care, stay away from her.” My grandfather yelled, letting out a sigh as a car door slammed.

  “Get a way from my daughter you bloody demon.” My father cried, letting out a startled grunt as I slammed into him, hands gripping tightly onto the front of his shirt. Tears streaming down my face. “Hey my princess. It`s okay now daddy`s got ya.” He soothed, his hand smoothing down my hair.

  “Can we go home please daddy. I just want to go home.” I sobbed letting out a relieved sigh when he nodded.

  “Your mother is at home, she is making you a cup of hot chocolate for when you come home. Your grandmother is bringing over some brownies she says they are good comfort food. “ He said as he lead me to the car, with a gentle push he got me into the car. Turning to look over at my grandfather he nodded, leaving him in his place as he crossed back to where Peter was standing his, gaze locked on me. Without a word my father brought his fist back and slammed it into Peter`s face. I gasped as Peter stumbled back, blood flying from his nose.

  “Stay away from her.” He snarled before walking back to the car, sliding into the passenger seat as my grandfather slid into the back.

  “It`s going to be okay princess.” My grandfather said as he patted my shoulder.

  “I`m sorry daddy. I should have listened to you. I never should have gone out with Peter.” I sniffed, shame washing over me. My dad had told me that it was a mistake but I left myself believe that it was fear that drove him, not knowledge.

  “Oh baby, it`s okay. I never wanted to be right. I was hoping the bloody demon would have changed. Seems I was wrong.” He sighed, glancing over at me with a sad smile. I returned it before leaning my head against the window, letting the tears stream down my face. The rest of the short drive was silent, no one saying a word. When we pulled into the house, I jumped from the car and straight to mother, who instantly wrapped me her arms, cooing softly as she held me.

  “Everything is going to be okay baby girl. Everything.” Her hands threading into my hair.

  “I love you mum, I`m so sorry.” I sobbed. She sighed, pressing a kiss to my temple.

  “I love you baby girl, and it`s okay you have nothing to be sorry for.”

 Over the next few days security tightened around my house. The whole of Story Brooke was on my side, keeping Peter away from my house, from me. He had tried hard to contact me in the past few days always getting shut down. Regina and Rumple was right by my parents side, blocking him from me. The moment the news reached them Regina came running over, concern showing from every angle. She entered my room, my mum right behind me, hugging me tightly against her, silently discussing ways to kill Peter. Rumple however went straight to Peter.

  I didn’t know much but I knew it didn’t end well. He had taught himself magic, since he was no longer the dark one, and used it on Peter. Punishing him for breaking my heart. Rumple was the one who decided on having different people standing outside my house, following me around. He wanted to make sure Peter never got the chance to talk to me again. So he could stay away from me.

 I was pulled from my thoughts as a knock sounded on my door. I turned to look at my door to see Rumple and Regina standing in the doorway.

  “How is it going?” Rumple asked as he walked into the room, taking a seat on my bed, Regina sitting down beside me.

  “It`s okay.” I sighed.

   “Your parents mentioned that you were thinking of talking to Peter.” Regina said, her voice stern yet soft, a specialty of hers.

  “I have been yes. I want to talk about him calling me, see if will stop.” I sighed, watching as they both groaned.

   “That isn’t a good idea. I mean come on if you start talking to him you will fall into his trap again. That`s what he does.”

  “I know he does, but I just really want him to stop calling me.”

  “I can make him, we both can.” Regina said sharply, only flinching a little at the words. Despite that they both care about me so much, it took them a long time to get use to working together to protect someone other than Henry. They were working on it though, And honestly it made me kind of upset, I loved being able to watch the two of the argue about who was going to protect me.

  “I know, daddy and mum said the same thing, but really I want to talk to him.” I sighed.

  “Well I still do.. oh bloody hell” Regina yelled when a puff of smoke green smoke filled the room, Peter standing in my room. Rumple let out a shocked scream, leaping in front of me to protect me as Regina started to momentarily mumble about how she was spending to much time with guy liner. Her preferred nickname for my father, it always made me giggle. My father did wear a lot of eye liner.

  “We need to talk.” Peter said, ignoring Rumple and Regina sitting on my bed.

  “Killian! Emma! Your going to want to come up here.” Regina yelled, her eyes narrowing at Peter. She received no answer other than my parents sudden frantic footsteps as they ran up the stairs. In the mean time, she threw Peter across the room, looking over her shoulder to nod towards Rumple. After years of being protected by the two I knew what that sign meant, it was their silent way of agreeing to get me to safety. That was why when Rumple reached behind him, I was ready letting my hand slip into his before he pulled me from the bed, running across the room to the door, or I ran while he froze. In the hallway my parents, my dad in front, stood frozen too, my grandparents and Henry frozen on the stairs. I glance behind me showed Regina frozen as she sat on my bed.

  “I`m sorry but freezing them is the only way we can talk. They have done a great deal to keep you away from me.” Peter sighed, his voice gentle as he crossed the room. I only sighed and turned around, trying to hold back the tears. Seeing him, hearing his voice after everything that has happened was painful. I missed him, more than anything, but I also knew I could never take him back.

  “There is nothing to talk about. You cheated on me Peter.” I said, proud of myself as I managed to keep my voice from breaking.

  “I kissed another girl or more like she kissed me Y/N! I would never hurt you!” He cried, crossing the room in a quick stride so he was standing in front of me. “I haven`t know love long but I can tell you this. I love you and nothing will change that. “ He said softly, his hand wrapping around my cheek.

  “I don`t believe you Peter. I can`t. I trusted you and you betrayed that trust. It`s going to take a lot more than sorry to fix this, if you can fix this. But for now I need you to leave me alone. You hurt me Peter and you being here only hurts me more. So go. Unfreeze my family and go.” I softly, my tone firm. He stared at me for a moment before nodding.

  “I`ll go but know this. I will win you back. Some way some how I will win you back.” He vowed, waving his hand so my family sprang back to life. My father let out a shocked scream before Peter vanished leaving puff of green smoke. Behind him. I stood there taking everything in as my parents, Henry, Regina, Rumple and my grandparents fussing about it. As I fell into my fathers arms I couldn`t help but wonder if Peter would keep his word. A part of me wanted to believe that he would, another wanted him break vow, to come after me. 

zhenkang didn’t know what he was doing there - at that flower shop. it seemed as though he always somehow found his way back to it, no matter what it was he was doing throughout the day. that day he probably should’ve stayed away from it, especially with his appearance, but he didn’t really care. he walked inside the shop, shirt wrinkled and ripped a little in some places, hands faintly smudged with dirt, and a busted lip. but despite all of that, he still put on a smile, more like a smirk, when he saw the familiar face he had been looking for. “benny,” he greeted, pressing his hands against the counter. “i have two questions. one - where’s the tea? and two - what kind of flowers would you recommend for funerals?” // @ofbcnhwa


Ship: Lafayette x Reader

Request: “*bangs fist on table* Angst! Angst! Angst! Angst! – Hello!! I absolutely fell in love with your writing and I would love to request an angsty Laf x Reader using prompts #39 , #18 , and #25. Please and thank you!!” - @jhonkaa

Prompts: #18 “Come over here and make me” #25 “Did I stutter?” #39 “Don’t say you love me”

Triggers: None?

W/C: 804

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to do! I ended up rewriting this like twice and while it’s short I like to think the quality of it is worthwhile, I really did give it my best haha. Also special shoutout to @saving-my-legacy for giving me inspo that lead me to this final draft haha 

“Y/N…please, just sit down and talk to me about this” Lafayette begged. You were pacing the room, your head and hands shaking. Why would he do this to me? You thought. “No… I don’t want to speak to you” you spat while heading for the door of your shared bedroom. You couldn’t think straight and were seeing red and you knew you needed refuge even if it was just for a second. His long legs managed to get him there before you, gripping the doorknob before you could. Both your heads snap to look at each other, him with soft teary eyes and you with cold betrayed ones. “But Y/N…”

You twisted the doorknob over his hand and went in “Did I stutter?” you spat. He swiftly stepped into the room when you tried to shut it. Lafayette got a call from his grandmother begging him to come back and help the family, and the two of you had been arguing about it since he ended the call. You sat down on the bed, diving your head into your hands. Blood was boiling in both of you, and you couldn’t sit in silence. “Why do you have to MOVE back?! You’re just going to pick up your things and leave like we never happened?! Am I not good enough or something?!” You hysterically cried. It had been like this for hours, accusations flying against him and the frenchman bouncing back with innocent pleas.

Lafayette smoothed his frizzed hair with a hand and shut his eyes. “Y/N, you know I love you-” “DON’T!” you interrupted “Don’t say you love me when you’re about to ABANDON me!” you shouted. You saw tears in his eyes but your anger made you not care. “I need to go back I haven’t seen my family in years and they need me!” he pleaded. Maybe I’m overreacting, but at the same time why the hell would he decided to move back in a split second? You frantically thought to yourself, he didn’t say maybe he didn’t say probably he said he was moving back like it was FACT.

He grabbed his suitcase from the closet, “In fact, I should get packing because if you’re acting like this it doesn’t make me want to stay” he snapped. Lafayette started ripping clothes off the hangers and shoving them into the suitcase. You felt your heart twist “Laf… stop…” you begged. He looked at you with wild eyes “Come over here and make me” he taunted. Lafayette never acted like this, but his emotions were at all time high. While he was angry at you he was also raw about the thought of his family in need.

He threw shoes into the bag, not caring if they had their pair. You watched his arm sweep across the his side of the dresser, swiping everything into his suitcase. Everything was going in there, the sweater he wore when you met, the shirt he wore on your first date, the watch you bought him for christmas, the cologne he got for his birthday, the hoodie he gave you whenever you were upset, his favorite blanket that always smelled like him, everything. He was taking everything.

“Lafayette…” you whispered. He zipped his overflooded suitcase with struggle, you walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. With a sigh he stopped and froze in place. You felt guilt wash over you and he felt it too. He straightened his back and let you into his arms. Your tears rushed out as he gently ran his fingers through your hair.

“I wanted you to come with but you started yelling and …” he sniffled “I still want you to come” You looked up at him with wide eyes.

“You want me to move to france with you?” you asked him in disbelief.

Your boyfriend smiled softly “My family needs me … but I need you” he whispered.

You rested your head against his chest again, “I should get packing…”

How To Fall In Love (Liam Payne One Shot)

Song Inspiration: Cross That Line by Joshua Radin



“Alright Mrs. Payne. You’re about 8 centimeters dilated so we’re getting very close. We call this transition,” the cheerful doctor smiled up from between your legs. You felt Liam shift beside you, eternally uncomfortable with rubber-gloved hands poking around inside you. You’d think he would’ve gotten used to it after nine months, “I’m going to check in again in 15 minutes. If anything starts happening, don’t be afraid to call for a nurse.”

You nodded, doing your best to mask the pain that was radiating through your body, “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” Liam echoed, “We really do appreciate how accommodating you’ve been.”

“Of course, Mr. Payne,” he smiled before leaving the spacious hospital room in a whoosh of ruffling papers.

“How are you really feeling, baby?” Liam hummed, brushed the hair back from your forehead, “Do you want to get up and walk around again? It seemed like that helped.”

You squished your eyes together, clamping your hand around his, “I just want to get this over with.”

“20 more minutes, my love,” he ran his thumb over your palm, scooting his chair closer to the side of the hospital bed, “20 more minutes and hopefully we’ll be all raring and ready to go, yeah?”

“I sure as hell hope so,” you twisted with pain as a contraction overwhelmed you, “Ohhh,” you groaned. Your nails dug into the back of his hand, leaving little crescents across his dry skin.

“Deep breath, love,” he tried to comfort you, once again brushing the hair from your face. It was an instinct for him, “Remember. You’re kicking labor’s ass.”

“I’m kicking labor’s ass,” you repeated with a weak, forced laugh, but it was cut short as your contraction bore down harder, taking your breath away with a rip of agony. You groaned louder, eyes clamped shut as you shuddered a bit. You stayed that way for nearly a whole minute, fingers locked with Liam’s until the pain washed away in a cool rush.

You breathed deeply, “Li, you should go rest for a bit. Grab my mom from the waiting room, or Lottie. Hell, grab Harry for all I care,” you gave his hand a squeeze, “You’re exhausted. Go grab a coffee. Take a walk.”

“What? No,” he shook his head, “You heard the doctor. You’re in transition. 15 more minutes. If you can last 15 more minutes of this hell, then God knows I can last 15 more of sitting in this chair, yeah?”

You sighed, “Thank you.”

“Of course, love.”

The next few minutes were eternity. Endless rushes of pain and pressure taking control of your body and invading your mind, screaming at you that you can’t do this. That you can’t handle the pain. That you can’t be a mother.

“You can do this, babe.”

Yes you can.

You were finally surrounded by nurses, medical equipment clanging as a symphony of hushed voices swirled around you. You were overwhelmed. With people. With pain. With your future.

“Alright, love,” Liam whispered, his lips close to your ear, warm breath tickling your neck, “You can do this. I’m so proud of you for taking such great care of this little baby for the last nine months and I’m so proud of you for being the smart, hilarious, beautiful girl that you are. Thank you for being mine. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” you breathed, heavily.

“Alright, Mrs. Payne, Mr. Payne,” the doctor pulled on of those small rolling stool from the nearby desk, moving to sit at the end of the hospital bed, “Are we ready to have a baby?”

Liam gave your forearm a gentle squeeze, brushing a hair behind your ear. His warm brown eyes held your steady as you struggled with the fear tangled inside your chest.

You tipped your head back into the milky white pillow, “Yes.”

The urge to push didn’t come immediately. You felt the descent of the baby, down from the swell of your belly where it had been for many months now. It was painful, but bearable. The worst was over.

“Alright, Mrs. Payne,” there was a mumble coming from below you, “We’re getting awfully close so we’re going to need you to start pushing when you feel that next contraction coming along, okay?”

“Okay,” you sighed, nodding. Liam was standing now, hovering around you, ready to pounce at any sign of your pain. He was holding all of your hair away from your face with one hand, his other protectively tracing the skin on your arm as your hands clamped around the metal bars running parallel to the hospital mattress. 

You were ready when the next wave of pain fell over you.

“Okay, Mrs. Payne. Give me a strong push–”

He didn’t even need to tell you. The instinct to bear down hit you so hard that you couldn’t stop it if you tried. Every muscle in your abdomen contracted with incredible force. You were nearly silent, only the smallest moan escaping from your lips.

“That’s my girl,” Liam breathed, in awe of your strength, “You’re amazing.”

You gasped for air, bearing down once more.

“Speedracer!” a nurse cried encouragingly as you pushed towards the finish line.

The contraction passed. A brief calm fell over you. A few seconds to recover.

“You’re so close, babe,” Liam leaned down, pressing a fleeting kiss to the top of your head, “So close.”

Another wave of immense pressure encircled your body, pain radiating up your spine as you pushed. Hard. You didn’t let go. You drove through. Bearing down was your only relief.

“You’re crowning!” the doctor exclaimed, hands poised to receive the infant you were slowly delivering.

“Did you hear that babe?” Liam couldn’t hid the thrill in his voice, “It’s coming. You’re almost there!”

You pushed harder, feeling the slightest release as the swell of your stomach fell. Your entire body was electrified, pulsing with pain and strength and determination.

“The shoulders next, Mrs. Payne,” another nurse attempted to soothe you at your bedside.

“The shoulders!” Liam was like a kid in a candy store. He peaked past the steep lines of your legs. His face loosing color at the sight, but a proud smile still stamped into his cheeks, “We’ve got a real, live baby down there!”

“A few more pushes,” the doctor encouraged, you felt the quick swoop of a hand between your legs.

You pressed onward, muscles rippling with power as your body clenched. You didn’t know you had the capability or the determination that your body was exhibiting. You had never felt as strong as you did at that moment.

And then it was over.

“And we’ve got a baby!” an excited voice proclaimed followed by the distressed shrieks of a newborn.

“We’ve got a baby!” Liam practically jumped up and down.

You breathed hard, eyes wide, “Boy or girl?” you leaned up, trying to peak down.

“A beautiful baby boy,” the doctor nodded up at you, before handing the squirming baby to a nurse who carefully rested the little baby against your chest.

“Oh my god,” you looked at the infant in awe, his cried already making your heart ache. Your arms flew around him, cradling him close to your chest, “Hey there, sweetheart. Hey.” You were beaming.

“Look at that,” Liam, grabbed the chair he had spent so many hours in, pulling it as close to the hospital bed as he could, “Look at him. He’s a champ. He’s huge!”

“He looks just like you,” you crinkled your nose, running your index finger over his little one.

“Yeah? You think so?” Liam cocked his head as he eagerly reached out, dragging a thumb across the warm pink skin of the little baby’s foot.

You nodded, “Absolutely. Just like his dad.”

“His dad. That’s me. I’m a dad. And you’re a mum,” he shook his head in disbelief, “Unreal.”

A nurse hovered over you, bringing a soft towel to the little boy laid across your chest. With careful, gentle movements, she dried him off before draping a warm blanket across him, “Do you want to cut the umbilical cord?” she asked Liam with warm eyes as she clamped the little rubbery tube.

“I, uh, yes. I do,” he nodded. Still dazed from the thought of fatherhood. The nurse handed him the blunt-ended scissors, indicating the small space between the clamps where he should cut. He did it, jumping slightly as the piece detached, “That was supposed to happen, right? That’s okay?”

“Yes, that was great,” she nodded, taking the discarded pieces, and scissors, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you so much,” you sighed, pulling your son a bit closer to your chest, The nurse leaned in, slipping a little blue knit hat over his small head. There were already signs of chocolatey brown hair.

“Now, he’s in great shape,” she smiled, “Good color and movement. He shouldn’t need any special attention. So I’ll leave the three of you here to get to know each other for a little bit. I’ll be back to check in and we can move forward with post-delivery care. In the mean time, you should keep him nice and close to your chest and maybe give breastfeeding a go. Does that sound good?”

“Perfect,” you nodded, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” she nodded before slipping from the shiny white room.

“How’s he doing in there?” Liam smiled at you before peeking under the fleecy blanket at the little baby boy. His cries had mellowed out and become soft whimpers as he warmed up against your skin. His little pink lips formed an “o” as his tiny fingers stretched and felt across your chest.

“Good,” you nodded, “He’s amazing. Perfect.”

“I’m glad he’s healthy,” Liam pressed his lips against your bare shoulder, “And he’s a boy. I could’ve sworn it was going to be a girl.”

“I had a feeling about it. You were saying girl but something was telling me different.”

“Most be a mom thing,” he teased, nuzzling your cheek. Scruff had begun to sprout along his jawline and you found it adorable as it tickled your rosy skin.

“Do you want to go tell everyone the news?” you knew there was a crowd in the waiting room. Very many people had been waiting on this sweet boy.

“Yeah, of course,” he nodded, rising from the cushioned seat, “Don’t go running away on me, yeah?”



Liam eased open the heavy hospital door with his shoulder, emerging into the cream-painted waiting room. There were more people than he thought.

“Any news?” Niall was the first to rise from a cheaply upholstered chair just left of the doorway.

Liam nodded. He tried to contain his happiness, but a smile peaked across his lips like a sun over the horizon, and just like you had been, he began to beam. With his expression, a sigh of relief fell over the big extended family that filled every available space of the waiting room.

“A boy. Maybe 15 minutes ago,” he nodded, incapable of erasing the joy across his features, “Everything went perfectly. She was great. Toughest girl I know.”

“I knew she was a keeper,” Harry hummed, rising from his seat next to Niall’s, “Congrats, man. You’re going to do great,” he outstretched is arms, pulling his best friend in for the biggest bearhug that hospital had ever seen.

“He’s a handsome lad, yeah?” Louis asked with a smile.

“Of course,” Liam nodded, “He’s mine. What did you expect?”

“Can’t blame me for worrying. Have you looked in the mirror lately?”

“Oh shut up,” Liam laughed.

“Congratulations, Liam,” Louis nodded, “I’m glad everyone’s good and healthy.”

“Thank you. Really. It was great to know you were out here for us. Both of us,” he rolled his lips, “I should probably be heading back in there. But I’ll keep everyone updated on what’s going on. You’re going to love him. He’s a looker, just like his mum.”


“I swear to God, you’ve grown already,” Liam smiled down at the snoozing baby in his arms, “You aren’t allowed to do this to me. You gotta stay small, yeah? Had you for an hour and you’re already growing up. Not fair.”

He had never felt his heart swell so large so quickly.

So many people had told him what it would feel like, what being a father was. But he had never been able to imagine it. It had seen so far away when this little baby was still inside you. But here he was. All 10 fingers. All 10 toes. All the rest of his life ahead of him.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you’re happy, you hear?” he rocked the child back and forth, “I know you don’t know us all too well, yet. But I swear, you put the stars in the sky. Your mum is going to do a great job. She loves you so much. So do I.”

“What do you want to name him?” you whispered quietly, afraid to wake him.

“Hey, I didn’t realize you were awake,” Liam looked at you, concerned, “How do you feel?”

“Sore,” you admitted, “But good. Good sore.”

“Good sore. I didn’t realize there was such a thing.”

“Me neither,” you shrugged, “But I assure you. It is.”

“I’m glad,” he nodded, still bouncing the baby up and down a bit, “You were amazing. I love you.”

“I love you too,” you yawned, “Now what do you want to call this little bundle of joy, hm?”

“Naming a person is a very big responsibility,” Liam sighed, wide-eyed.

“So is making a person,” you teased, “But we did that and look, we’re fine.”

“We’re great,” he smiled at the little boy curled up against his chest, “I don’t know. What do you want? You were the one that just gave birth to him.”

“I like Emmett,” you tilted your head, “And Lucas. Lucas is nice.”

“I like Lucas,” Liam nodded, “He looks like a Lucas.”

“Yeah? How so?”

“Something about the eyes. They’re telling me Lucas.”

“Lucas is good. I like Lucas.”

“Enough to name our baby it?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“You think so?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I do.”

“Lucas it is,” he smiled, “Middle name?”

“That’s up to you,” you nodded.

“You sure?”

“Yes,” you smiled, “He’s yours, too.”

“Yeah, he is,” Liam nodded, “Can we do Geoffrey? Just because of my dad, you know?”

“Of course,” you smiled, “Lucas Geoffrey Payne. It sounds perfect.”

“Yeah, it does,” he nodded, “Lucas Geoffrey Payne. I’ve been holding him for twenty minutes and I’ve already fallen in love a hundred times. It’s unbelievable.”

“I know it is,” you nodded, “Unbelievable.”


WOW. This is a long one. I had so much fun writing it, though. Liam is my favorite boy to write for.

On another note, happy birthday, Niall! Thank you for being alive.

xoxo B