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阿里山日出 by Cheng Yang Chen

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hi, mo! i love the list of prompts you put together for your drabble game! if it hasn't been requested yet, can i please have jaebum + #47? thank you <3

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“Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.” // 047 out of 050
Im Jaebum (GOT7)
*my apologies, this may have gotten lengthy lol

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A time lapse above the tea fields near Alishan National Scenic Area in Taiwan


Alishan National Scenic Area, Taiwan


UFO Sighting Alishan, Taiwan, May 4, 2016

Witness reports: “We stopped to take some pictures of the sunrise, I checked my photos in the car after we left the area and noticed some green dots in some of my photos. I chatted with my friends who where also taking photos at the same time and some of there photos also had the same greenish object in them". The photos above are from 4 different cameras and 4 different people.

Mufon case #76180 

(there are more pictures linked with this case available on the mufon website)