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When Zoya drew level with me, she said, “You know, Starkov, I’m beginning to think you turned your hair white on purpose.”

I flicked a speck of starlight from my wrist, watching it fade. “Yes, Zoya, courting death is an integral part of my beauty regimen.”

[…] “Well, it’s a little obvious for my taste, but I’d say the whole moon maiden look is working.


<<Alright, Alina>>, the doctor said, checking her one last time. <<It’s go time>>, he announced.

Alina’s breath began to quicken at those words. Emmett noticed, and grabbed her hand in his squeezing tightly. <<You’ve got this, love>>, he murmured.

The doctor smiled encouragingly, then got into position. <<Okay, Alina, I need you to start pushing now>>.

ohstardusts  asked:

tbh, my 1st + only real exposure to tgt was that one zoyalina edit u did with them kissing? and i got it into my head that they were canon, leading grisha gays? needless to say when i heard about the trilogy's heterosexuality my lil bisexual heart was broken

“leading grisha gays” asdjkas i suddenly want to rewrite tgt i don’t know 👀 but listen, there’s no way in hell any of the grisha mains was/is het… i’m pretty sure i’ve done this before (i honestly don’t remember) but these are my headcanons:

alina - 10000000000000001% bi. the bi-est. bi bi bi
darkles - there’s NO WAY IN HELL he’s het. he’s literally?? ancient?? i can’t even imagine the number of pretty princes and kings he must have seduced over the years (esp in his teenage years lmao can you imagine the hormonal war waging in his dark bi heart)
nikolai - i’m ready to bet on my life he’s pan tbqh
genya - pan as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she appreciates beauty in all its shapes and forms
zoya - no offense but zoya is a closeted lesbian and no one can convince me otherwise
tolya - probably ace tbh? i just can’t see him indulging in… the desires of the flesh or whatever, he’s just above these things imo
nadia - LESBIAN
harshaw - mMMMMMmmm i’m on the fence with him but he’s probably bi (but maybe demisexual? def not ace but i can see him in that spectrum)
adrik - my bi son who deserves a soft foreign bf (i’m not saying kuwei but i’m saying it)
heck even baghra was probably an aroace lesbian i mean she LITERALLY only used the darkling’s dad so she could have a child?? she really doesn’t care about men tbh