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Amharic Phrases & Expressions

Hi everyone. I decided to make a list of some Amharic phrases that my mom likes to throw around the house all the time. This are just a few of them but I will definitely make another post with more phrases and expressions. So until then have fun with these:  

አይዞህ (m) አይዞሽ (f) (ayzoh/ayzosh) - this phrase can mean ‘it’s okay’, ‘it’s going to be okay’ ‘I hope you didn’t hurt yourself’ or ‘don’t worry’ depending on the situation. We use it to comfort others whether they’re hurting emotionally or physically. For most people it’s a habit to say ayzoh/ayzosh before asking if you’re okay.

እሰይ! (issey!) - this phrase has both positive and negative meanings. It can mean ‘good for you!’ or ‘I’m glad this happened’ when it’s used after hearing a positive news like, passing a test or getting engaged. But it can also be used when, lets say someone was plotting to harm you and they end up hurting themselves or something, then it is used as ‘you deserved it’.

እኔን (enen) -  this is a way of apologizing. We say it if we hurt someone accidentally; crash into them, trip them, drop something on them, etc. The closest definition it has in English is ‘it’s on me’, ‘my fault’ or ‘my bad’.

እንትን (intin) - a filler word. When you can’t think of the thing you want to say you can replace it with this phrase. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the beginning, the middle or the end of a sentence. After you remember what you were going to say you come back to fix our sentence.

እንብላ (inibla) - ‘Let’s eat’. If your’re eating and someone else comes in, you say this to invite them to join you. It’s etiquette to say it in Ethiopian culture.

አደራ (adera) - when a person passes a valuable belonging of theirs to someone to look after, they use this phrase to let them know they have a big responsibility. For example if your’re going to babysit somebody’s little kid, usually the mother will say adera lijaen. (Ligaen means ‘my kid’). The phrase adera contains ‘please’ ‘take cake of my child’ ‘promise to protect them’ ‘I’m trusting you’ all in one word. It’s nothing to be taken lightly.

በናትህ(m) በናትሽ(f) benatih/benatish - basically means ‘please’. This phrase is very informal and is mostly used with family and friends. The root word here is inat which means ‘mother’. So when someone says this, they’re pleading you with your mother (that sounds very weird I know). But think of it of like this phrase; ‘for the love of God’.

ጎበዝ (gobez) - this is like saying ‘good job!’ used to praise someone for an achievement. It can also be used as ‘c’mon’ to encourage someone to keep going or to tell them that’re doing well. Another use of this phrase is to describe someone who is smart or clever.

ይማርሽ/እደጊ (yimarish/idegi) - we say this when people sneeze. the first one is mostly for adults and its literal meaning is “God forgive you”. The second one is used mostly for kids. It means grow up. It sounds harsh in English but when you say it in Amharic your’re just wishing for the kid to grow in life, love, success, and every other good thing

እንዴ! (indee!) - this phrase can be used to express indignation or surprise. It doesn’t have a literal meaning in English but I think it’s similar to this idiom; “for crying out loud” 

I hope you found this list a little helpful. I tried my best explaining the meanings for each phrase but I understand if they’re confusing or don’t make a lot of sense. If you want examples or anything message me and I’ll be happy to help you out. 

Melukis Bayangmu

Aku jatuh cinta. Tapi tenang saja, kali ini tidak akan membahayakanmu. Karena saat ini, aku hanya ingin mencintaimu dari jauh. Sebenarnya, aku selalu menunggu saat langkahmu terhenti karena merindukanku. Tapi, aku mungkin terlalu berharap.

Cukup menyedihkan, saat aku melihat dengan kedua mataku sendiri, kau di sana bersama dia, dan itu mengoyakkan hati tau? Iya, hatiku. Jadi, selama ini kita bersama-sama berlama-lama…untuk apa? 

Kita hanya sebatas teman, aku tau itu. Kamu punya pacar, aku tau itu. Aku mungkin menyayangimu, ah kamu tidak perlu tau itu.


#memutar: Adera–Melukis Bayangmu

♫ ♪ Bagai rembulan sebelum fajar tiba, kau selalu ada. Walau tersimpan di relung hati terdalam. ♫ ♪

Plots don’t come in a day. Sometimes, they don’t even come in a year. This has been the case with Book Four of a series I’ve been working on. Its working title is Spirit Shores, and its first draft for last year’s NaNoWriMo was garbage. I’ve scrapped it and started over, using this month to rethink and restructure it entirely. I skipped the NaNoPlanMo post on Monday for a very specific reason: Plots are difficult. They take time, and this one has given me enough fits that I’m not in a rush to nail it down and call it good. I’ve always striven for a nice, consistent release of writing posts here, a schedule you can count on, but sometimes, for the sake of the writing, that has to be put aside. For the past several days, I’ve been sitting with my revelation from last post, trying to decide on a plot.

Writing Exercise Three: 10-point plot model

The 10-point plot model came from a worksheet I received almost a decade ago, now. It opened up a better understanding of the structure of story, and I’ve been most comfortable with it ever since. Of course, there are a thousand ways to look at plot and story, but this is the one I use. The next part of my journey this month is figuring out what the story for Spirit Shores really is. I know it will be a sea-faring story on a ship, and I know that Teryl Twiceburned the spirit caller will need to make an appearance for the sake of the series’ overall plot. Adera the spirit seer has become an optional addition that I think I have a viable reason for including now that I’ve thought about it some. Usually, the result of the GOTE exercise is that you get a better idea of the climax through outlining the obstacles. Unfortunately, everything with this story is still so vague that I haven’t the faintest idea what my climax will be.

That is where I usually begin: Point X, the Climax. By knowing where the upper peak of the action is–the highest point of tension, the culmination of all the complications and events that have come before–I can plot backward with that moment in mind, thinking about what sorts of complications could occur that would move the story toward that moment. I can determine at what point certain events need to take place to provide the right character growth to be able to reach that point, and I can begin working on what sort of beat the story will need to end on in order to feel complete and fulfilling. They always say that knowing where you’re headed is your most important step, right?

Climax first, then, for me. What do I want that moment to be? The goal for the book is to convince the pirates to lend their aid to the cause, but the emotional arc for Bannen is his realization that a normal life isn’t an option for him. He’s going to have to go back to Sheytana and be a leader–not over her, but with her. He has the information they need, he has the insider’s understanding of what they’re up against. He’s not going to have the option of accepting orders; he’s going to have to make them. This is a change from how he’s been in the past. Knowing that, it’s time to sit down and brainstorm what kinds of events could bring about that realization but also lead to whatever the pirate captains will decide regarding their position in the war. It’s a “what-if” game at this point.

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The new Missshape Ambassadors collection will launch online today. The third instalment of the campaign is collaboration with Yasmin Furmie. Furmie’s story in fashion is an unusual one, from her modelling days in Sydney and LA, to her involvement in social work projects and now, as a figure who is becoming ever more present on the South African fashion scene.

It is hard not to notice Furmie, she has developed her own language through a sophisticated dress-code that moves from refined street wear, to sharp menswear inspired styling and her contemporary take on the “new look”. It was this language that formed the basis of the new Ambassadors collection, which Nxedlana describes as “an attempt to create a graphic look in a low-key way”.

The lookbook, which imagines a future where computer generated images replace real models, was created by Lex Trickett studio together with Brett Rubin and Nicole Van Heerden of Vatic who directed the photography.

The collection will hit stores in Autumn 2015.

Lookbook Credits

Art Direction & Design - Lex Trickket

Photography - Vatic Studio (Brett Rubin & Nicole Van Heerden)

Styling - Yasmin Furmie

Make Up - Tamaryn Swartz

Model - Adera Kachienga

Production - Vatic Studio (Brett Rubin & Nicole Van Heerden)

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