for actually knowing that there was a lot more about cato then he let other people see

Writer’s Block, the Third

I know it’s been a while, but man, oh man, don’t EVER title your story the worst thing that could happen to a writer. With that being said, thanks to @burkygirl and @xerxia31 for general hand-holding, butt-kicking, and very frank discussions about where this fic is headed. And thanks to @katnissdoesnotfollowback for having a birthday and giving me a reason to write this. Hope you like it! You can read the whole thing here. Don’t forget to talk to me. ;) Pbg 

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The walk to work is short, but I’m no less exhausted after my sleepless night than if I’d had to run miles to get there. All night long, my mind was wrestling with mortification mixed with a little self-loathing - while my body was on a whole other track. It doesn’t care that I lost control in the arms of my nemesis, moving in a single night from my first kiss to… whatever the hell that was. Nope, my body finally knows what it was missing all these years and it  wants more. More kissing. More touching. More stubble under my fingers. I actually imagined what it would be like to lick him in forbidden places, like his nipples, or… lower. Much lower.

I spent the night at war with myself – blushing at my thoughts one second, berating myself the next – until I finally caved into fatigue. I woke up three hours later to find my alarm had been going off for twenty minutes. Sleep, however little, did nothing to dispel the embarrassment. It clings to me like aggressive static electricity. This must be what the walk of shame feels like. Maybe I should read that book again.

The mid-morning sun blinds me when I turn the corner of the building, or I would have seen him, jumped behind a tree or hid in the alley until he left, but the sun is part of the universe after all. And I’ve already gotten the message that we are not friends.

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Mistletoe and Majoram

This is my so sweet @dianaflynn22. I adore her and her sister @drivebyanon. Thank you for working on something for Winter in Panem. I hope that the both of you have a wonderful holiday!!


Summary: Thanks to a disastrous Christmas party, all Katniss wanted to do on Christmas Eve was spend time watching Disney movies in her PJs. Socializing be damned. But a power outage will force her hang out with the last person she wants to see. 

I’ve decided that that the song Feliz Navidad combined with Christmas parties may be my own personal hell. It’s not like the song isn’t fun the first time you hear it, but it’s the fourth time I’ve heard it today alone. And now it’s being sung very loudly and drunkenly by my apartment neighbors. No amount of the cheap beer provided can make this situation any better. To top it off I feel like a big dork in my tacky Christmas sweater my roommate insisted everyone would be wearing. News flash, I’m the only one wearing one.

I thought this sort of B.S. college meet-up was relegated to the freshman dorms, but I was wrong. Very wrong. Johanna insisted I get to know someone besides her in the apartment building. I do know people, well some of their names. And I’d like to know one of them more. But my roommate is gone, the only other person I want to talk to isn’t here and I’m finding it really hard to make inane chatter with anyone else so I’m pouring myself a beer before I make my escape.

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My birthday is coming up soon on January 1st (my thirtieth!). I completely understand if it's too late of notice, but if not, I would adore a drabble where they are returning to each other years later after an initial breakup, matured and ready for it to stick this time. Either way, I adore you guys!

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Wishing you a very happy birthday! To celebrate your big 3-0, the lovely @xerxia31 has written this little slice of Everlark just for you. Enjoy!


rated E

“You’re coming, that’s the end of it.” I roll my eyes even though Finnick can’t see me through the phone. “I know you’re rolling your eyes,” he says.

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate the thought,” I try, but he’s having none of it.

“You only turn thirty once, Peet. I’m not going to let you spend the day wallowing and pining over that girl.” 

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Summary: In the wake of tragedy, two polar opposites come together for one commonality, their Goddaughter–Viola Mellark. Based on the movie, Life As We Know It. Gadge. Modern AU.

Yes, we are the at the end. 

Thank you if you stuck around for my first ever Gadge fanfiction. You’re awesome.

Also, I hope you enjoy fluff.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

…and the final part–after the cut–



Madge opened the letter, frowning as she read over its contents before tossing it on the coffee table.

Sitting back against the couch, she sighed before getting back to work—there was still another load of laundry left. Gale was out getting groceries with Viola since they were tired of eating breakfast burritos.


It had been almost two months since her first date with Cato, since Gale had revealed what had happened before their own first date, since he had kissed her…

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Bad Boys Are Bad Boys 13

Part 12

  “Take your phone before you forget about it again,” Amelia said handing your phone back to you, making you laugh.

 "Thank you for returning this back to me,“ You said taking your phone back and placing it on top of the binders that you were holding to your body.

 "That’s it? Tell me what happened to you,” Amelia yelled, drawing attention to the two of you as you walked to your normal table.

 "Hello,“ Cato said walking up to you and Amelia. "What is happening?”

 "I was just about to explain that after the movie with Adam I ended up talking to Calum,“ You said putting your stuff down on the table before taking a seat.

 "Is he even here?” Cato asked looking around. “I haven’t even seen Adam yet.”

 "Hi guys,“ Calum said walking up and sitting down next to you. He smiled at you and kissed you, cupping your face and pulling your body to his as close as he could get. Calum pulled away and kissed your head before he looked back at Cato and Amelia to see them, staring back at him. "What’s going on?”

  “I was starting to tell them what happened last night,” You said cleaning your throat and shifting your weight. Amelia, shocked, let her mouth drop open. She blinked a couple times before moving in her seat. 

 "Do you mind if we sit here?“ Michael asked walking up and sitting down next to Amelia.

 "Uh sure,” Amelia said looking him up and down as Luke and Ashton joined the group.

 "So, we are going to be playing a show tonight and I know it’s last minute but I would like you to join,“ Calum said turning to you.

 "Yeah,” You said nodding. “Of course. We will be there.“

 "It better be good,” Amelia said looking at the guys sitting around the table. “We’ve heard a lot about your sound so you better give it all you have.“

 "If it’s anything like your practices it’s going to be good,” You said nodding.  

 "Thanks (Y/N) but the last couple practices have been total shit,“ Luke said glancing at Calum and then looking back down at his phone. You sighed and looked at Amelia and Cato, who still didn’t know how to act around the new people at the table.

 "Want the hell?” Chris asked walking up.

 "Sorry Chris,“ Calum said wrapping his arm around you and kissing your temple. Chris did a double take when she saw Calum’s arm around you. "We will be gone in a little bit,” Calum said smiling at Chris and then looking at you.

 "I’m actually going to be leaving now,“ You said standing up. Amelia started to object to you leaving but you dismissed yourself and started to walk to your car with Calum following you.  

 "Princess,” Calum finally said as he grabbed your hand. “Is everything alright?”

 "Yeah. I just am thinking about what I have to do before seeing your show and I kind of wish the guys didn’t hate me,“ You said turning to Calum as you walked to your car.  

 "They don’t hate you,” Calum said making you smile. “But I have something that will hopefully make you more cheerful. I would like to take you on a redo date. Tomorrow night.”

 "I may have some studying to do,“ You said making Calum chuckle.

 "You don’t have anything to do. We’re going to dinner and then a film,” Calum said wrapping his arms around you. “We’re going to be a normal couple that does normal things.”

 "Calum,“ You said pulling away and leaning against your car. "None of this is going to be normal, you know that right?”

 "It’s going to be our normal,“ Calum said making you smile as he walked up to you.

 "That sounds good. I like that,” You said nodding. “Are you going to come home or are you staying for your last class?”

 "Are you joking?“ Calum asked making you chuckle. He quickly kissed you before pulling away and walking over to the other side. "I’m going to be coming with you.”

 "Are you ever going to tell me how you were at the theatre we were at?“ You asked getting in.

 "I told you. I watch films too,” Calum said smiling as you started the car. The entire way home you playfully argued with Calum about how he was there.

 "Calum,“ You laughed parking the car and getting out.

 "Stop that,” Calum said as he walked around the back of the car and over to you. He wrapped his arms around you and picked you up, carrying you toward your house.

 "What the hell are you doing?“ You laughed as you looked at him, wrapping your arms around Calum’s neck as he walked into your house.

 "I’ve been waiting all day so that when we finally got home I could..” Calum started.

 "Calum. It’s so nice to see you again,“ Your mom interrupted walking up to you and Calum. 

 "Gently talk to you,” Calum finished as he put you down. “It is nice to see you also, ma'am.”

 “I’m going to go out tonight to see Calum and his band play tonight,“ You said smiling at Calum’s reaction. Your mom looked at you and Calum for a moment before deciding to smile, giving Calum a wave of relief. 

 "I’m glad things are all patched up with you two,” She said as Busted ran up to Calum. “And Busted looks like he’s feeling better also.”

 "I’m glad my dog likes my neighbor more than me,“ You sighed walking to your room making them laugh. You didn’t want to rush things with Calum since he stressed so much how he had never really been in a relationship, so you were going to let him put a label on it. Calum picked Busted up and followed you into your room, laying Busted down on your bed as you walked into your bathroom to grab your phone charger. “Can I wear what I’m wearing to the show?” You asked as Calum watched you walk over to your desk.

 Calum smiled to himself and walked over to you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to him. “Honestly, I don’t care. As long as you’re there I’m happy,” Calum whispered against your neck. You smiled and turned around, wrapping your arms around Calum’s neck as you looked up, brushing your nose against Calum’s before you pressed your lips to his. Calum smiled and slipped his tongue into your mouth as he ran his hands down your sides and into your back pockets as he pulled you halfway to your bed before he picked you up, allowing you to wrap your legs around his waist, and carried you over to your bed where he laid you down.

 You brought your hands to Calum’s hair, tangling your fingers in his soft hair as Calum grabbed the back of your knee and ran his hand down your thigh. “Calum,” You hummed as he brought his lips to your neck.

“I should probably go so I don’t get in trouble,” Calum said pulling away. Before you could speak he cleared his throat looking down at your hands as you played with his fingers, making you smile.

 "Is Ashton picking you up?“ You asked running your hands down to his chest.

 "He’s here already,” Calum said making you laugh. “What?” Calum asked.

 "You shouldn’t make him wait,“ You said pulling away and walking toward the door.

 "You know you could come with us,” Calum said grabbing your hand pulling you away from the door and pulling you toward the window.

 "I haven’t even changed yet,“ You said smiling as Calum opened the window.

 "You look amazing, as always, so there’s no need to change,” Calum said as he slipped out of the window and onto the ground. He looked over at the car where Ashton was waiting and then back at you. “Come on,” He said waving you to follow.  

 "Fine,“ You sighed as you slipped out of the window and into Calum’s arms. He caught you and smiled before grabbing you hand and walking with you to the car Amelia was now hanging out of. "And this is your shirt,” You added as Calum got in.

 "Best kind of outfit,“ Calum said smiling. You rolled your eyes and moved closer to him as Calum wrapped his arm around you. After your talk in the rain you and Calum stayed in to hangout all night. The two of you talked about whatever popped into your mind until you fell asleep. You ended up waking up early the next morning. Unfortunately you didn’t have time to change so Calum gave you his shirt that he grabbed out of the hangout.

 When you arrived at the place you, Amelia, and Cato walked toward the bar. "I’ll see you in a bit,” Calum said walking with you.

 "You’re going to do fine,“ You said smiling. "Are you going to play that song?”

 "Not tonight,“ Calum chuckled looking down at the ground. "As soon as it’s finished I’ll play it for you.”

 "Good,“ You said nodding. Calum kissed you before he walked to the back where Michael was unloading their equipment. When you turned back to Amelia and Cato you froze when you saw the cold expressions on their faces.

 "I see everything is alright with you and Calum,” Amelia said in a cold tone. “You two must be glad you talked things over. He’s actually acting like he likes you.”

 "Yes. Things are going great,“ You said nodding.  

 "So while hanging out with Calum’s mates I learned that he has no idea you’re planning to move to San Fransisco,” Amelia said crossing her arms. You froze when Amelia’s words left her lips.

 "I haven’t even thought about it,“ You said hugging yourself. The boys walked up onto the stage and started to plug everything in and get everything in place. You watched Calum as he talked to Luke and laughed as something.

"You have got to tell him,” Cato said.

“I will,” You said nodding. “After our date tomorrow.”

 "You’re going on a date tomorrow?“ Amelia asked walking up to a seat that was next to you and sat down. You laughed and sat down next to her as you explained what had happened since you had last seen her and Cato. As the time went on and got closer and closer to the start of the show more people started to drift in until the show started.

 As the boys played Amelia sang along to the songs that they covered making Luke smile as he sang. You laughed as Amelia got up and danced with Cato entertaining everyone. When you looked up you saw Calum smiling at you making you blush. "Come on,” Amelia said walking over to you and grabbing your hand.

 "Amelia. No,“ You said shaking your head as she pulled you up to dance.  

 "Come on,” Cato laughed as Amelia danced around you.

 "I’m not a very good dancer,“ You laughed watching her. Eventually, they got you to dance until the end of the show. Once the music stopped Calum hopped down off of the stage and rushed over to you, picking you up and spinning you around.

 "My dancer,” He laughed putting you down and pressing his lips to yours.

 "She doesn’t like to have much fun,“ Amelia teased. You chuckled and pulled away from Calum turning to the boys as they walked up.

 "You guys were amazing,” You said as Michael, Ashton, and Luke took sips of their water bottles, looking at Cato and Amelia. You knew they thought it was weird that people who supposedly hated them were at their show, but you knew part of them thought it was a good thing they were there. 

 "Are you guys just saying that?“ Michael asked. "I couldn’t tell if you were dancing or dying.”

 "And this is why I don’t dance,“ You laughed looking at Amelia as Cato started to die of laughter.

 "We were dancing,” Amelia proudly said. “Because you guys were good, but I also couldn’t tell, were you singing or trying not to vomit?”

 "That was a good one,“ Ashton laughed. Calum wrapped his arm around you and kissed your temple making you smile.

 "I’m not afraid to be seen with you in public,” Calum whispered thinking back to your argument by the Art building. As you watched Michael and Amelia bicker you smiled and wrapped your arm around him, Luke looking over and giving a small smile as he looked away.


hope you liked it.