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abby.paulson After a lot of time and thought being put into this decision, I’ve decided to retire from elite gymnastics. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities i have been given, and all the people i have met along the way. I would not be who i am today without the experiences i have gotten from elite. A huge thanks to my parents, coaches, and teammates, who I can’t thank enough for all the time and energy you’ve put in to helping me achieve my goals, and a special thanks to my coach Sarah who has been there for me and believed in me since the beginning! Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support along the way! I am excited for the next step in my journey, and cannot wait to see what the future holds! #level10hereicome

Philip Company - #HamilTourToo - Ensemble

Tia Altinay - Ensemble

Conroe Brooks - Ensemble + u/s George Washington

Cameron Burke - Ensemble 

Eean S. Chochran - Swing

Phil Colgan - Ensemble

Desmond Sean Eillington - Ensemble

Lili Froehlich - Ensemble 

Daniel Gaymon - Ensemble

Camden Gonzales - Ensemble

Stephen Hernandez - Ensemble

Kristen Hoagland

Abby Jaros - Ensemble

Emily Jenda - s/b Schuyler Sister

Wonza Johnson - James Reynolds/The Doctor/Philip Schuyler

King David Jones - Swing + u/s Lafayette/Jefferson, Madison/Mulligan, and Philip/Laurens

Carina-Kay Louchiey - Swing

Brandt Martinez - Ensemble

Taeko McCarroll

Tyler Mckenzie - Ensemble

Justice Moore - The Bullet

Julian Ramos - Ensemble

Jen Sese - Ensemble

Julius Thomas III - Ensemble

isaa-studies introduction post

I’ve posted a couple things on my studyblr before, but I want a fresh start for 2018 so here’s an introductory post:

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Kabby Avent Calendar // December 14: Turned my recent Kabby Country AU piece into a Kabby winter romance coloring sheet for your entertainment :)
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Don’t edit, steal, repost without credit… you know the drill. And if you do color this one and post it, PLEASE tag me… I really want to see your colored version <3