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Mollymauk digging himself out of the dirt 2 years ago, without a name or memories. And then having to quickly learn how to be a person again, craft an identity for himself from scratch, and eventually ending up being happy with and liking who he’s become; informs so much about him.

The way he presents himself to the world, the colourful clothes, decorated horns, tattoos. That he’s made his appearance and his body 100% his. To make himself into something he likes, that he feels satisfied and comfortable with. 

His dismissal of people’s pasts and life stories, which I previously assumed was arrogance, but instead is a deep understanding and belief that knowing a person’s history isn’t important, it’s the person who’s standing in front of him, and who they are in the present, that matters. 

His ‘I’ll try anything once’ chaotic mode of operation, to fill up his mind again with memories, excitement and experiences, and maybe to take away any of the lingering emptiness he feels.  

I really love Molly, and love the way this episode explains so much about his character



   So this is a project Michelle and I have worked on for the past few weeks. Obviously, she did pretty much all the legwork with the drawings, although the concepts are from both of us. Kind of like me doing a concept and her refining it, mostly. A bit funny how this got finished around the time when everybody started posting their stuff.


Left; A Kariian female. This one has her tail. May or may not be related to Sendak. Who knows.

Right; A Kariian male. This is Sendak, obviously.


Left; This is Kariian formal-wear; unisex, though this time being pictured on a female.

Right; Recolored version. 


Left; A traditional outfit for mothers still tending to young kits, hence the very thin cover over their breasts. This outfit is meant to be very soft and comforting, while also convenient; a mother is able to lift the cover from their chest in order to breast-feed… Or just to let her kit stuff their face into her chest fluff. Beside her is a kit in its own outfit, one worn when they leave their home with their guardians.  ( Obviously this one is very timid. )

Right; Casual-wear. Obviously this isn’t meant to trek outside the main city in, given the sleeveless nature. Just a fashionable outfit and nothing more. Nobles wear this outfit.


Left; Somewhat formal casual-wear for males, complete with a heavy jacket worn either just for fashion’s sake, or to provide warmth when going outside.

Right; Same outfit but without the jacket. A cover over the mouth is pretty much the equivalent to wearing a scarf, really. For aesthetics purpose, although it is also seen as a traditional choice in fashion, as there is some symbolism behind covering the mouth ( i.g, callbacks to feeding, mating bites, etc ).


Left; Zehn Khasik Hunters wear this outfit. This is a heavily-padded outfit worn when going out deep into Kariio 15-R wilderness to hunt game. The mask worn over the face is a carved Revuriar skull; it is thought that wearing these will ward them away, leaving Kariians to hunt in peace. This outfit blends perfectly into the snow and blizzard.

Right; Casual-wear, too common for nobles to bother wearing.

things that bother me about the mcu, part 9827.5 : This Happened 

and yet in the next movie steve’s like “??? whaaaa?? people,,,don’t,,,want me violating international laws and going to their country to do whatever i want whenever i want??? people are,,,,,,worried???? about this??? they don’t trust me blindly??? no,,,,,,,impossible the safest hands are still my own and ignoring this problem will make it go away they’re Exaggerating and We Are Doing Fine the People Are Wrong and should Accept that we are the Best Option they have,,,i am the Only One with No Agenda” 

like!!! buddy!!!! this has been going on for a While people have been tense for a While so why in cacw was everyone acting like this was a shocking twist that at least some of the world considered them dangerous and terrifying. aou was garbage but it still Happened and if we have to keep hearing about how awful tony creating ultron was then we should definitely keep hearing about how the avengers have been very very aware that everything isn’t super chill for A While now

where was my good captain america speech in this captain america movie telling me what on earth captain america was thinking because holy shit am i ever lost re: this