for a minute there i seriously shipped it

I want Shiro’s vlog to just be a shaky sounding black screen and just the whole five minutes being this:

“Where the fuck am I?“

“Seriously what the fuck Black“

“You couldn’t send me to like the Bahamas or something? Or a bar?“

“What the fuck even is this shit? Oh god please tell me this water dripping from above.“

“I don’t…are these fucking trees or people?“

“I don’t even fucking know anymore.“

*3 minutes of cursing, tripping over his feet, and various planet/ship sounds later*

“God I hope Keith didn’t find my stash of cheezits, I could really go for some cheezits right now.“


“He had known, almost from the moment they had met, that Robin represented a threat to his peace of mind…” - Robert Galbraith, Career of Evil

OUaT sneak peek whiplash:

When you go to bed at night from sneak peek #1 and your dash is all:

And then you wake up in the morning after sneak peek #2 and suddenly it’s:


*….to pay off your tab……
* Seriously Wing Din, it’s been 20 something years. I need to put my kids through college.

I can’t believe they jerked us around with this text in the Undertale OVA! I seriously thought they’d reveal something big when they said it’d be about Grillby’s past and his ties to the enigmatic WD Gaster! They built it up to be this huge thing and it was just a five minute scene.

 I mean they’re his kids too Grillbz? So maybe he should be more accountable in their lives? But this really was a feelings jerk! And right in front of Goner Kid and Frisk too. 

But it was still such a moving scene I had to make a redraw of this totally fake OVA. For Grillstember/Grillster pride/shipping month

also tossed up the textless version in case anybody thinks of a funnier caption.

why Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is the best game;

  1. you can literally make your character either gender, as sassy as you want, nice, evil, and ask literally everyone for money, all while actually being extremely oblivious to everything 
  2. mission vao
  3. hk-47 is literally the best companion to ever come out of a bioware game
  4. you spend 1/5 of the game beating a gang up and literally just trying to find an engine for your swoopracer so you can save your friend/gf bastila
  5. did i mention mission vao, the coolest 14 year old twi’lek you will ever encounter
  6. literally the old republic, non of the skywalker™ bullshit for you
  7. so much story and characters to love
  8. literally the first thing in star wars to have a canon lesbian
  9. shes a cat babe too and so sweet and tragic too
  10. you get a wookie friend too
  11. you spend 30 minutes talking to a child on your ship who speaks mandalorian, trying to learn her language while an actual mandalorian is less than 10 meters away from you
  12. darth revan is a fucking babe and the original cool sith lord and first bro to wear a mask and hood (fuck you kylo ren)
  13. ????
  14. literaly so good go buy it it wont cost you anymore than 10 dollars on steam and literally any computer can run it its from 2002 

that is all go buy it 


Seriously, if you ship Jonsa you need to watch this video, it’s just a little more than 2 minutes and you won’t regret it, you can trust me.

The sensation I got while watching it was like an emotional crescendo that ended with their heartfelt goodbye and it’s like everything that happened to them was just the first act, it screams “to be continued”… I loved it.

Bonus: the editor used a very nice cover of Numb by Linkin Park.

Maybe I’ll write a more concrete-with-evidence analytical post later, but I’m in an explosion of SCREAMS right now so I have to SCReAm right now about it… because villain!Johann.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people feel like the writers pulled that out of nowhere. Except I don’t think they did. I remember watching the first seasons of Race to the Edge feeling suspicious about Johann… especially that scene where Hiccup frustratedly questions Johann for information. 

That scene sparked my wariness of Johann for the first time. I never voiced suspicions because I didn’t want to spark a wild baseless fandom theory, but… it always seemed odd that Johann always had pertinent information that the dragon riders would want to know… and that at the same time they followed this information, they got into trouble. It always seemed odd how often Johann was around people related to Viggo and the dragon hunters. I need to rewatch clips and episodes now, but I swear this was subtly foreshadowed throughout the series. 

Not to mention it all makes complete sense, even starting with the very first episode of Race to the Edge. Think about it! Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part 1 started with Johann coming, terrified, to Hiccup and company. He just happens to have enough information that Hiccup and his friends can track Dagur… to a very specific and important location…

Trader Johann: When Dagur commandeered my precious ship, he also came into possession of a very important map… one that leads to a graveyard of ships hidden in that fog bank.

This is the location where Hiccup and his companions find the Dragon Eye. Johann indicates at the end of S5 that he has a desire to hunt down information about dragons, so he would be interested in the knowledge of the Dragon Eye, did he know of it. And being as Johann seems to hear information from around the world, travel afar, and the like… it’s not all too surprising that Johann would know about this. If anyone would know about it, a well-traveled man who talks to everyone on every island would know about it.

Now, Johann’s reason for how he knew about the ship graveyard always felt like a shaky reason to me. Seriously…

Trader Johann: It’s where I store all my treasures and wares.

There are plenty of distant, unexplored, uninhabited, or sparsely populated islands across the Barbaric Archipelago. It would be stupid to hide your wares in an area covered in giant eels. It would be stupid to hide your wares in a ship graveyard where you could so easily crash yourself. It would be so stupid to hide your wares in ships that could literally collapse and sink to the bottom of the ocean at any given minute. Would Johann really store his extra wares there? Highly doubt it.

And he even demonstrates a little too much knowledge of that graveyard for what a merchant should, honestly. He knows that the name of the flagship is the Reaper. The name of the ship is written in cuneiform. So how would he know that this is the Reaper? Especially since he said he barely made a foot on board that ship because of the booby traps. So how would he know so much about it unless he actually really cared about this ship and the secrets it held (the Dragon Eye)?

Espionage as a merchant… it’s a perfect cover, too. Seriously.

I swear guys, villain!Johann didn’t come out of nowhere.

And honestly…

I just… I love him more given the last few minutes of season 5. Like, I got this excited thrill to see him step out and talk menacingly. It felt genuine. He was really releasing himself, really expressing him. I just got this… AOWING:OEIN I AM SO HAPPY.

Season 6 has so much awesome potential now that we’ve got ourselves a triumvirate of villains. A triumvirate, guys! This isn’t some single villain with a sidekick and a collection of no-name disposable cronies. These are three unique, major, equal, intelligent antagonists working together for a common goal. 

So cool.

So happy.


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You think Genji/Mercy is adorable, despite how racist and homophobic the shippers are and how stupid and abusive the concept of the love of a good woman changing a broken man is, but you don't like Pharah/Mercy? Wow your taste in ships is shit. I can't take a single thing you say seriously now. But hey, I guess the straight ship is just better than the gay one now isn't it?

…..Bro…I don’t even know where to start with you other than to tell you to go outside every now and again??? Like…they’re fictional bro. Please, calm down. It’s just..ships…They like…They aren’t really important my guy. It’s cool when other people ship things you don’t. It doesn’t lessen the value of your own ship or anything lol. Like why are you being so hostile?? I don’t even fucking know you lol. Chill out. Dang. I couldn’t even answer this for the first twenty minutes cause I couldn’t take you seriously. 

 Anyways, you literally just proved my point about Pharah/Mercy shippers. I can’t tell you how many rude anons like you I’ve seen on other Gency blogs I follow. In contrast, I have never seen Genji/Mercy shippers send hate to any of the Pharah/Mercy blogs I once followed. It’s a very hateful part of the fandom and while I actually do quite like Pharah/Mercy together, I don’t like how most of those particular fans act and so I want no part in this ship. 

 And I’m not here to tell you the wonders of Genji/Mercy, my dude. Like…if you don’t like it…That’s cool bro. Just don’t send me hate cause I do. *shrugs* 

 As for abusive…I’m…not sure where you seem to be drawing that from other than like…the discourse on tumblr feeding you likes. If you think Mercy helping Genji and being nice to him is abusive then what do you think of Genji and Zenyatta’s relationship I wonder? 

 I’m also unsure where your’re getting racism from? Like…Is it cause Pharah is a WOC and like…you think cause I don’t ship them that makes it racist? Cause like listen…..Genji…I don’t know if like…maybe you haven’t noticed this? but uh..Genji is actually Japanese. Asian. Person of color…Both Pharah/Mercy and Genji/Mercy are interracial couples as it would turn out lol. 

 And trying to make me out as homophobic? *deep sigh* As a bi person, don’t come at me with this. As a bi person who ships lots and lots of LGBTQA couples, don’t come at me with this. As a bi person who writes/creates lots and lots of LGBTQA couples and characters, don’t come at me with this. 

  All in all. Bro, do you like…need a hug or something? Cause you seem pretty angry about literally nothing and I don’t know why. Like…People ship different things. It’s okay. No need to get angry, I promise. I hope whatever’s going on with you improves in the near future and you don’t feel the need to be rude to random people on the internet minding their own business anymore. 



  • 10/20 Favorite friendships.

Luffy and Usopp: BEST FRIENDS. This one it’s my favorite of all. They are all friends and they all have different relationship as friends, but this one honestly I love this. Like it might be because both are the same age and enjoy the same things, but they are always having fun and being excited for the same things, they understand their stupidness. And like, it works since Luffy is a reckless guy and Usopp is coward so the scenes between these two are really funny. The fight they had because of Merry in water 7 broke my heart because Luffy didn’t want to do it, he had to as a captain. Like I cried a lot with them but I was really happy how they fixed everything. And even if they make joke and stuff, Usopp respects him a lot too. And protects his dream as well. HE DOESN’T ALLOW ANYONE TO LAUGH OF LUFFY’S DREAM.

Zoro and Luffy: this friendship it’s loyalty more than anything. They are all loyal to Luffy as captain and friend but Zoro definitely wins this award. I love this one just like I love the first one. Luffy’s personality works well with every member I have to say. Zoro is a lazy guy and a really serious man as well. And he respects Luffy more than anything, even if he acts like a kid, he recognizes him as his captain more than anything. And he protects his dream more than his own and that’s honestly beautiful. He was wiling to give up about his dream if he can protects his like like COME ON THIS FRIENDSHIP ITS GOALS. And Luffy as well, he trusts Zoro so much. Like I really love when Luffy is like: if Zoro says he will, then he will. I’ll leave it to him. He loves his vice-captain so much.

Zoro and Sanji: it’s actually a rivalry for not a real reason actually. Since little garden they established this rivalry because they couldn’t decide which of them brought the biggest animal to cook. This one it’s specially for comedy and I love it too. Like they fight for the tiniest thing but when it comes to help and works as teammates, they can relay on each other to accomplish that goal. Even if they fight a lot, I’d say it’s a good friendship between these two. I really loved how back in Foxy’s arc, Sanji asked him to be friends for 10 minutes and unite so they can win the game and Zoro was agree. When it comes to seriousness they have pretty much the same thoughts as well. And their nicknames are actually funny as well; ero-cook and marimo~ // Even if they can’t admit it they actually care for each other, they wouldn’t be the same with their partner of fights.

Nami and Luffy: Well, even if I secretly ship them as a couple, even if I don’t make a big deal for it since One piece it’s pretty awesome without romance and I would hate to see ships wars because of this, I’m going to focus on them like that; Luffy treats all his friends the same, of course he takes care of girls in his crew, I’m not saying they are weak but I bet he understands sometimes they need to be protected I guess. Nami’s personality it’s of the girl that doesn’t understand Luffy’s stupidness and it’s always hitting him for the ideas he jumps with. Even if she doesn’t posses haki lol. But never mind, this friendship/relationship have been developing through the series just like the others. At the beginning Nami didn’t trust any of them, but Luffy did since he met her. Luffy was the first one Nami asked for help after 8 years. I believe he became someone in her life with who she feels safe and protected from that moment. She’s the navigator and he’s the captain, she’s a part of as I call it, the coward group and it’s always arguing with a Luffy about the islands they should go, so at first she was always trying to persuade Luffy and avoid danger and the and Luffy would always win. But I feel like she doesn’t feel scare at all anymore. She respects him as captain even if she acts/looks like the actual captain sometimes and Luffy doesn’t seem mad at all about this, and what about him? Well, he decided she was going to be his navigator even after she betrayed them… even if Johnny told then she killed Usopp. He didn’t believe so..

Chopper and Usopp: as I mentioned with Luffy, they are around the same age and enjoy the same things like Franky’s creations. Chopper cares a lot for all his friends, but he spends most of his time with Usopp and is always believing what he says. I really like this friendship. Back in Water 7 when Luffy won against Usopp, he went down to take care of Usopp in tears even if he didn’t have to, that was honestly really touching for me because chopper really cares about his being. And well, they are really funny together!

Robin - Franky - Brook: I haven’t related them in special relationship YET. If you read above, I have focused in the firsts arcs and I was used to see all of them together. At least Robin, I really like her relationship with Usopp. He’s always scaring the shit of him and that’s really funny and she’s like the crew mom and chopper’s moma, she’s really cute with him. Brook and Franky joined the crew and fit perfectly with them. They create a really good friendship atmosphere. Franky Is really funny as well with Usopp and Chopper. And Brook can have a good time with all of them too, specially with Sanji from my perspective, pervs.

Nami - Usopp and Chopper: this is a really funny group. The coward group. Whenever they are together you know it will be fun. Just remember thriller back arc. I laughed a lot with them. Like they are cowards but when they have to fight, they fight. Normally it’s really funny when they are together so I really like them!

Sanji - Zoro - Luffy: The monster trio. Do I have to write much reasons about this one? They are the strongest of straw hats crew and I really love how Sanji and Zoro are always taking away the enemies when the boss is coming. I really love the way they act around each other too, they are really funny too because Luffy is the one who jumps with stupid ideas and he would get hurt in s comic way from both rivals. This team works really well when it comes to fight. I really love seeing them together. And the fact that they can beat anyone but the three of them lose against Nami by herself lol.

😊Looking for blogs to follow😊

My dash seems completely dead all the time, no matter when I’m on here…. so I’m looking for some Supernatural blogs to follow

  • Looking for mostly Supernatural blogs (like a good 90% spn)
  • Must be positive blogs - or ones that tag all their wank
  • tagging is a must
  • tagging of episode specific spoilers is even more important. (i.e. tag 13x02 and not just spoilers)
  • content of graphics and fanart and fanfic and gifsets are fab
  • no ship/character/actor hate

I’ll check out the blogs of people who reblog and give peeps a follow if they have the above and i like what I see :3

(if I already follow you, feel free to signal boost!)


!!!! I’m going down with this ship I love them so much !!!
I’m upset with those last 3 minutes of the episode though,,, why can’t the gay couple be legitimate, happy, and in love??? Leave them aLonE @ writers
Like seriously when Kevin was first introduced as a perfectly-fine-in-his-own-skin character, I was happy! When he got a love interest, Joaquin, in episode 4? I was ecstatic!!!
So Joaquin better not end up breaking sweet Kevin’s heart 😤😩

Ngl though, I think Joaquin is gonna accidentally fall in love with Kevin we all know it ;;;;)))))) like look at how hesitate he is about this when he talks about it with FP asdfghj

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shlav is literally shipping shiro with the one guy he cant stand. slav makes him riled up and he looses his shit over him very fast. the /only person who does that/ is slav. shlav is more unhealthy then any galra ship with shiro tbh. at least shiro doesnt yell at them like he did with slav the minute he met him. shlav is toxic and gross ☕️🤷🏻‍♂️

did u really just say that shipping sh!ro with his literal a b u s e r s is better than shipping him with someone who would actually understand what he’s going through because he too was tortured by the same people???? because of a conflict resulting from their different ways of coping?????? like, seriously???


Project Kuron

ft. a long-ass post about how season 3 space dad is not space dad but, in fact, his clone-brother Kuro leggo.

Spoilers ahoy

Just gonna start this off by saying that for the sake of this crack theory I will be referring to fake!Shiro as Kuro (after the fandom’s anti!Shiro problematic fav), Clone Dad, badhaircut!Shiro, or any combo of the three.

Aight. so. Season 3 ep. 5 you have *Shiro* waking up looking like something from Lost. Which is fishy in itself because hasn’t he only been missing for like…2 weeks tops? Did the Galra treat him to some Keratin treatment while in captivity? We don’t know.

He wakes up disorientated and wanders around the halls which suspiciously have 0 guards in sight. Should probably also mention how he wasn’t restrained in any way on the table up there.

He then stumbles onto a lifeless Shiro Shell Husk, which has the same haircut as old season 2 Shiro. Strange.

There’s some kind of fluid injection happening, which is looking a bit like the memory harvesting process back in season 2? Just a guess.

An isolation tank filling with goo liquid to keep the clone body safe until activation? Liquid that the memories have been injected into perhaps?

So that concluded stage one, stage 2 apparently being him waking up and escaping in a pod, which they really didn’t try hard to stop if you ask me. Also the called it Operation Kuron. Like seriously? Shiro = white, Kuro = black. Kuron? Really? 

Then you’ve got this guy who’s happily watching him get away and crash landing on a planet while ominously stating stage 3 is underway, making everything look pretty damn planned to this point. 

Aanndd I just wanted to put this in here to document the potential clone existential crisis baby Kuro may be experiencing. Is he contemplating life? Death? Existence? Or just making a cute passing comment to a giant fish skeleton? We will possibly never know.

This whole scene with him and Keith after they rescue him may be important. How? I don’t know yet. I may also just be putting this cap in here for personal reasons. 

Then you’ve got badhaircut!Shiro back looking like Buzz Lightyear and just happy to be there but also complaining of some mysterious mystery headache that will probbaallyy come in to play later if I had to guess. Just a hunch. Also who lets this guy dress himself like seriously he needs an intervention. 

And of course ol’ Black ain’t working for him anymore because it’s not his bbf but an IMPOSTER.

And not sure if relevant (not sure if ANY of this is relevant) but when Shiro starts giving orders again he sorta screws them over either way? Like if Keith hadn’t moved and taken charge the comet ship would’ve escaped as well as the cargo ship. Like, at least he swerved at the last minute and managed to cause some damage to the teledove piece? Idk man is Kuro trying to sabotage them? Am I just being paranoid? Probably.

Then lastly we’ve got this cute scene between Keithers and imposter!dad, but either way Shiro just looks a bit…off? Dunno if it’s just the bad hair throwing me off but like..??


Clone!SpaceDad is not my Space Dad and they really need to teach clones to cut hair better in clone school.

Feel free to discuss, debunk and add to this mess obvs. I’d love to hear y’alls theories.

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Hey, first of all, I'm not even in the Supergirl fandom and have no idea how different parts of the fandom interact, but what are your thoughts on the original song that was sang by Jeremy Jordan and most of the cast(I think)? Because I honestly don't think it's right to mock an LGBT+ ship regardless of what *some* of the shippers are like, and it just came off as blatantly rude to me. Again, just want to hear your thoughts on it, have a good day :)

Hello, wanderer! Thanks for stopping here :D

First of all, jokes are jokes. Some are rude, some are unfunny, some are silly, some are funny as hell. But the point is – we are all different, we have different experiences, different things make us laugh or offended. Some of us will laugh at the same thing that others will find offensive. It’s quite natural.

Ok, now because you are not in the fandom, I think you need a bigger picture and the context to understand what REALLY happened.

Supergirl cast is constantly harassed by the Supercorp (Lena x Kara, FF ship) fans for MONTHS now. What I mean when I say “harassed”? Few examples.

Rahul Kholi, a POC actor, you may know him from IZombie, a wonderful, sweet, amazing guy played Lena’s love interest for ONE ep. Supercorp fandom sent him on his social media the most awful racist shit you can imagine. A “haired ape” was not the worst. The “go away, Lena belongs to Kara” were normal. Shit he got was so awful that he called Supercorp shippers “fan hooligans” in recent interview. Yesterday he got shit from them again.

Next, Melissa Benoist, the main heroine. For months she didn’t really talk about ships. All she said was, that she wants Kara to be happy. That’s it. But you know what Supercorp fans have been doing? Interesting things. Like, questioning Melissa’s SEXUALITY and wanting her to be with, yes you guessed, Katie (aka Lena). That her relationship with her current boyfriend, who plays her love interest in the show, is just a PR. That she could do much, much better than him, even if I haven’t seen her so happy and careless in months. That she is very unhappy with Kara’s arc and she wants Supercorp but shows runners banned her from saying what she really wants.

And now, let’s move to Chris, Melissa’s guy. This man lost his father to a mental disease, because of it he became an activist who tries to make people aware of this kind of problems. He is lgbt community and black lives matter movement supporter. Basically, it’s hard to find valid things to hate on this guy. But so far, Supercorp fans: sent him death threats, said how much they want him dead, how he steals the screen time, how he is useless in the show, how horrible actor he is, how the whole cast hates him, how he uses his relationship with Mel to stay in the show; makes gross jokes about his appearance, constantly twist his words and take them out of the context to make him look rude. They planned to corner him on SDCC and encouraged people to boo him and asked uncomfortable questions. I talked with a friend who knows this kind of things and who said Chris was nervous in the beginning of sdcc and the whole cast was supporting him. Cool, huh? He suspected what was coming, but thank God that to the SDCC go real fans, not fanatic shippers. I mean, every celebrity receive shit like that, but he gets TONS of it and only because he is an obstacle for a ship. There is no other reason.

Jeremy? Left social media for some time, because he had enough of harassment.

Katie? Doesn’t have social media. Too bad her brother has – poor guy was catfished by a, surprise, supercorp fan.

Btw Supergirl official media? A fucking mess. A girl that was running the SDCC panel and interviews asked on twitter for questions. Supercorp fandom, of course, sent her hate and things you would never ask anyone. Cheers.

Things like that are happening for MONTHS. So, I guess the fact the cast has absolutely enough of shit like this is not so surprising and they are tired of being silent. So, they made a joke song about how Supercorp is and will be friends. Nothing more. That’s it. Some people may think it was mocking and offending LGBT community but, seriously? The cast just clearly said there is NO queerbaiting in the show. That’s the whole crime.

But you know interesting thing? Few minutes before that song Melissa said that PEOPLE CAN SHIP WHATEVER THEY WANT. That includes Supercorp. So, this is seriously homophobia? And you know, I’m confused. There is a lesbian couple in the show – Sanvers. A real and CANON LESBIAN COUPLE supported by the cast and the show runners. But I got an impression that dear Supercorp shippers don’t give a flying shit, because more important is their crack ship. Sorry, I’m not sorry but the whole “we Supercorp shippers are offended because a lesbian couple was bashed and we support and protect lesbian ships” is… an excuse for hating on cast and showing how they are upset, because thing they want won’t happen.

And now the best. Have you seen what Supercorp shippers so far sent to the cast after the SDCC drama? How they started slutshaming Melissa? How they say she should slit her wrist? How she cheated on her husband to hook up with Chris? How she is a typical white fake feminist and let’s fuck her? How she and members of the cast are cancelled? Friendly reminder she, Jeremy and Chris support lgbt rights. Actively. They don’t sit in front of the computers “supporting” lgbt by shipping fictional couples and posting shit on social media. They help. But it’s all cancelled because of one, damned joke.

I understand that peoples’ feelings were hurt. But the shit that cast is receiving right now is 1000 times more horrible and gross than a song about two fictional female characters being friends. I know, they could do it in a different way. But I feel like they reached their limits.

Few more things. Supercorp fans claim that Katie was uncomfortable during that song. It’s a bullshit. She laughed her ass off and not because everyone were laughing, but because she found it funny.

Supercorp fans throw tantrums on social media, their posts about this issue are reaching a lot of notes, because “let’s protect lgbt people from bad homophobes”. The problem is – they don’t tell the whole story. And secondly, I saw a lot of people who claim they don’t watch the show and don’t know the whole story but are there to fight with homophobia. And it’s wrong. People knowing half-truths from one biased side of the conflict are shitting on innocent people who are FAR from being homophobic. Supercorp fandom, because they are salty, are making FUN of the real homophobia problem.

And I know that a lot of people really felt offended or felt triggered. But it doesn’t give them rights to spread horrible, gross lies and throw awful shit at real people.

Rant over. Hope I answered your question.

P.s. I know I generalized here the whole Supercorp fandom and there are nice shippers. I am aware.

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any chance we could get a meta on dick/Kory in the newest teen titans movie? Pretty please

You know what nonny, why the heck not, I was filled with such utter delight at their interactions and scenes together that I got no trouble gushing about it for a few paragraphs.

Long-ass post and lotta screencaps, as per usual.

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Donut for Donut (Thayne Jasperson X Reader)

Request!:Hey would it be okay if I requested a Thayne x reader where it’s the reader’s first day working backstage for Hamilton and Thayne gets a crush on them and it’s just a bunch of fluff? Thanks for reading! 

and this too

Umm I don’t know if you got this, so I guess I’ll send it again. I was hoping you could do a Thayne x reader where the reader works backstage and has a huge crush on Thayne but is too shy to tell him so the cast go and set them up, thanks!

Paring: Thayne Jasperson X Reader

TW: anxiety, shyness, kissing, SO MUCH FLUFF I WANNA CRY

WC: 1265



You stood in the lobby of the Richard Rodgers theater, scared to go through the second door. You had procrastinated coming here all day. You had gone to the park, petted dogs, gone to a bakery and picked up a shit ton of bagels, and now you were here with three boxes of donuts in your hands. Suddenly, the door opened and Lin, your boss, head popped out.

“Y/n! There you are!” He exclaimed and exited the door, going to give you a hug.

“Here I am…” You exclaimed warily. He stepped back and looked at you worriedly.

“They’ll love you Y/n. We’re glad to have you on the crew!”

You nodded, “Glad to be here.”

“Come on, let me introduce you.” Lin took your arm and pulled you into the theatre. Everyone was currently on break from rehearsal and talking to each other. Lin told you to wait at the front of the stage while he got everyone’s attention.

“Listen up!” He exclaimed. Some of the cast turned to him. Alex whistled to get the rest’s attention. The conversations died down and Lin clapped his hands together, “First things first, I would like to introduce our new crew member, Y/n L/n!”

‘Whoop’s and clapping proceeded.

“Would you like to give a few words?”

You shrugged, “Okay..”

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Another Rant

Book stans are so confusing. I’m literally debating a girl on Facebook whose complaining (on the Shadowhunters official page might I add) that she hates the show because Clace isn’t getting enough attention and she wants the scene in the Seelie Court already because the show doesn’t understand that Jace and Clary are ‘soul mates’ and they’re dragging out the sibling thing.

Like seriously? Jace and Clary have been believed siblings for seven episodes. SEVEN. Are you really that impatient?! Can you not last five minutes without the only white!het!ship of the series?! Not to mention this complaint was commented below the sneak peek of Magnus and Alec playing pool on their date. You’re trying to take away from Malec and the date we’ve been waiting on since the beginning of time by complaining about the lacking of Clace?! I’m baffled. I really am.

I have no words.

Keep in mind that antis spend their days scrolling the Karamel and Mon El tags just to hate on him or the ship, when they could spend those minutes actually doing something with their lives 😂😂 I mean 😂. Seriously read a book, watch a show, go for a walk, anything is better than spending hours hating on a character. And trolling those who like him.

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Kat what are you thoughts about Bellarke canon next season,how you think is gonna go and when first half or second half. for me is gonna be in midseason finale or soon than that.

Hey Anon!

I go back and forth on this a bit, honestly. I keep my spec pretty vague as far as pinning things down to specific episodes since thats not how my brain works, but I definitely think we’ll get canon romantic Bellarke next season, and the midseason finale seems likely right now to me as well. I think that once Bellamy and Clarke reunite, they are going to have a lot to sort through emotionally (he thought she was DEAD for 6 years….DEADDDD), but we have to remember that Clarke never gave up hope that he was alive. She talked to him every day for 2199 days, dammit. If that’s not love, what the hell is??

Consider this: if they hadn’t been separated, I really do think that we would have gotten an overt love confession in 413. Character-wise, we didn’t for at least 2 reasons:

1. Clarke thought she was going to die. You can see it in her face in the Head & Heart scene. She thought she was a goner, and there’s no way she would burden Bellamy with that only to leave him. She was solely focused on his wellbeing, and the survival of the rest of Spacekru. 

2. Bellamy literally could not accept the fact that she wouldn’t make it, doesn’t even allow himself to consider that. He’s in deep denial about the reality of their situation because he loves Clarke so damn much. He thinks if they make it to the ring, they all make it to the ring, Clarke included. He thought they would have 5 years of relative peace together and ANYWAY NOW MY HEART HURTS.

Side note: they are both SO GONE for each other. Their lives and happiness have been so wrapped up in each other for so long. They are each other’s person. They are each other’s rock. Anytime someone mentions the possibility one of them might not make it for any variety of pressing and probable reasons, the other one SHUTS IT THE FUCK DOWN. There are so many good gifsets that make this parallel so well, it just kills me every time. 

Anyway, back to the s5 reunion…I do think the show is gonna draw it out a bit as far as the romantic stuff goes. Not too long, and not because the feelings aren’t there, but because when have we ever had it easy? Plus, it’s the nature of the genre: shit happens, and romance isn’t the main plot, even though Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship is obviously central to the story. There are so many plot reasons that could keep them apart for a bit (more physically than emotionally, but that too). Given what we know about s5 so far, the plot is going to be jam packed and develop at breakneck speed. 

I’m a little worried about that, not gonna lie, because s3 and s4 both suffered from trying to pack too much plot in, at the detriment of character development. BUT even with that concern, I still believe Bellarke will be canon by the end of 5a, even if they get separated again at that point or some other plot contrivance intervenes to keep them apart. It could be the prisoner ship, it could be the situation with the bunker, it could be other grounders, it could be Cadogan?? (seriously I need more on that storyline), it could be Madi in trouble, it could be anything. Maybe Pauna survived Praimfaya and is out for blood (ok that one is fully a joke). Bellarke might have a love confession and then have to split up for a minute…or maybe it just looks like they do and they leave us hanging over the break between 5a and 5b DONT YELL AT ME ITS NOT WHAT I WANT but you know the writers love to make us suffer. And they do it so well. 


sims!d*s/ladybug camping trip

so my sims 4 screenshots have been piling up forever, so i’m just gonna drop the camping trip even tho it’s way off from where i last posted

also because these have been sitting on my hard drive since last year:

…and i’d like to get rid of them lmao.

Things to know:

  • Vix and Kou are married, and they have 3 kids: Nolan [teen] and Shiori [child, named for kou’s sis] who came with, and Olivia [nearly young adult] who stayed home cos there wasn’t room on the lot for her lmao. 
  • Adrien and Marinette are dating. They do not know about each other’s identities.
  • Adrien and Kou are best friends, and Shiori has a little girl crush on Adrien. [it was stupidly cute, she would seek him out anytime the fams hung out together lol]
  • Vix and Nino are work buddies [via their musical careers].
  • Nino and Alya are still only close friends but there’s UST 8D

anyway, prepare for action and adventure, drama and danger, love and betrayal lol…and just. lots and lots and lots of pictures under the cut.

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