for a long time i was on birth control and didn't get periods

I didn't know I was pregnant

So, I was having this Prompt from @omeliafics , where Amelia goes into labour during Owen his surgery, but then I got a perfect idea. Do you guys know the TLC series “I didn’t know I was pregnant?”
Let that speak for itself…
A kick-ass huuuuuuge shout-out to @superheroshepherdess , who backed me up on some OB thingies. You truly are the best ;)

Thirty-four year old neuro surgeon Amelia Shepherd lives together with her boyfriend Owen Hunt, in an appartment Block not far from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where the both of them work as attending surgeons.

“I got to Grey Sloan to take over the position of chief of the neuro-surgery department from my brother, who was a neuro surgeon as well, and that is how I met Owen for the first time,“ Amelia explains. “The both of us have really been damaged in our past, so we started talking, and from one thing, the other thing happend.”

Both surgeons have had a painfull past concerning the question of having kids, and because of their pressing jobs, the couple decided to wait.

“We both wanted childeren, but just not yet,” Owen tells us. “Amelia wanted to get married first, before we started talking about such kind of things. I agreed with her, so we decided to wait.”

The couple made shifts of forty-eight hours in the hospital, which meant they had to plan a wedding, and love making, in the only free hours they had.

“Because of my medical history, I don’t use birth control, at all. The only thing Owen and I do is using protection, but if you make shifts from forty-eight hours…You start to forget it Sometimes. ”

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