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hey im here to complain about how much summer work i have. it’s part of the reason i havent been on in forever

english: read crime and punishment, read wuthering heights, write an essay comparing them. im 50 pages into crime and punishment and death is imminent. also gotta read greek mythology?

calculus: standard 11 page math packet. halfway done. doesnt require you to learn any calc concepts beforehand

physics c: requires you to learn calc concepts beforehand. ive never stepped foot in a calc class but at least i know how to calculate a definite integral. 5 problems away from finishing

statistics: online work. havent even looked at it yet

psychology: reading and packet

art: 4 full projects due 3 days into school. 4 more full projects due a week later. 16 sketches due two weeks later. ive done 1.5 drawings. im going to fucking die

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hey there! coming by to tell you how much i love your ficlets on twitter! but how come you dont post them anywhere else? like tumblr or ao3? id love to give kudos or reblogs to all your fanfics - you're such an amazing writer and i adore everything you post on ao3!! please please consider posting the twitter ficlets onto ao3 as well, thank you!! have a lovely day :]

I do. :) I do the twitterfic thing because it’s a lot faster and I can put ideas out in batches when I have a few spare moments. Most of these stories wouldn’t exist in any form at all otherwise. Like the one I’ve been spinning on twitter for the past couple days - if I’d set it aside as a “write later, when I have time” project, I doubt I would’ve ever gotten around to it. I guess it’s a way I’ve learned to sorta trick myself into productivity, haha.

I know reading on twitter’s not the easiest, and they’re obviously not in a polished format, so I have ~9 lined up right now to transfer over. It takes time to edit/revise/expand, though, so I’m behind in my goals for doing that. Jump me, bro? took most of a weekend to fix up enough to post, even though it’s a short, silly little thing, and my past few weekends have been too busy for anything fun. :( Hopefully I can get back into it soonish.

Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my writing and that you want to see more of it. <3


In my travels, I often look for places that may have a store of old watches lying around. A few weeks ago I happened upon one such place that “buys gold”. At first, the owner said “no, no old watches”, then, as if a light bulb went on, he said “just a minute, I may have something you’d be interested in”. He came out of the back room with a few boxes, some with broken junk (I did pick up a couple of projects I’ll share later), and another with some interesting pieces, which I purchased, and lastly, a box with neatly organized spaces, filled with NOS Timex watches from the later ‘50’s. 100’s, 400’s, and others. Stock from a jeweler? From Timex (I was near Waterbury)? None had bands, and some didn’t have spring bars. All we’re pristine.

A sampling is posted here. Some, like the “chronograph”, and some of the 400’s and 100’s, have what used to be luminous hands and markers, which are probably radium. So I’ll probably wear them rarely in the future, as, although the crystal and the back attenuate most of the radioactivity, a little leaks through. Best worn on occasion, and when I’m outdoors more.


Trico: The Last Guardian - Handmade art doll

Wow, I never thought I’d get to post this guy up. 400+ hours, and approx 2000 individually cut, painted and glue feathers later, my biggest project to date is complete. Trico means so much to me as a character, I hope you all enjoy him.

I am taking offers for him via silent auction. Pm me if you would like to make an offer. 

There are over 100 posts detailing his creation from start to finish on my Patreon for just $1-

Please share with anyone who loves Trico or The Last Guardian.


Presentation video of the project! All you need is down in the description, later today the folder link to the art!

A potential client contacted me about illustrating a series of children’s books he had written.

Client: Ok, I’ll e-mail you later and we’ll go over the details of the project.

Me: Sounds good.

Client: We can even pretend this is a real job and you might make some money.

Me: ….


#1177 Hanamaru Kunikida UR

『 ヒツジさん集め 』 彡☆