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Obama Shortens The Sentence Of Army Leaker Chelsea Manning
Manning released explosive records through WikiLeaks in 2010 and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. She will now be released on May 17.
By Dominic Holden

President Obama on Tuesday said he would commute the sentence of Chelsea Manning, an Army intelligence analyst arrested in 2010 and sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of military documents.

Manning, who was convicted of violating the Espionage Act by a military court 2013, will be released on May 17, the White House announced.

Manning’s supporters view her as a whistleblower, but the president’s decision is certain to infuriate those who see her as having endangered national security by sharing top secret information with the website WikiLeaks.

Among the records and cables that Manning released through WikiLeaks, one video showed US forces executing an air strike in Iraq that killed two Reuters journalists and at least 16 more civilians.

Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence


President Barack Obama has commuted the sentence of Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning, who was serving a 35-year term for leaking hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and military reports to WikiLeaks.

As a result of Obama’s action, Manning will be released in May.

Obama also issued a pardon to Gen. James Cartwright, a former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, who recently pled guilty to a felony charge of lying in the court of a leak investigation.

Manning’s supporters said her sentence was wildly out of proportion to that received by other leakers in national-security-related cases. They also argued that as a transgender woman she suffered from poor treatment in the military.

Manning was arrested over the alleged leaks in 2010 and has been in custody since. At a court martial in 2013, the Army private was convicted on a slew of serious charges related to the leaks, but acquitted of the most serious charge: aiding the enemy.

Cartwright was scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 31 and faced a maximum of five years in prison on the false statement charge.

You want to see something absolutely ridiculous

it’s this

Thank you everyone for loving Mothman as much as I do.

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i don't know why people are surprised you would ship moana/maui after your history of shipping sess/kag. both are awesome by the way and your art is amazing! (isn't max also some kind of immortal?)

LONG POST warning.

WELL my preference for sesskag aside even the canon pairing of Inuyasha/Kagome would be technically problematic by sjw standards now cuz Inu is still hundreds of years older as well. But again immortal/mortal ships aren’t NEW it’s been around forever but I suspect that it’s acceptable in most stories because the guys in question are often times HANDSOME. I mean Bella is completely fine with Edward stalking and breaking into her room to watch her sleep cuz he was hot amirite. Don’t think she’d feel the same way if he actually looked not 17/was ugly. And look how many people completely mooned over that despite the fact that he turned out to be a pretty manipulative and abusive guy. Are immortal characters (but men mostly cuz double standards for ladies including being judged by women fans themselves lol) absolved of all their wrong behavior because they’re hot? (similarly what is up with ppl only caring about a different race or even species in fiction only if they’re attractive. I doubt anyone would care as much about all those blue kitty ppl in Avatar either if they weren’t extremely long legged humanoid supermodels but that’s a different conversation) In short people are shallow.

And if you think about the terms of “acceptable” where Inuyasha despite being hundreds of years older ACTS like a fucking stupid boy it’s also considered OK I guess. Maui ACTS like he’s always young at heart even if he’s around forever. The difference therefore lies mostly in the superficial. I dunno, perhaps cuz he’s not traditionally attractive in terms of society’s standards or even cuz he’s a POC or thick. I mean, if you look at a lot of canon princes and princesses in media all the girls are usually younger than their love interests with the most significant age gap recently between Flynn(24) and Rapunzel(17). The youngest being Snow White at 14 in her story. (Haha and let’s not forget that Juliet was fucking 12). Doesn’t make it better but everyone seems to be so OK with these.

But that aside, I understand why someone would be uncomfortable with a ship and I personally don’t have anything against them cuz they’re feelings are valid and whatever ppl want to ship or not is their business. Like I’ve said before whatever floats your boat your dash is your place so fill it with only things you like. Block, Scroll Past, Unfollow whatever you want. All I ask in return is for the same courtesy to leave me to my own business and not go attacking other ppl for something that they like–which I had explained in this post is something often times not even explainable why you like something. It’s irrational, the heart wants what it wants right Tamatoa fans? People just want to be left alone to enjoy what they want nobody is forcing others to like the same things they do.

Besides that, when I ship characters I usually go based on their character dynamic and how I feel they are fit for each other. It has nothing to do with a preference for immortal ships. I usually strive to show when I portray them that I care about the fact that they are equals. That I see their relationship is grounded in their mutual respect and friendship for each other. That I see it developing over years and is essentially kind of timeless and most importantly is not dependent on sexual/physical attraction which is secondary to me. Also if you can really sell it to me and convince me why a pairing works I can be won over even if I wasn’t on board before. And honestly that’s how I feel about SessKag/most of my ships too? 

Like if we’re getting back to SessKag I’m actually pretty annoyed with common trope that either of the characters are only in it to get to the other one’s pants and there is no deeper substance to come out of that relationship besides the fact that hey you’re hot and I’m hot which is fine but if you’re again trying to go back to oh but immortal/mortal ship nobody really cares as long as the characters are bone-able. I just think ppl need to start taking to take a good hard look at themselves if the only reason why they’re OK with other immortal/mortal ships but not this one boils down to the fact that either of the parties involved is not attractive.

Also ppl who equate fandom to real life extremes needs a reality check and I also explained that again here. again that’s like saying “You’re pro-choice so that must mean you’re a murderer.” Ridiculous.

This was a rant and not entirely coherent I’m sorry. 

p.s. I don’t think Max is immortal he’s just subject to the whims of George Miller’s hand-wavey timeline (i.e. GM admitted to not really caring about accurate time tracking cuz Max’s stories are meant to take on a myth-like quality. and so his adventures themselves immortalize him).

Okay, I read a lot of complains about the malec kiss that it was too dark and shit and I’m tired of them. Why? Because all you want is a kiss but you don’t understand what that kiss was all about. I’m really glad that it was dark because it wasn’t a kiss like their first one. Think about it. 

Their first kiss was romantic, passionate, uplifting, all lighted up and it was one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen. Here, Alec is dying, Magnus is really desperate we’ve never seen him like this before. He, the High Warlock of Brooklyn who is hundreds of years old tries the true love’s kiss because he can’t do anything else and this is his only hope. You would try it in the same situation, I would try it, we all would try it. Magnus and we all knew that this probably not gonna work but he tries anyway because he cares about Alec a lot and he can’t loose him. But it was his goodbye kiss, too

So, yeah. I don’t want lights I don’t want romantic shit, sparkles, rays, particles nothing. This kiss wasn’t about that. In my opinion, the creators did a really great job with that scene and I loved it with all my heart. 

(I’m studying film theory so maybe that’s why I see the kiss this way but I don’t know. Also, if I made any grammatical mistakes, I’m sorry.)

🎉 🎉 it’s a @kaineus birthday!! 🎉 🎉

sam’s been my best friend for like a hundred years and i wouldn’t be half the person i am today without him. he’s been a confidant and a soundboard and i owe him just. so much. so many years of goofs and good times. he’s inspiring in a multitude of ways, so clever and capable and brilliantly creative, and i’m proud just to know him. he’s doin great things and he’s gonna continue to do great things because that’s just the kind of guy he is. he truly is a Phenomenal Fella

this is so mushy anyway HEP BERTH SAM 💖💖💖 ur fantastic and im luv u 



⚠️ Warning: Free Thought Ahead ⚠️

If the Nintendo switch doesn’t have a substantially more powerful processor and hardware over the Wii U and be at least as powerful as a basic Xbox One I’m doubtful it will get the AAA third party support that Nintendo fans like myself so desperately crave. From the games they showed off during the presentation none of them including Breath of the Wild are up to par with modern day AAA standards. Although SKYRIM is coming that game came and went for many years ago. I played through hundreds of hours of it and loved it but Nintendo is kind of a day late and a dollar short. I still think the Switch will have great first party support but I don’t expect it to be the powerhouse that people have been rumoring for months before the presentation. It’s going to be a way better version of what the Wii U should have been but if it too closely straddles the handheld line then I fear it will face a similar destiny to the PS Vita in that developers won’t want to invest in making an inferior diluted version of their game that’s been optimized to play on PS4 Pro and the New Xbox. Breath of the Wild is already reported to have frame rate issues both in handheld and tv modes. I know it’s a big game but these are early signs. Nintendo has been working on this game for YEARS now so what happens when a smaller developer has to crank out a game in a shorter amount of time. It’s clear that it’s much easier to develop for PC, PS4, and Xbox. I really wish this wasn’t the case but it seems that way judging everything they showed off. They definitely did not send the message “this is a power house state of the art graphics machine” and they never have with previous systems. I’m just upset because I don’t want to have more than one console because I don’t have either the time or money to pay for that so inevitably I will have to miss out on many of this gens best games. I still love Nintendo but whenever I start to get my hopes up they inevitably crush them. Personally I would pay more for a pimped out Switch with longer battery and better processing. Of course the Switch isn’t even out yet so I could be wrong in my assumptions but if Nintendo wanted to send a message that this is a powerful system they wouldn’t have been showing off basic shit like 1 2 Switch (which is basically a PowerPoint presentation), Bomberman R which has super basic graphics and reports say it was laggy and had bad controls, an old 2D Streetfighter game, and Snipperclips which is very minimalist could run on pretty much any device. I know graphics aren’t everything but it’s more the games library and third party support I’m guessing will be dwarfed. Also the studio that creates the Borderlands games has already confirmed that Borderlands 3 will not be coming to Switch because Nintendo has “other priorities”. All of this being said I’m still excited for the Switch but trying to set proper expectations for myself so I don’t keep my hopes up and end up disappointed before I’ve even given it a try. From a hardware perspective the device looks super sexy and I love the controller options. $70-$80 is too much for a pro controller but I’ll probably only buy one anyways and my prediction is there will be a price drop and way cheaper third party hardware options. There really are a lot of possibilities for the Switch and I’m excited to see what Nintendo has in store that hasn’t been revealed yet. If their launch lineup for 2017 was all shown at the presentation they are going to have a tough first year or two like the 3DS did. 

PS: please excuse any typos this was written on my phone with a dog jumping on me.

Shooting flowers

The US Department of Defence (DOD) has put forward a plan to develop biodegradable training ammunition loaded with specialised seeds, meaning that when a bullet degrades, a plant will grow in its place.

The US Army currently manufactures and consumes hundreds of thousands of bullets per day in training exercises. The ground, over which these projectiles are fired, often becomes littered with cartridge cases and sabot petals, on the surface or even several feet underground. These components take hundreds of years to degrade, and there is no clear way of finding and eliminating all used projectiles from battle or training grounds.

The DOD says that these biodegradable bullets can be manufactured from water bottles, plastic containers and any other composite or plastic product available on the market. The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory has demonstrated that the bioengineered seeds that can be embedded in the resulting composites, and will not germinate until they have been in the ground for several months.

The seeds are said to grow into environmentally friendly plants, removing contaminates from the soil and consuming the biodegradable components of the bullets. They are also harmless to animals, allowing them to be consumed with no ill effects.  

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my story regards teen spies and a spy school, any ideas on how to keep it semi-realistic?

Hmmm… So this will be a bit hard, and it will probably never sound completely realistic, but that isn’t the end of the world. You said semi- realistic anyway, so let me see what I can do.

The most obvious way I can think of is to have the story take place in the future, an alternate world where this isn’t strange, a different planet, etc. Perhaps it’s a world where spying on other nations is integral to survival, so people are taught the skill young. Maybe a hundred years from now, professional spies are a huge asset, make a lot of money, are considered very honorable, etc. so parents want their kids to be trained in it, kind of like how being in the military seems like it is passed down some families.

To be honest, spy college is more realistic than spy highscool because then it’s like training in a career path you’ve chosen as a legal adult. In America, teens can drop out of highscool at 16 with the permission of a parent. Using this age to your advantage, you could propose that teens start spy school at 16, finish regular highschool credits by 18 (with spy classes as electives) and then classes switch over to purely spy training.

Another thing I can of is that this spy school is a private school, and kids are sent mostly by eccentric parents. In the real world, only loony parents would send their children to a highschool that specializes with spy technology (as this path does not have a ton of career options or openings), but there’s always those rare few.

If this was a summer long spy camp, rather than a highschool, it would be more realistic. Now, I’m not sure if the government would allow such a camp to exist if participants were learning potentially illegal activity (like hacking), but a camp that’s more mild than that could definitely exist.

To make your story as realistic as possible, I’d suggest a mix of the above ideas.

5: We Don’t Know Yet

If you ask your local astronomy department what happened before the Big Bang they’ll simply tell you we don’t know yet, which is the truth. The fact of the matter is that our best telescopes can only see as far as light has traveled. We can see around fourteen billion light years away, or fourteen billion years into the past. We do know however that the universe is expanding at an extremely rapid rate and can determine that it’s actually hundreds of billions of light years wide. Even then, we can only really see about 4% of the universe and we refer to that as the Observable Universe. However, this still doesn’t explain what is outside of it, to hint at what may have been before it.

There are a few theories out there that maybe, just as we were wrong every time we thought we were the only planet, then star system, then galaxy, maybe outside our universe lie infinite others with different initial points, laws of physics, possibilities, and such. Maybe we’re part of a larger multiverse and just came to be like any other has come to be. Maybe there are even more layers than that. Maybe we’re just living within one dimension of reality and the scale of our existence in reference to others is as small as an atom is to ours. This does not diminish our significance, for a nuclear explosion often starts with one atom.

There is one idea that prevails. It’s supported by the all balance within the universe, that all the matter and antimatter align almost perfectly, all the positrons and electrons match, and just in general the neutrality that exists indicates that indeed, the universe may have just randomly sprung into existence out of nothing, and this nothingness has characteristics and can be experimented with. It’s called Absolute Zero, which is the lacking of temperature. It is when E=mc¬¬2 is equal to zero.

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41 washette please?

ghost/living person au, washette, I thought about this for too long and then it got REALLY LONG. 

George built the house, George still resides in the house, ergo George is still the legal owner of the house. It does not matter that he’s been dead two hundred years, the house is still his, and the living who dwell in it are just renters. He does not mind having tenants, it’s rather nice to see the living coming and going, but he does mind – very much in fact – when they try to change things about the house he built.

Whenever they try to do something foolish, like change the handsome wallpaper in the dining room, or redo the floors, George makes his displeasure known. Over the course of a few generations, he does that rather a lot, in fact. So much so that the house earns a reputation, and it sits for many years unoccupied save for George. The silence is reassuring at first, no hammers, no saws, but over the decades the house begins to fall into disrepair. Holes open up in the roof, windows break, and plaster falls away. It’s difficult to watch, and for the first time since his death, George begins to drift, to retreat.

George is very nearly gone when the front door creaks slowly open, and he is just waking up again when two men enter his old house.

“It is perfect!” says one of the men, with unbridled excitement as he steps through to the foyer. “Think of how much I can do here!”

It’s another renovator, George realizes unhappily. He stews in the corner of the room while the other man drones on about the house, describing its dimensions, its old world craftsmanship. George drifts closer to the younger man, the renovator, studying him as he looks all around the house in apparent ecstasy as he thinks of all that he’ll change. In another life, during life, George would have found him handsome. Very handsome.

“We must make an offer,” the young man says, interrupting the realtor. “I must get Du Ponceau in here right away.” Du Ponceau is a decorator, surely. He will tell the young man to change everything, rip out everything. George is not about to let that happen. He still has his tricks. 

He takes the direct approach, and reaches out and trails his fingers on the young man’s neck, and right away there is a violent shiver. “Ah! I just got a chill.”

The other  man blanches, “Oh well, as I’m sure you can imagine, Mr. du Motier, the house is rather drafty.”

But the young man, du Motier, is not bothered. “That was a chill of excitement surely. I’ve been looking for exactly this sort of house for ages.” 

George frowns, and looks around the room for something to tip over. As he’s looking du Motier continues speaking, “I cannot wait to restore this beautiful home.” George pauses, looking back at the young man and sees his face glowing at the thought of it. “Du Ponceau and I will get it looking just as it did during the revolutionary period. It’s going to be marvelous.” 

post  ten  characters  you’d  like  to  write,  have  written,  and  might  write ( again ).  tag  ten  people  to  do  the  same ( if  you  can’t  think  of  ten  characters,  write  down  however  many  you  can  ).  repost ! don’t  reblog !


Eirwen Surana, Hero of Ferelden, Dragon Age


Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones [I love her with all my heart but I suck at writing canons and don’t ship her with any of the common ships soooo]

Ghilan’nain, Evanuris, Dragon Age [She has little enough characterization that I feel I could write her effectively]

More OCS!!


Literally, and I mean literally, countless OCs. I have no idea how many I’ve made and written. Just… probably hundreds, tbh. I’ve been roleplaying for ten years, and it is not outrageous to think that some years I wrote more than ten OCs. 


I would have no problem bringing back a number of my OCs. For some samples, I’ve had a teenage boy who was created by a wish and was a pop music idol that fell in love with a super hot werewolf man, a fun and cheery woman who worked as a messenger in a massive fantasy world and accidentally seduced a very depressed king, and a sex-bot that was given sentience by her extremely cruel owner and sought revenge for her life of torture. I also have several Inquisitors and TES characters that would be a lot of fun. 

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