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Why the Rolling Stone's Fansplaining of Harry Styles Misses the Point
Saskia Postema, Contributor

It is safe to say that almost the entire world has recently been exposed to the solo debut of Harry Styles, member of the band One Direction. While he was not the first one to start up a solo project – Zayn Malik left the band in 2015 to pursue a solo career, whereas both Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson released solo material in 2016 – he was, perhaps after Zayn’s dramatic departure, the most hyped and anticipated artist out of the original bandmembers.

It’s been two weeks since Harry released his incredibly successful #1 debut single, Sign of the Times, which leads his self-titled LP that will hit stores on the 12th of May. Subsequently, critics have been quick to write their reviews, labeling the rock anthem as an epic song that establishes Harry as a credible artist. Part of the promotional roll-out of Harry’s debut seems to be centered around the cultivation of that notion: Harry Styles is to be seen as an authentic, honest, yet mysterious, credible musician. Given the fact that Rolling Stone profiles itself as the market-leading music magazine when it comes to crediting such artistry, it was to be expected that a profile and cover issue of Harry Styles would follow suit.

In a companion piece, Rolling Stone published a so-called ‘fansplaining’ column on their website – delving into the fanbase that has supported Harry Styles throughout the years, probably aimed at gauging their reaction to his debut. An interesting take, given the fact that the journalistic lens of Rolling Stone seems to focus mostly around discrediting the opinion of young women, particularly those who have been avid fans of the music that One Direction has put out in previous years, and who have supported Harry and his peers throughout that time. Aside from the fact that such an understanding of music is abhorrently misogynist, as it values the middle-aged white male’s opinion as somehow more legitimate than those of women (even when those women were able to recognize the artist’s talent years prior to those men who were blinded by their fragile masculinity), the article also failed to do what it intended: Explain what makes these fans so loyal to their idol.

There seems to be a deep-rooted misunderstanding of the relationship between fans and the artist they support, starting with the idea that all fans are the same. They are not. As such, many internal disagreement can exist within a fandom, while all maintaining the same admiration for the artist. It should be clear that fans are perhaps, aside from the artist themselves, the most critical of the output provided. People might find that contradictory, but I have found this to be true amongst many different groups of fans. It is similar to having a best friend that loves you unconditionally, but that will set you straight and call you out on your mistakes when you stumble. Fans are there to help the artist along, but that doesn’t mean they will not hesitate to analyze, criticize and educate their idol as well as their peers if they feel this is necessary. Such criticism stems from the expectations they have formed about said output products. Most fans will distinguish between music on the one hand, and image on the other hand. This is separate from the expectations and perception fans have from their idol’s personality. However, they will expect both music and image to reflect the personality of the artist – this is where the honesty comes into play.

For those who have been following One Direction’s career and musical development, the style of music chosen by Harry did not come as a surprise. In fact, while many reviewers seem to shy away from making the comparison, it seems that Harry’s music seems to progress most naturally out of the latest albums of One Direction. Songs like Walking in the Wind, If I Could Fly, or the slightly older Ready to Run and Where do Broken Hearts Go all reflect similar soft-rock vibes. It also fits the fans’ perception of what Harry’s personal taste in music is like, as he’s always hinted at big artists from the 70s and 80s as his big musical influences. His continuous rejection of explaining his lyricism is also consistent with the Harry fans have come to know and love over the years – he’s expressed many a times how much he values music as art. And art is interpreted by the person observing the artpiece, he likes that a song might give different people different perspectives, as long as it resonates, it’s enough.

This links back to image. In my view, many fans see Harry as fiercely protective of his private life. And with good reason, given how he had to grow up in the limelight – starting off on the X Factor, a reality show that is as much a storytelling drama series as it is a singing competition. However, this is also where there is a deep dissatisfaction amongst fans. Part of celebrity culture is providing the public with certain glimpses into your private life, and fans are quite ambivalent in their appreciation of this. On the one hand, fans want to see their idols be happy and have the opportunity to talk to them, or get to know them. On the other hand, fans recognize the flagrant violation of privacy in terms of stalkers, paparazzi and ‘inside sources’ speaking to the press.

In Harry’s case, this is where the dichotomy is most apparent. While he himself never speaks out about his private life or relationships, not even his friendships with other celebs such as Ed Sheeran, Alexa Chung or Nick Grimshaw; his private life has quite possibly been most speculated about and most prominent in tabloids out of all the One Direction members. Rolling Stone does an abysmal job at respecting the same mysteriousness they hail Harry for trying to uphold by filling in the blanks and pushing him to talk about relationships he’s chosen not to address in the past. Their leading title for their profile does not focus on the music, or him as a new solo artist, but rather on him ‘opening up about famous flings’. It is a common misconception that fans want to hear him say that he’s single, or want to know the ins and outs of who he beds. Rather, fans want to hear what makes Harry happy. They don’t want to marry him, they want to know if he’s hydrated and well loved by his family and friends – if he’s taken enough holidays and if there’s anything in particular he still wants to achieve or cross of his bucket list; that is if he has one. They want to hear him honour the fundamental friendships that underpin the appreciation and adoration fans carry for all One Direction members. They want to know what inspires him – not who. Does he order a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, or does he enjoy a Big Mac on cheat days? 

Similarly, many fans will find the sudden recognition by Rolling Stone and other acclaimed music reviewers to be bittersweet. While they will feel proud of Harry at seeing him succeed and get this approval, they also call it for what it is: a thinly-veiled rejection of One Direction and the Harry Styles prior to his solo debut. It is an honour to be hailed as the next David Bowie or Mick Jagger, but the line between inspiration and imitation is thin, which makes fans wary. What is more – the celebration of Harry’s apparent ‘new honesty and authenticity’ (again a rejection of his previous work) is rather awkward, when the reviews do not seem to provide Harry Styles with the room to be iconic as himself. They make sure to draw comparisons with a multitude of icons from the past, as if every choice he’s made has been infused with the mentality to emulate his predecessors. Fans want Harry to succeed by being true to who he is, and while his music gets recognition, it’s still not perceived as being something that is only fully Harry’s.Finally, it is important to not just address what fans expect from their idol, but also what they take away from them. In Rolling Stone, Harry Styles shared that what hurts him are fundamental issues that are lacking in today’s society – things like ‘equal rights, for everyone – all races, sexes, everything’. He’s a feminist, has been involved in the HeforShe campaign, and has expressed his support for LGBTQ+ as part of One Direction. He was frequently seen waving a rainbow flag in concerts, stated that ‘here at One Direction, we love love. Love is love,’ and has worn rainbow bracelets – most recently even a rainbow pin proudly fastened on his shirt. Moreover, he’s taken great care in answering questions about partners, favouring the word ‘spouse’ and always using gender-neutral pronouns. Harry is proud of the fact that he wears 26inch women’s skinny jeans, and continues to present himself as vulnerable in photoshoots, and to break gender norms by not shying away from the colour pink, silk and sheer, glitter boots, or wearing nailpolish. While some might not see the significance in this, these moves are incredibly powerful and can help people of all ages feel more accepted and comfortable with being who they are – it makes them feel normal and safe in a heteronormative world that is dominated by gender stereotypes. What is more, it reinforces their love and support for the artist, as they agree with their worldview – it’s a connection on a more fundamental level, that is not fueled by romantic love interest, or aesthetically pleasing faces and outfits.

Moreover, it inspires fans to change their views on society, and to extend the same charity and empathy as their idol does. In this respect, One Direction and its individual members have - unfortunately - been grossly underrated. Only recently did Steve Aoki note the incredibly power held by this fanbase in particular, calling the fans ‘an institution, like an army of bees’, recognizing how Louis Tomlinson’s fans were mainly responsible for his debut single’s smash success – creating and coordinating their own promotional campaigns, creating merchandise and posters, and requesting the song on radios. But this dedication does not limit itself to seeing their favourite artist succeed. Inspired by the great amount of charity work that One Direction has done itself, ranging from participating in Comic Relief and being patrons of numerous charities to Louis Tomlinson spending over 3 million pounds to organize a fundraiser in the form of a Princess Ball for ill children, the fans have bolstered this attitude to give to those in need and started charity drives in honour of the multiple members. The popular account 1DFansGive encourages fans to donate money to the charities that Harry and his peers are patrons of or have expressed their support for – with unparalleled, consistent success.

These positive aspects of the unique relationship between Harry Styles/1D and the fanbase are entirely lacking or even erased in media representation, which further fuels the dichotomy and love-hate relationship that fans have with media outlets. They stigmatize his fans as being teenage girls who fantasize about a relationship with him, and therefore are obsessed with his sex life – when this is frankly an insulting and gross overgeneralization. It is off-putting that fans are shamed for behavior they do not demonstrate, all the while the press engages in exactly that same behavior. It is not fans who force the idea of Harry Styles dating Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner down anyone’s throats – it’s the press. It is not fans that prioritize his romantic relationships over his musical abilities and interests – it’s the press. On the other hand – it’s not the press that makes an artist successful, it’s the fans. And most importantly, it’s not the press that annually raises thousands of dollars inspired by an artist’s activism - it’s the fans. And the press doesn’t even report it; not even when they attempt fansplaining.

My advice? Don’t try something if the verb is derived from a harmful, toxic, divisive, humiliating and belittling behaviour that takes away someone’s voice and agency. Fansplaining is just as appreciated by fans as mansplaining is by women - not at all.

Reading, like other types of art appreciation, is intensely personal. So what appeals to people is going to depend on who they are. It depends on what is happening in their life at any given moment. On what has happened to them over the course of their personal history and what makes them feel any number of things. The value of art, when it comes to being appreciated by the beholder makes the person consuming it part of that process. Failing to appreciate that integral part of the process is done at your own peril.
—  Laura Dane

get to know me meme: favorite tv shows [3/10] - fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood

↳ Alchemy is the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the law of equivalent exchange; the basis of all alchemy. In accordance to this law, there is a taboo among alchemists. Human transmutation is strictly forbidden. For what could equal the value of a human soul?

::: The scales of justice reside in Libra and her 7th house. Signs or planets positioned in the 7th house show the individual’s interpersonal skills and how they are inclined to implement social fairness, equilibrium and moral principles among the given public ::: 

Aries/mars in the 7th is a lawful fighting spirit; mars show what one fights for, where one’s energy is directed to with passion. These positions may battle and forcefully advocate for justice, protecting the weak-willed and dispirited. Could be found directly confronting and policing the wrongdoings of members of society.

Taurus/Venus in the 7th publicly supports preservation of aesthetic principles and may resist wrongful social injustices with forms of art or music. Conveys messages of appreciating all forms of beauty to the public, such as art, nature or encouraging self-love. Stresses the importance of values and resources, motivating the people to become smart about their money as to build stable foundations for themselves and the public.

Gemini/Mercury in the 7th  will urge people to speak up, because they are passionate about equal communication. Will be found as spokespersons for public causes, having primary concerns for education, literature, media, neighborhood well-being and other social exchanges that promote cultivation of the mind and connectivity with others.

Cancer/Moon in the 7th is inclined to serve as the protector of the masses. They are especially emotional about children, feminine, elderly and family ideologies and vow preservation of their rights. Can promote education about feminine principles such as through women studies, female sexuality, women psychology or pregnancy/motherhood. The mother of society.

Leo/Sun in the 7th believes everyone has a given birthright to make themselves known and validated, and so can battle for social justice of individuals in front of cameras or through public performance. This generates a charismatic spokesperson, journalist/writer or news reporter type of trend, where they use their creativity and inviting charm to engage and inform people on important issues. Advocates for self-expression of all forms as to validate identities of the public.  

Virgo/Mercury in the 7th believes in social purification and refinement and will critically question, analyze, and digest the flaws of the public in order to fix them. They are well-versed in organization through discriminating and picking apart facets of the public and then bringing them together in synthesization, a constant restructure. Believes society should always continue to improve itself. May also advocate for healthcare and mental/physical wellness. 

Libra/Venus in the 7th wants to bring attention to the importance of Union; the skill of relating to others as to view them impartially, and promoting equitable relationships/marriage. They appreciate and advocate any form of social awareness that emphasizes fairness and justice. The mediator of society. 

Scorpio/Pluto in the 7th holds severe convictions that can tear apart any corruption of morals that the public tries to keep secret. They become the social surgeon, dissecting and forcefully questioning the public as to bring attention to illicit and unlawful concepts and to reform social structure & punish accordingly. Also ones to advocate for sexual liberation and crime control. Wants to break society and build it up from the ashes. 

Sagittarius, Jupiter and the 9th house govern over spiritual & universal law referring to fundamental ethics and morals and so Jupiter/Sagittarius in the 7th makes for an individual who has strong intuition on “what is right and what is wrong.” They have an acute eye for justice on a cosmic scale and advocate for tolerance and acceptance, especially of culture, spirituality and religion. Could also advocate for nature and animal protection as well as promote college education and traveling as to expand the mind & learn the ways of other societies through experience.

Capricorn, Saturn and the 10th house govern legal law and authority, so Capricorn/Saturn in the 7th here could lay down karmic law with the totality of their firm, disciplined and severe influence, providing protection and structure of moral principles. They implement the importance of rules, respect, responsibility and Order and could serve the public as established mentors to convey these concepts. The backbone of society.

Aquarius/Uranus in the 7th urges justice and liberation of corrupt laws to build a progressive and equal future, conveying change as a good thing. Will often be found questioning authority and rules that don’t seem to make sense. Advocates Union with the universal collective; emphasizing community involvement & the importance of working together. Could advocate for technology and scientific advancement, as well as normalization and equal-rights for the “unconventional” and “outcasted” parts of the public. Brings awareness to the masses, genuinely believing everyone should be enlightened on social problems. The shock factor of society. 

Pisces/Neptune in the 7th is horrified by social injustices concerning the unfortunate, suffering, ill and forgotten parts of the public, creating a sensitive and universally empathetic soul that gives themselves emotionally to the collective. They resonate with others and genuinely have a dream to “save” society from adversities. Inclined to advocate for the protection and renewal of hospitals, prisons and asylums. 

i want to remind everyone that in literary analysis and film analysis, any analysis is valid as long as it uses all the information given

i want to remind everyone that content creator(s) sometimes don’t fully understand what they created. for example, jk rowling does not seem to realize she made draco malfoy inherently good in the end

i want to remind everyone that media, but especially art, is given value and meaning by the consumers. it can mean different things to different people and in fact that’s what i find most valuable about media. the best art does not give everyone the same emotions and thoughts.

so WE WERE RIGHT. we did not see stuff that wasn’t there just because the stuff we found wasn’t what the creators thought they were putting in.

#Force antis out of every fandom 2k17
  • You deserve to be safe, regardless of how you choose to ship fictional characters. Teenagers and young adults exploring their sexuality safely through art and writing should not be made afraid to do so.
  • Shippers (many of whom are minors) should not be suicide-baited, threatened, falsely accused of being "pedophiles", or had their lives genuinely placed in danger because of what they draw or write.
  • Antis need to stay out of fandom tags COMPLETELY if they're so inept in using the blocking and filtering features given to them. They have ALWAYS had the ability to AVOID what they don't wish to see. If they cannot take part in fandoms without harassing others, they do not belong in fandoms--PERIOD.
  • Antis should also not participate in fandoms where the creators themselves hold values they don't agree with. Antis are primarily the ones responsible for harassing the crew members (and families of crew members) for the shows they claim to enjoy. Antis have even gone so far now as to PHYSICALLY endanger others over fan art/fanfiction. That is NEVER, EVER OKAY.
  • It is the job of antis to look out for THEMSELVES, the same way it is the job of you or I to avoid the things in life that make US uncomfortable. I don't like deep, dark water--so I don't fucking scuba dive.
  • The time of "anti-shipping" is OVER.

Context: We were trapped in an ever-changing labyrinth run by a lich. I was desperate to escape since, being one of the few in my group who owned the Monster Manual, I knew we shouldn’t have survived this long. We just met some super shady Faerie Dragons, who were debating whether to help us escape or hinder us.

Faerie Dragons: We could help you, if we were given some sort of payment.

Me: What sort of payment?

Faerie Dragons: “Around 500 gp in art. We would also take gems, but they are of less value to us.”

Paladin: “I take out the art piece I got earlier. However, I also take out my silvered long sword and lay it down in a threatening manner.”

DM: “roll intimidation”

Paladin: “Wait what?”

DM: “roll intimidation”

Rolls extremely low

Faerie Dragons: “That art is well, worthless. That sword, however, would cover around a forth of the cost”

Paladin: “I don’t want to…”

Me: “My friend here would be more than happy to give up his sword”

Me (ooc): I take out the two gems I have

Me: “I would also be willing to give these two gems as payment”

Faerie Dragons: “Alright, those gems alone will cover the payment”

Paladin (ooc): “Alright so I won’t need to give up my sword”

DM: “The faerie Dragons swoop down and pick up the gems along with the sword”

Paladin (ooc): “What!?”

Faerie Dragons: “We’re taking the sword as a deposit. We will return it when you escape”

He hasn’t gotten it back yet, and none of us are sure he ever will.

(unrealistic) tendou satori headcanons, because i love and cherish him

  • hasn’t left his emo phase. he was probably born into it
  • tendou: [is mildly inconvenienced] tendou: “Had It Not Been For The Laws Of This Land, I Would Have Slaughtered You”
  • spectators: “nice kill satori!” tendou, mockingly: “nice kill satori”
  • has been benched for doing finger guns immediately after blocking an opponent’s spike
  • semi: [tries to hold tendou’s hand but comes into contact with something metal instead] tendou: “that me hook”
  • the one time he beat ushijima in a race it was because he changed the rules so you could only naruto run
  • tendou: “Alchemy: the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the law of equivalent exchange; the basis of all alchemy.” shirabu: “tendou wtf i just asked if i could have a bite of your food”
  • he’s the artist behind 50% of those fake pikachu hurt/comfort posts. the mimikyu fanart. u kno the ones
  • [on the sidelines during a match] tendou: “everybody get up it’s time to slam now, we got a real jam goin’ down, welcome to the space jam, here’s your chance do your dance at the space jam”
  • tendou: “they call me a monster for a reason” also tendou: “goshiki have you been eating enough? did you drink enough water today? how was class you know you can tell me anything-”
Emoji Asks ✨

I like some of the redesigned emojis, so decided to make one of these~ if you want, please send me some! 

🦊 - do you have a central truth or philosophy you try to live by? 

💃 - do you like to dance, or be active?

🥀 - what do you believe about love?

🍁 - what is your favorite season?

🌋 - are you the kind to suppress emotions, then have them boil over?

🔥 - what makes you passionate?

☄️ - how do you think the world will end?

🏵 - do you doodle designs on your things or skin?

🍉 - have you ever spit watermelon seeds at somebody?

💐 - do you try to ‘stop and smell the roses’?

🌓 - do you believe everybody has duality in their personality?

⚜️ - what would make the perfect day for you?

🤞 - do you have people that you’re close with?

🐉 - do you believe in astrology? If so, what does your sign say about you?

❄️ - if you could have powers over any element, which would it be?

💎 - what do you value? (maybe physical things, emotional things)

🦋 - if you could fly, where would you go?

🌊 - do you enjoy art? If so, what kind?

🌌 - if given the choice, would you go to live on Mars, or travel the universe?

🕊 - are you inclined to forgive people?

anonymous asked:

How much of ERBs Mars/Venus stories are in the Public Domain? Because I remember reading somewhere that only the first five John Carter stories are in the Public domain, while the rights to the other five and the character himself are held by ERB Inc. Which has some shady history to it, like the time they went after Dynamite press for publishing John Carter comic books.

It depends on where you are. Almost all the Tarzan and Barsoom books are in the public domain in Australia, since the Aussies have shorter copyright duration. That’s why I tell people to look things up on Project Gutenberg Australia first. 

Nothing has entered the public domain since 1998. The shrinking of the public domain due to increased duration for copyright is nothing short of criminal; it’s robbing the entire public of culture that should belong to all of us. 

To understand the situation with Tarzan and John Carter, you have to understand the difference between two different types of intellectual property, copyright and trademark. 

Copyright is: 

  • Given to artistic works in a fixed medium (art, fiction, novels, movies, etc.)
  • Is designed to expire, so that works can become common property of our cultural heritage. The goal of copyright law is to provide a thriving public domain, not the other way around.

  • Is automatic from the time something exists in a fixed form, so you don’t have to register it. 

  • There is no “use it or lose it,” you don’t lose it if you don’t enforce it strongly.

Trademark is: 

  • Given to symbols or slogans that have no value in and of themselves, only because they are associated with a company or brand, like the Nike swoosh or the Coca-Cola logo. Trademark is an issue of consumer protection; only actual Coca-Cola can call itself Coca-Cola. The goal of trademark law is to prevent consumer confusion.  
  • Does not protect the content of works, but only the title, and terms it can be sold with. 
  • Is not designed to expire (is perpetual) 

  • Requires registration

  • Can be lost if it isn’t enforced (this is why companies hate it when a brand becomes a word for something, like kleenex or xerox machine: it’s possible to lose the trademark if it is considered a generic term)

Let me be absolutely clear, here: The copyright on the first few Tarzan and John Carter of Mars books have expired, which means Tarzan and John Carter of Mars are in the public domain now and belong to all of us, as well as the situations, events, and concepts in the first few novels: Opar, La, Jane Porter, Dejah Thoris, the holy therns, the Green Men, etc.). For characters, copyright is fixed at the point of initial publication. This means anyone can write or create their own Tarzan or John Carter of Mars stories and use them for commercial purposes, even sell them. However, situations and characters introduced in the works still under copyright are still protected, which means you can’t use Queen Nemone and the City of Gold from Tarzan and the City of Gold, written in 1933 and still under copyright in the US and UK. 

However…because the terms Tarzan and John Carter are still trademarked, still owned by ERB, Inc, you can make your own Tarzan book (since it’s out of copyright), but you can’t call it Tarzan, since that would interfere with ERB, Inc’s trademark. That’s why the Dynamite comics initially went with “Lord of the Jungle” and “Warlord of Mars” (we know what they mean).

Now, here’s where it gets shady: trademark is used to create a kind of perpetual, permanent copyright…which was never the intention. The Dynamite suit was totally baseless (again, these characters are in the public domain), and it’s something you see often when dealing with older characters: “copyfraud.” Yes, I said fraud, and I mean fraud. It’s a racket: pretending characters that now belong to all of us are still under ownership, enforced by the threat of litigation. Buck Rogers, Fu Manchu, Tarzan and John Carter should all, at this point, be public domain. Thankfully, the tide is starting to turn, particularly after the suit against the Conan Doyle heirs that said their supposed continued ownership of Sherlock Holmes was copyfraud. 

no greater love

Jamie…how did things change from the King of Men, leading the Highlanders to battle against the English…

…to the broken man… the prisoner?

While living in the cave:

It dawned on Jamie quite suddenly that to the boys he must seem a most romantic figure. Living alone in a cave, emerging at dark to hunt, coming down out of the mist in the night, filthy and wild-haired, beard all in a fierce red sprout—yes, at their age, it likely seemed a glamorous adventure to be an outlaw and live hidden in the heather, in a dank, cramped cave. At fifteen and sixteen and ten, they had no notion of guilt or bitter loneliness, of the weight of a responsibility that could not be relieved by action.

Not sure about the photo of Jamie with LJG but may be when he was captured after escaping Ardsmuir. I think the 2nd photo may be just prior to him getting “caught” outside the cave. The green fields appear to be Lallybroch, so the image may be him gazing across the meadow towards the family home. Contrast this image to the “king of men” image from S2. Jamie’s tattered and torn coat reflects his tattered and torn heart. Just as he sent Claire away to protect her and their child, he continues to lay down his life for his family. When he was captured after he escaped from Ardsmuir and failed in his quest to find the gold to help his family, the depth of his despair and loneliness nearly overwhelmed him:

His fingers sought the rosary around his neck. His sister had given it to him when he left Lallybroch; the English had let him keep it, as the string of beechwood beads had no value.
“Hail Mary, full of grace,” he muttered, “blessed art thou amongst women.”
He hadn’t much hope. That wee yellow-haired fiend of a major had seen, damn his soul—he knew just how terrible the fetters had been.
“Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners…”  There were footsteps coming down the corridor outside. He clutched his knees harder, trying to quell the shivering. At least it would be decided now, either way.
“…pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death, amen.

Even in his suffering and grief, Jamie knew this truth: There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life…” (John 15:13)

Excerpts From: Diana Gabaldon, Voyager.

Art is born and takes hold wherever there is a timeless and insatiable longing for the spiritual, for the ideal: that longing which draws people to art. Modern art has taken the wrong turn in abandoning the search for the meaning of existence in order to affirm the value of the individual for his own sake. What purports to be art begins to looks like an eccentric occupation for suspect characters who maintain that any personalised action is of intrinsic value simply as a display of self-will. But in an artistic creation the personality does not assert itself it serves another, higher and communal idea. The artist is always the servant, and is perpetually trying to pay for the gift that has been given to him as if by a miracle. Modern man, however, does not want to make any sacrifice, even though true affirmation of the self can only be expressed in sacrifice. We are gradually forgetting about this, and at the same time, inevitably, losing all sense of human calling.
—  Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time

My friends and dear followers, may I be frank with you for a moment?

I considered something today. I value my character over potential careers. If i got an offer to do something big i think id challenge the offerer to take my card and see if theyre still interested in a year where im sure ive developed a selfless attitude on the gift i was given. I dont ever want to corrupt my blessing by using it for strictly personal ego stroking. Thats such a robbery to the one who gave me it. Im so guilty of wanting to be known for something, have popularity, favor. I do have favor, but its not given to me to use only for myself. My goal is to stop trying to be like the world when I’m clearly not of it in my very soul. I love art, but I love God more. Im not ashamed.

Hes the only constant in my life and the only one who ever stayed and loved me despite the absolute mess I was and still am.

You can unfollow me right now if this isnt your jam, but I strive to be more at peace with something greater than myself. That’s my life. And i fight my insecurities and evils everyday just to achieve this peace. I falter all the time (you may even visibly notice it through ny art posts and whutnot), but I’m trying my best. I cant hurt myself with failures. No one goes anywhere or does anything truely worthwhile when they do.

For those of you not familiar with me as much as others, im very transparent. Appologies if it offends, im just very real.🦊

AND I take grand care to love, respect and meet others where they are. Because someone awesome did that for me.

I hope this finds someone who needs it as much as i needed to write this to ground myself.

artist tip: if you see something like wallpart or payposter that has a LOT of stolen art on it, it’s a phishing site

sites like those tend to pull results from whatever you type in, and they WANT you to file a DMCA takedown on them because their form isn’t legit. its a scam to collect your information. once you fill out their phony DMCA form, you’ve given them all the information you want

avoid sites like that like the plague. dont bother with a DMCA. dont try to report or interact with the site directly. just warn others about what kind of site it is and tell them not to go on it

just. pls. dont take sites like that at face value. thats exactly what the scammers running these sites want from you. they want you to see stolen art, get angry, and try to get it taken down so they can steal your info. dont fall for it

obviously art theft is a huge issue, but LISTEN please look at everything before taking action

sites like redbubble, society6, deviantart, etc are legit websites that art theft occurs constantly on.

but if its something like wallpart/payposter its a phishing scam

some things of note that might help you identify these sites:

  • as ive noticed, most of these websites pretend to sell artwork on posters or prints specifically. you wont find many if any tshirts or mugs or whatever at all.
  • most (but not all) of the time, their “report”/DMCA form is more obvious than other options on the site. every website has their report functions, but these phishing websites tend to make theirs much more obvious and more easily found (which sucks bc most legit websites SHOULD make their takedowns easier to access) because they’re counting on you to find it, click it, and fill out that information
  • if the website appears to have most or all of your art on it, this is a good indicator as well. some of these sites have a search function that operates like a google search, which pulls the images from various sources depending on the keywords you put in the search. the art isn’t actually uploaded or hosted on the website, it’s being pulled from external sources.

be careful out there yall, i know art theft is a huge problem and its an even bigger problem that scammers are taking advantage of the theft issue and conning artists into giving away their info


(This is very long and basically I’m throwing most of my not-human OCs at your beautiful Elsewhere Uni and seeing what happens because I am addicted to Elsewhere University. Um, quick background based on the universe these guys are from - vampires are a lot like Fae in that they have a ‘true’ form except they start out as humans and then get infected with the vampire curse, werewolves are locked in a time-cycle that resets every full moon, witches have various specialties but can be Really Extremely Powerful (see Lady Stormcaller) and people with giant blood are immune to any and all magic.) Thank you for this, this is awesome, hope I didn’t muck anything up!)

They have an odd relationship with Elsewhere’s Court, a tense and uncertain kind of mutual respect. Places like the University attract people like the Dauntless crew, places where strange is normal and normal is strange, where the crows are too intelligent and superstitions aren’t so silly. Nobody can recall when they showed up, although a few of the professors do remember a time when the Crew wasn’t at the University.

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BTS xHarry Potter

So I will eventually be turning this into a full on AU, but until then I’m just gonna post the notes I’ve made up for the AU, so you guys can kinda get some context. I may also make a block b version of this post but don’t quote me on that…

*Obviously the world in these notes and in my AU are owned by JK.Rowling and not meXD*

Kim Seokjin-Pureblood

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Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Subject: Herbology

Pet: Rat

Jin is well known around the school for being a plant wizz; it’s been said he can make certain plants grow simply by talking to them. He feels he has a real connection to the Earth in general and believes all you need to coax a plant to life is patience, hard work, and a little dedication, which is why his favorite subject is Herbology. He hates Transfiguration, however, because “ It just seems useless.” He’s known as the peacemaker amongst his group of friends, always there to make sure the other boys don’t get too out of hand. His caring and gentle nature, as well as his value for honesty and hard work, is what got him into the Hogwarts house Hufflepuff. He also adores his pet rat and is constantly saving him from Namjoon’s cat.

Kim Namjoon-Pureblood

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Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Subject: History of Magic

Pet: Cat

Choosing a Hogwarts house for Namjoon was so easy, the Sorting Hat had barely touched the tips of his hair when it shouted “Ravenclaw!” loud and clear. He’s known amongst his friends as the “genius” of the group, but don’t expect him to help you cheat on your homework. The last thing he wants is to get in trouble. Despite his confident and witty exterior, he’s actually pretty shy and reserved on the inside, reveling in the moments where he is alone in the quiet library, surrounded by the comfort of many books. His friends often tease him for dubbing History of Magic his favorite subject, and the only reason he dislikes Potions is because of the horrible teacher that teaches it. The only thing that will really get Namjoon angry is treating him like a child, or like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Jeon Jungkook-Muggle Born

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Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Subject: Care of Magical Creatures

Plays Quidditch; Seeker

Pet: Owl

Jungkook’s friends were actually pretty surprised when he was put in the Hogwarts House Slytherin; however, that quickly changed when they saw just how much ambition the boy had, valuing all the hard work he put into everything he did. He has a passion for playing Quidditch and dreams of playing in the big leagues one day, often boring Namjoon with his constant talk of game strategies and his treasured broomstick. He has a secret love for animals that he tries to hide for the sake of keeping up his “delicate image,” and absolutely hates Herbology-much to the dismay of Jin. His cockiness can sometimes get him into trouble, but he somehow always makes it out in the end.

Jung Hoseok-Muggle Born

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Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Subject: Charms

Pet: Owl

Hoseok is a natural Hufflepuff, with his loyalty and determination. It takes a lot to make him angry, as he likes to give off a more positive aura most of the time. His favorite class is Charms (“since I am pretty charming already hehehe”) And he often gets in trouble for fooling around with one of his closest friends, Park Jimin, during History of Magic (“we can’t help it it’s such a boring subject!”). He often enjoys playing pranks on the other members of his friend group; the only one who can usually scare him off is Yoongi. He prefers Apparition to flying on broomsticks, because of his fear of heights and, though History of Magic is his least favorite subject, he also has a particular hatred for Defense Against the Dark Arts, because of the horrible creatures that are the subjects of the lessons.

Park Jimin-Pureblood

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Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Subject: Muggle Studies

Plays Quidditch; Chaser

Pet: Cat

Despite his height and demeanour-both of which he’s frequently teased for- Jimin is one of the bravest wizards in his friend group, always ready for a challenge. It was said that back when he was a first year Jimin marched right into the Forbidden Forest, just to prove all his bullies wrong, before emerging an hour later completely unharmed. His closest friends, however, know that in reality he just hid behind one of the trees toward the entrance for the hour and then waltzed back out, but their not gonna be the ones to tell the truth and face his wrath. Being a pureblood, his favorite subject is Muggle Studies; he’s constantly asking Jungkook about living with Muggles and how certain technologies they have work…when they’re not rambling on about Quidditch and their brooms of course.

Min Yoongi-Pureblood

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Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Plays Quidditch; Beater

Pet: Cat

Yoongi prides himself on his magical skill. The rest of the group were hesitant to trust him at first given his extensive knowledge of the dark arts, but Jungkook assured them that, as long as he liked you, he was completely harmless. Yoongi has no tolerance for most other members of the Slytherin house besides Jungkook, hating how they get everything handed to them and how most of them harbor an extreme hatred towards Muggle-Borns. Most people view him as intimidating and lazy, but in reality, he is very hard working and protective over the people he’s close to. He’s extremely blunt, and isn’t afraid to speak up when something bothers him; he values honesty over people’s feelings a majority of the time.

Kim Taehyung-Muggle Born

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Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Subject: Care of Magical Creatures

Pet: Toad

Most people call Taehyung “careless”; he prefers to call it “experimental.” On the surface, Taehyung appears to be a child-like wizard with an obsession with strange creatures, but in his brain hides a vast amount of knowledge and cunning. He’s never met a magical creature he hasn’t loved, despite how creepy they may look, and often hides them around the school and the Gryffindor common room to avoid getting in trouble. His sharp-witted and fearless disposition is both a blessing and a curse, getting him in sticky situations almost as much as getting him out of them.

My Requests Are Open!

DAY 3306

Jalsa, Mumbai                  April 16/17, 2017               Sun/Mon 12:28 am

I am silenced by the love and affection of the Ef .. for their tolerance and support despite many extenuating circumstances .. during these 9 years since I wrote my first DAY .. on April 17,  2008 !!

My gratitude is beyond words .. and you know that .. this bond this family that arose from nothing has given me the greatest joy .. and may it continue .. my endeavours shall never fall short .. and neither shall my love .. 

Namaste .. !!

Each passing day I see the affection translate itself into art visuals of immense aesthetic value .. the time and hours spent to create them must be all consuming .. yet you persist and you persist regularly .. this is rare .. 

I see all the efforts made each Sunday by the Ef in making my short and brief meeting enjoyable .. the replication of my roles the dress the mannerisms, the cards and paintings you make, the banners you project and so many more articles that you present to me .. I admire and try my best to make personal acknowledgement .. at times I succeed at times not .. when I do not it does not mean that you have been ignored or deliberately left behind .. the amount of work that goes into the process is so large that I would require a posse of workers with me to sort matters out .. I do not .. and I do not wish for them either .. if I did it would take away that personal attachment .. and that is not approved by me ..

Much of what you present me with is used by me personally .. some kept and stored in prominent locations .. but always near to me .. that is the warmth of, and your prayer for me .. that can never be too far away from my being ..

9 years is a long time for our association .. and I have never dared to look back to those times or days or years .. tomorrow is more important … and that is what I look forward to .. may it ever remain so ..

The Sunday meetings by the gate have become my reassurance of the love that comes to me .. it is standardised by references from other sources as a constant .. those that desire a document of me, refer to it as a valuable source they wish to capture .. apart from the personal documentation that occurs, R Balki has immortalised it in film .. this is most humbling .. and there are some more enterprising documentos that wish to bring it to life in their on coming efforts .. I cannot understand why .. but there we are ..

I think I shall retire and gloat in the standing of these 9 years .. in wonder and in gracious thanks .. 


Amitabh Bachchan

The Making of Artastic Part 1: The Why

Why Artastic Began

“Don’t become an artist. You’ll be poor.” A lot of would-be artists receive that advice in childhood. Why are some artists successful, and others not? And could that be different?

A large part of the problem is what they sell and how they sell it. Many artists don’t know how to sell themselves. Many are shy. Or they don’t sell things that scale effectively.

Artists Are Poor Because They Don’t Scale

One-time commissions are a common way for artists to make money, but they’re not sustainable. They can only sell once. Not only that, but artists tend to drive their own prices down. Many of them aren’t confident enough to charge more, so it’s hard for all artists to charge a lot. When I tried calculating my commission prices to reflect an hourly rate, it was less than working at McDonald’s. I know I wouldn’t be able to make a living with just commissions.

Things that you make once, but sell many times, are viable ways of making money. Like manga, anime, and games. Downloadables. Video courses. Art books. These bring value into people’s lives. Passion projects are worth creating.

Why Do Artists Let Their Passion Projects Die?

But many artists stop midway in a project. Had a manga half-written? What about a novel? School, work, or whatever gets in the way. Many of us give up at some point, losing interest in our passion projects – projects that may have become the next biggest hit, exciting millions across the globe, and given us some form of stable income. 

But it’s not impossible. Professional mangaka and companies do this every day. Why? It’s because they have the skills, motivation (monetary or otherwise), time, and the teamwork to do so.

Let’s say artists already have the skills. They do, it’s clear. Time? Maybe not as much as the pros, but it’s certainly not zero. Motivation probably waxes and wanes with the stress of school or work life. But teamwork is often nonexistent; many are solo creators. Lack of accountability makes it easier to let a project die quietly.

So what separates successful creators from less successful ones? It’s their ability to manage their projects. Isn’t that sad? That means a lot of really skilled artists are buried. 

Could a Company Empower Artists By Taking Over The Business Side?

Artastic was originally a business model experiment. Could popular artists bring enough attention to a product that featured undiscovered artists, such that new fans could find them? At the same time, it was an experiment to see if a team of artists with strong project management could successfully fund, create, market, and monetize a product that needed a fixed amount of time and effort to create.

It was an experiment testing how a company could help artists shine by taking over the business aspects of art. Like how a manager supports a movie star.

And that’s how Artastic the art book came to be.

Artastic wants to help undiscovered artists shine. Support our Kickstarter.

*Note: Most if not all of this is from my own experience since high school, selling anime art online and observing how it works. It may or may not apply to other kinds of art. Just a disclaimer. :)

Rebelcaptain Art Heist AU

Warning: Bullshit Art Criticism

She’d been staring at that painting for forty minutes. At least thats how long he assumed she had been; he’d been staring at her staring for around the same time. It’s what got his attention. He wondered how long did it take for impressionism to go from dots to a bigger picture to dots again, and settled onto the low, padded bench to ask her. 

As an art critic, he often felt like he was making it up as he went along. 

“Committing it to memory before someone punches it?”

She glanced at him over the rim of her glasses. “What?”

“The Monet. Another 8 Million Dollar painting with the canvas caved in. Are you appreciating this one before it’s gone?”

She adjusted her glasses and turned back towards the peaceful daytime scene. “I actually think the one in the Irish National Gallery looked better punched. The seams of the canvas are so straight, where the fabric was thin, you remember it’s just a thing in a frame that can be broken, that human hands made it and not some divine talent; because it’s just a thing and things can be destroyed.”

He tried not to roll his eyes. She drew her jacket primly around herself. It was warm in this room, but her gloves remained on. He scooted closer on the bench, hoping she wouldn’t notice. She did, but said nothing. 

“Surely you have to have an opinion about the violent destruction of art?”

The brunette beside him, as much as he wanted to pretend this was a casual, slightly glamorous hook-up between strangers at The Tate, snorted to herself, revealing to be very much the partner he’d had for years. She put on her best gallery owner voice; “I just think it prompts an interesting contradiction. We can’t violate art because it is sacred, but when it is violated, an exact price tag is attached, so it is worth a specific amount and not “priceless”, therefore, if it can be bought and valued, is it still sacred?”


They’d had arguments like this before, side by side on a bench in a famous art museum, any in the world, looking straight at the painting and not each other. It was like foreplay. 

While he was sometimes making up his art theory as he went along, she definitely was. He’d seen her insist a mustard stain on a stolen Vermeer was part of the painting, and nearly chipped the paint taking it off, prompting Bodhi to almost have a heart before he even got his tool kit open to restore it.

“You’re on an anti-capitalist stint,” he observed, staring at the calm blue waters ahead. 

She tilted her head, considering the piece from a slightly fresh angle. “Suffragettes would deface paintings. Women without male escorts were banned from the British museum because a woman attacked a painting with an axe. They smashed windows, disrupted operas, because they weren’t able to own any of these things, and they couldn’t be disillusioned by things, because they weren’t given the privilege to own them. What a statement. How do you appreciate the worth of things when their value is meaningless to you? An art piece making that exact statement could turn around and sell for millions of dollars, and then where are you? Violations of the terms of art are a deeply entrenched part of any rebellion.”

“Jyn,” he grumbled, barely moving his mouth so the words wouldn’t carry far. For her ears only. “We can’t steal it if it’s not worth anything.”

She sighed, agitated. “Yes, I know we’re stealing it, I’m just- let me appreciate the art first, okay?”

Proposal for the Usage of VOCALOID in US Colleges for Study and Educational Use

A piece I wrote for my final project in English composition in college. It’s a bit lengthy (1500+ words) but I am very proud of it. As a long-time VOCALOID fan and now a student at a US university, I wish to help spread awareness, interest, and love for everything VOCALOID in the United States during my years in college.

Paper under the ReadMore.

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