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Girls Night

Prompt: Maybe something in which the girls of the batfam can get some spotlight? And can you do one with batmom being related to harley or ivy and the batfam finding out
Requested by: justplaindontask and ANON

Fandom: DC

AN: for the second prompt I ended up making it Batsis. Hope that’s okay

    Girls night had become a tradition early one. Putting on a cute outfit, with great shoes, was a must when you spent most of your nights sweating in spandex and covered in grime. Your heels were higher than was practical, and you knew that ten minutes into dancing you’d be sliding  them off, but you were prepared for that. You had a pair of flats in your purse ready to go.

    You slip out of your room, and down to the garage. You start the car quietly and keep going. You pull in front of the restaurant and find your group already there. Stephanie is mid way through her third shot when you sit down, Barbara has a margarita in front of her, and Cass is sucking down a long island ice tea. They hoot as you walk up.

    Barbara smiles, “Now I know your dad didn’t see you leave the house in that dress.” You glance down at the black halter top dress. You smile and do a little shimmy.

    “He and the boys were in the cave, I slipped away unnoticed.” You order a martini, and an appetizer. And the chit chat starts. You cover everything from Dick’s freakout about Barbara’s latest mission, to Stephanie’s latest prank on Damian. You fill them in about school. Cass simply grins through the whole thing.

    When she nods towards the ladies approaching you, you raise an eyebrow in question. Your mother winks at you, and her friends sit down at the table. She kisses you cheek, “And how is my darling daughter?”

    You stare at Pamela. Your existence had come from a seduction gone wrong. She’d been out to use Bruce Wayne’s money to pressure people into giving into her commands. One plant based love potion later and you were created. She still claimed your father was one of the best men alive, even if she didn’t have a clue that he was the same man who stopped her every scheme.

But your mother had always claimed that you were the most precious thing in her life. Her greatest masterpiece. She’d managed to hide your existence for a while, to keep her nose clean. But the call was too much, and when she had gone back to Arkham, your father had been gifted with you. Supervised visits had been allowed. Little did she know, that you had inherited her powers minus the green skin.

You listen as she talks about her latest breakthroughs, while Selena makes eyes at a waiter, and Harley throws back shots like they’re going out of style. One look at Barbara tells you that she’s a bit uncomfortable with the situation, but she’s got your back.

You move onto the club, and make a show of dancing with your friends. Everything is going fine until a guy can’t take no for an answer. That’s when your mother turns into a mother bear. Before you can fully understand what’s happening there are plants all over the place, Harley is swinging her bat, and Selena has disappeared. A glance at Stephanie shows that the girl is oblivious, and still dancing on the bar. Cass is popping back peanuts, and Barbara is rubbing at her head.

You get out of the club before the police show up, and take a taxi home. When you arrive back at home your father and your brothers are waiting. One look at the news, has them all scrambling with questions, and leaves you with a headache. Sometimes girl’s night out was more trouble than it was worth.

I’ve been told by lots of antis that we shouldn’t sympathize with Kylo Ren because he had loving parents and was probably a very privileged child. I usually end up bringing up that, while that is all true, Snoke has been manipulating him since before he was born, and the antis are just like “Yeah but that still doesn’t change the fact that he chose the dark side. A lot of us had messed up childhoods and we didn’t become psychopaths.”

And I’m just like, GIRL. I don’t think you can compare human childhood trauma to a dark wizard fucking with you since you were a fetus. We’re talking about dark magic supernatural out of this world manipulation. It’s so wild that that would even be considered in the same ballpark. Kylo Ren is a murderer and an overall villainous little shit but come on. If any of us grew up in his position we’d be doing the same shit. (Not defending his wrong actions at all, but, look bitch, you’d be doing the same shit if Snoke was fucking with you like that.)

Not to mention, he fought Snokes’ temptations off for like 23 years! BITCH. That’s a long ass time. I know my weak ass would’ve been seduced by age 10.

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I feel like since I've started being more comfortable with my gender identity my sexuality has become more broad like I still prefer girls but there are also guys I'm into. Is that weird?


A HUGE amount of trans guys are actually pansexual or bisexual! That’s strikingly common! Many trans dudes who think they’re het or gay before they start transitioning or taking T (obviously not all trans guys use t I’m talking about the ones that do) find out they’re actually bi! It’s super super super common. I’ve known both a boy who thought he was gay but realized he was bi and a boy who thought he was het and realized he was bi.

It’s like, a phenomena.

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what's bravo ai stil about?

Some girls (skinny, pretty and slightly rich) compete for a TV career and money (first place) or a car (runner-up). 5 days per week they present their outfits and tell a story in order to explain why they are dressed like that. If at least 2 out of 3 members of the jury like the outfit, they get a star.
Each Saturday, they get a theme and they all have to impress the jury in order to get high scores (1-5 points). The girl with the highest score gets a crown (and sometimes a voucher or a perfume), as well as the girl who got the most stars during the week, unless her score is the lowest. The girl with the lowest score becomes the jury’s nominee for elimination. Another girl gets nominated by the other contestants (except the ones who got crowns, because they are protected) and out of the two nominees, the one voted the most by the audience gets saved and the other one is kicked out.
Long story short: it’s the dress up version of that bachelor tv show.

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Hello, how are you today? I was wondering, how would I protray a mute person's and a blind person's friendship? I know how they became friends and all, but how would their relationship grow?

Seems like touch would be primary mode of communication (unless they both learned morse code)

There’s actually a cool game called Unspokin out from an indie studio that’s about a mute girl and a blind bear becoming friends, might give you some inspiration/ideas!

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ive been following both shows ever since their early days and this whole thing with S/U reminds me of M/LP. many MANY fans were bullied out of the fandom for critizing MLP for it's drop in quality in s3 and the ratings significantly dropped and still are dropping to this day with the remaining fans pretending everything's fine.

I honestly adored that show right until season 3 funnily enough when Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn (damn was I mad that whole normal girl becomes a princess cliche uwu I just didnt like the idea of her changing from a normal girl who saves the world to some immortal demi-god in a sense. WHY DOES SHE BECOME A PRINCESS I try not to throw this term around a lot but I dont care imma say it! Mary-sue! *calm down fixit..*  man I can go on forever on how mad I was and still am! I hope I made sense there) also I never really liked Twilight Sparkle that much anyway Its not that I hated her or anything I just thought she was kinda.. boring compared to the rest my girls were Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash no offence to any Twilight Sparkle fans all my best episodes were without Twilight.. at least MLP can do something right and not have everything in Twilights perspective to the point she is not in every damn episode.


Id also get mad if SU ends with Steven coming a full gem because I am really not a fan of the idea of the MC becoming a different stronger being like its mega cliche.. I hope you get what I mean.Stevens most interesting feature is him being half human and half gem dont change that please..

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Top 5 favourite tropes?

hmmmmm uhhh so broad what even is a trope i’ll just narrow it down to top anime tropes

1. using first names for the first time at dramatic moments/spending entire episodes struggling with calling someone by their first name

2. Sudden bizarre style changes/facial expressions especially when everything turns super shoujo out of nowhere



5. cheerful characters giving intimidating characters aggressively cutesy nicknames, especially if they do this because they were childhood friends with said character/ characters saying each other’s full name dramatically

But okay here are so general tropes:

parental substitute, cooldown hug, “no badass to his valet”, redemption arcs, back to back badasses

People really need to get the fuck over themselves.
If two girls want to love and marry  each other- leave them alone. They are happy.
If two boys want to love and marry each other- leave them alone. They are happy.
If a girl wants to become a boy- leave them alone. They are happy.
If a boy wants to become a girl- leave them alone. They are happy.
Being a lesbian, being gay, being transgender, bisexual, asexual, demisexual, polysexual, being queer- There is nothing wrong with you. Embrace who you are, because who you are is fucking amazing. You do not have a disease, you do not need to hide who you are, my darlings. You don’t have to come out, but please, don’t be ashamed of the wonderful person that you are.
Fly your flag proudly, my darlings.
                                                                     You will feel so free once you do.


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