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Does anyone else really like to just keep their headphones on? Not even with music. Just because it feels nice. It blocks out some noise but not all. I don't like the ear buds cause they hurt my ears but the big over the head ones. I've had mine for years and it's showing it's age haha!

Yup, but earbuds for me as well ! Sometimes I sleep with earbuds just so I can block out some noise :)

- Sister Cat

don’t try to derail the conversation about how homophobic yaoi is by acting like calling out straight women is somehow misogynistic. it is not misogynistic to tell you to not fetishize mlm. it is not misogynistic to tell you to not objectify mlm or sexualize the abuse they go through. stop trying to avoid the topic and sidestep the blame. straight people are homophobic, and that includes straight women. it’s not anti feminist to call you out on your bullshit.

my mom doesn’t even let me watch kissing scenes on movies/dramas even if it’s just a peck

i’m a hundred percent sure she’ll disown me if she finds out that “smut” is not an abbreviation for “something”  (don’t ask me how i made up that excuse)

Did I mention how much I absolutely adore @rainbow-taishi‘s web-browser personifications❓❓  😍
I also love how Internet Explorer is essentially older than Google Chrome, making him his SENPAI~ ✨

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Reading yaoi does not make you an ally to the LGBT+ community in any way. Furthermore, assigning the "seme (top, dominant, masculine)" and "uke (bottom, submissive, feminine)" roles to gay men in fiction--and sometimes real life--is blatantly heteronormative. However, heterosexual girls and women producing and consuming LGBT+ content because they enjoy the dynamic between two characters rather than fetishizing them and describing the production/consumption as "sin" is perfectly acceptable and doesn't make you a homophobic dumpster fire.