for a friend who reminded me

One Direction is my constant reminder that the best things in life are worth working for. This fandom seems like a constant fight sometimes, and I have never been disappointed like one direction had disappointed me, but I have also had some of the best moments of my life thanks to this band. I have gone on amazing trips, had the opportunity to speak to incredible people, made friends who I truly cherish, and found inspiration in my/ their/ our fight for the good moments. Thank you One Direction. Sometimes I wish I could quit you, but I can’t imagine my life without you.

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Ugh! Okay, so, to the anon who sent in the plus size avenger imagine- "You're gonna kill me one day with these thighs," reminds of my girlfriend. A beautiful plus size woman with probably the most perfect legs I have ever seen! They are perfection!And because of you I'm stuck on thinking about them and I can't concentrate. It's been like 10 min and I'm just thinking about my girlfriends thighs. Not that I don't want to, but I got shit to do soon, friend. You can't do a girl like this.

This is fucking adorable????

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that (the dream daddy is misogynistic shit) reminds me of a friend of mine who insisted that not all things that pass the bechdel test are feminist but all that fail it are antifeminist and i'm like, maybe consider that there are stories to be told about marginalized people who aren't women lmao?

The bechdel test was designed for /lesbian women/ and yet it gets put to use to be homophobic. Oh the irony

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I just wanted to thank for bringing the two loves of my life together (BERENA and bake off) and I need to thank whoever or whatever gave you the idea to write it because it's the most incredible fanfic I've ever read, I love the way you write it and all of your other fan fictions, your style of writing is amazing and I just want to thank you on behalf of me and my best friend because you literally made our lives complete 😝🖤

wow thank you so much for this message!!!

I’ve been stressing a lot with getting the next chapter up because driving 24 hrs in a weekend, a bday party, helping my brother and his wife and child move houses, and two midterms next week hasn’t been conducive to writing/editing. Thanks so much for giving me a little reminder of why I do this ♥

(also the idea was mine but mad props to @janetfraiser and @kitscaboodle who were like ‘yesssss do ittttt’ whenn i told them abt it cause they the real mvps)

14 People! My Gish Team is now 14 people strong! Now if the last couple folks would get off the fence and let me know if they were in or not…

i literally have no idea at this point who the last person is going to be. there are 3 options. 2 just got asked recently by another member if they were interested and the last has been saying she’s in for 3 months. I keep reminding her but…2 days…there’s 2 days left. 

But 14 people! Better than last year - i only managed half a team last year and got merged with other folks. we had fun though, so thats good :D

wait…wait…this just in….the 15th member is supposedly signing up RIGHT NOW…..(not my friend who’s been telling me she’s in for 3 months, one of hte NEW people!)

to those who care too much about what others think around them:
you’ll never see these people again. they’re just extras in your own movie unless you decide to make one of them another main character in your life. YOU control this. so whatever they’re thinking is irrelevant because you’re the main character, these people do NOT matter. fuck em.

we all had that one friend who wasn’t allowed to read books because of their devil religion amiright

the signs as sweet things I wanna say to the people in my life
  • aries: you always manage to put a smile on the faces of those around you.
  • taurus: you always know exactly how to say things to warm people's hearts.
  • gemini: you are very beautiful and funny, please don't forget that.
  • cancer: you have this wonderful ability to make people feel better about anything after one conversation.
  • leo: you manage to shine a light on the good in the world, even when you're engulfed in the darkness.
  • virgo: you give so much love to everyone in your life, it seems at times that there is infinite love in your heart.
  • libra: you have this charming sense of humor that captures the attention of every person you meet.
  • scorpio: you care so deeply and so fully about so many things, and trust me when I say that it isn't unnoticed.
  • sagittarius: you remind the people around you of the love and laughter and fun in life when they lose sight of it.
  • capricorn: you give the best advice, and people should listen to you more often than they do.
  • aquarius: you are very loyal, a close friend could tell you that they killed someone and you'd offer to dig the grave.
  • pisces: you are, above all, a beautifully fierce friend who would die for those you love.
ikke snakk til meg
  • we open with sana reciting this surah, which i see as an effort from sana to try and regain focus on her faith (but you should ask the muslims in the fandom <3)
  • very violent online abuse flashes before her eyes, apparently from when she was in middle school (here’s a detailing of the abuse)
  • once again, sana’s prayer is interrupted (it’s always interrupted either by an external character, or by her own thoughts…at the end of the series we’ll see her pray uninterrupted and it will be gorgeous)
  • we get this beautiful shot of literal and metaphorical self reflection. sana is broken after the latest events and she is now trying to pick herself back up (so, of course, she tries to go back to the beginning: the sana we first saw on the show, before it all started)
  • adding the above piece of art for reasons (like to charge/reblog to cast)
  • we’ve seen sana wear very loose hijabs this season, i remember people commenting on it. here, she tightens the fabric around her neck. i see it as her trying to protect herself. she needs all the extra strength she can get. all the extra fabric between her and the world.
  • she tries to reach out for the only friend (we know of) she could have left: jamilla. but we see they never got closure on the “sharmutta incident” and, when sana scrolls up, she is reminded of how much her and jamilla differ from one another. and she gives up.
  • quick note: i am not too happy too see jamilla painted as this hating muslimah but i’ll wait until the end of the series. her comment “i was just trying to protect you” reminds me a lot of sonja, who i hated really badly when she confronted isak during the hotel scene. but who redeemed herself and explained her behaviour in the end.
  • we see their last messages are from january 2016, so just after season 1 if i’m not mistaken? the tension started then and that’s probably why sana and her were already at war during season 2.
  • anyone knows what game the norwegians are playing at the school? it looks like a dance of some sorts: the way they’re placed and the couple is running in between the two groups…
  • isak is wearing a dandelion. from twitter: løvetannbarn (dandelion child) means person that has survived almost impossible upbringing.
  • this time, the lyrics are so on the nose even the beautiful subbers decided to translate some of them: an even song. to me, reminiscent of all the rumours spread about him paralleling the rumours spread about sana right now.
  • we see the pictures from the teaser: isak’s eye, sara (same jacket), noora…
    we’re missing the brown hair with a hand ruffling them and the carrot munching (but i feel like the carrot bit was more symbolic than anything)
  • sana is back to the beginning (see above) except, this time, it’s reversed: she’s not joining the girl squad and the russbuss. she’s leaving both.
  • liar liar pants on fire
  • and she’s not trying to show, like in her first clip where she sassed vilde and told her being a russ was punished by stoning, that she can and will become a russ. she’s instead using her faith as a reason for why she doesn’t want to be a russ. very flippening, much reversal.
  • sana goes to class and…
  • the book is open on a page about dandelions.
  • which brings me to the symbolism of the dandelion. according to google, dandelion translates to “dent de lion” in french which means “lion’s tooth” (i can vouch for that), summoning the symbolic meaning of lions: courage, pride, family (connection/communication). the dandelion is also a sun symbol (#sanasol).
  • we get this exchange that i LOVE but that, unfortunately, is getting misunderstood: sana and isak are awkward around each other but both really want to talk to each other. sana, after looking at isak’s very obvious blackeye, glances at the dandelion in his hair. isak scoffs and takes it off.
    you can’t take a black eye off. you can’t get rid of that barrier between two people. but you can take a flower off. i feel like the flower, here, is a perfect way for them to (in the sweetest way) break the ice. our attention is briefly redirected from the (devastating) black eye to the (hopeful) flower and, for a moment, everything is OK.

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Good Things™ in The Lightning Thief cast recording
  • “yEah, the gods are real [BEAT] and they have kids [BEAT] and those kids have isSUESSSSSSS”
  • “look….. I didn’t wanna be a halfblood” (!!!)
  • “but my life? HMM
  • when grover just straight up baas and then pretends that nothing happened
  • “she threw a peanut butter sandwich at you. I blocked it, with my head”
  • “………that’s dedicated for a substitute”
  • just all the blue food references in Strong
  • “oh look, a strange man in a Hawaiian shirt”
  • “you drool when you sleep” (!!!)
  • “for me, not for you, yOU’D BE DEAD”
  • “who am I to give relationship advice I’m literally the god of alcohol”
  • “another terrible daaaaaay” “MR BRUNNER” “at camp half blood-” “YOU’RE A HORSE” “where everythiiiing’s the worst” “WHAT IS HAPPENING”
  • “I need a drink”
  • “welcome to the dysfunctional family”
  • “it’s gonna be bloody murder she wrote
  • “you know what to do.” “yup. hide in a tree!”
  • grover crying in the background after he sings about pan
  • “my father is kronos…….. remember my lecture he ate he his children” …. “chiron wins”
  • everyone’s singing about how shitty their parents are and percy just starts singing about how much he loves his mum
  • actual chills as the oracle sings the prophecy
  • ALL of Good Kid
  • “I’ll be the first” “aND I’LL BE THE SECOND FIRST!!!”
  • every time Annabeth says seaweed brain
  • “demon triplet math teachers”
  • “all our food was in there all our clothes were in there aLL OUR FOOD WAS IN THERE”
  • “I don’t wanna die in the Garden State!”
  • Grover talking to the squirrel
  • “that seems kinda,, nuts” ……….. “you hurt his feelings”
  • “aww is that a chihuahua?” “IT’S A CHIMERA”
  • all of The Tree on The Hill holy shit
  • “maybe doesn’t let me go back and save her”
  • “it’s there reminding me of all I failed to be”
  • “do you have any josh groban?” “we will,, eventually”
  • “who has two turntables and three sick heads??? everybody give it up for DJ CERBERUS!”
  • “plus a half-goat with a great goatee!”
  • “you’re the two best friends this screw-up’s ever had”
  • every time Mr D gets Percy’s name wrong
  • the moment in Last Day of Summer that Percy realises Luke betrayed him
  • “don’t feel bad bc I’m usually about to die”

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those are not his eyebrows those are his antenna-i i cant,i canrt finish this im sorry

someone get the bug spray

Tabi being tickled 😂
🔗 dynotabi

Now comes the end of another wonderful day.
It’s time to reflect on how many beautiful things that are present in our lives.

I would love to know what YOU are grateful for.

What blessings it is that you have in your life.

If you’d like, reblog this post, and share with me a couple of things that you are currently thankful for. I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Have a good night, and may your day tomorrow be filled with adventure and beauty.

For the book that rescued me from a long and painful period of writer’s block, reminded me what I love about the work, and taught me how to find my way back to it when I’m lost.

For all the lovely people I’ve met and friends I’ve made because of it.

And for the boys who are so real to us that they feel like a part of us. 💙💛

Thank you @rainbowrowell and thank you snowflakes!! You make my world a better place with your unfailing kindness.❤️❤️

Shoutout to all the people who get manipulated and gaslighted to believe that they are toxic people, but you’re not and you’re kind and I hope you realise that, it’s not you, it’s your manipulator who’s the toxic one.

This isn’t who you are, you know who you are. And just remember that it’s their stuff being projected onto you.