for a fistful of dynamite


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Jae Lee

American Spirit / Esprit Américain, Black Terror / La Terreur and / et Woman in Red / Fille en Rouge

Namor and / et Atlante

Hawkeye / Oeil de Faucon and / et Black Widow / Veuve Noire

Iron Fist

Psylocke and / et Wolverine / Serval

Young Miracleman, Miracleman and / et Kid Miracleman

Weapon Omega / Arme Omega, Emma Frost, Namor, Daken, Dagger / Epée, Cloak / Cape and / et Mimic

Colossus and / et Wolverine / Serval

Wolverine / Serval

Batman, Superman and / et Catwoman

you only loved her as a convenience fuck, only wanted her beside you when your ticket was up, only kissed her when you were good and drunk

she would have swallowed the sun to make you warm enough. she was nothing but love. she was nothing but love.

you couldn’t treat her right. something about you was boiling inside. somewhere between the whiskey and the broken dreams, you’d turned into lava. people like you don’t deserve good girls with their open hearts and hair that smells like flowers. people like you melt others down into molten rock. you felt fists fly from your mouth but you couldn’t stop. you were dynamite ready to go off. you were an explosion. she was not.

she asked you to kiss her gently sometimes, to say her name nicer, to make her feel wanted. she asked you to stop waiting to love her until she was naked. she turned gentle for you, caring. she asked you so little and gave you everything.

you told her not to clutch your shirts so tightly, she was creasing them all wrong

in the morning you discovered that your shirts were ironed and that she was long gone.

—  bet you wish you had kept her now, huh? // r.i.d

cry ‘til my bodyaches

if there’s any love in me, don’t let it show / if there’s any love in me, don’t let it grow

a maya x lucas fanmix 

begin - ben lee you - the pretty reckless candles - daughter shape of my heart - noah and the whale elements - a fine frenzy bedroom hymns - florence + the machine the truth - david cook got dynamite - demi lovato kiss with a fist - florence + the machine down - jason walker mirror - ellie goulding strangeness and charm - florence + the machine bodyache - purity ring hide and seek - imogen heap liar, liar - a fine frenzy portions for foxes - rilo kiley the perfect drug - nine inch nails remain nameless  - florence + the machine btsk - ms mr let me fall for you - david cook true love - p!nk (+ bonus song)

art by farklemiinkus