for a different kind of feel


I feel like Draco is the kind of person who would beat around the bush ridiculously when they’re nervous. Harry probably had to ask him out because Draco literally would just ramble until he was so red he’d just start insulting Harry in embarrassment and then flee. Poor guy. 

Also a note on the genderfluid portrayal, I myself am genderfluid and that’s just how it feels to me. Everyone’s experience is difference and I’m not claiming this is the exact way it is.


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hello!!! I'm a muslim, and I would like to apologize on the behalf of all my fellow muslims who are transphobic. I've been taught to respect someone no matter what, and so, I'm quite horrified when I read the hateful things some of them have said :( I'd be grateful if you please could accept our apologies?( or am i making things worse right now?? sorry)

you have nothing to apologize for, Anon! these people don’t represent your faith, and they have not given me a different opinion on Islam at all -  i know that it is a religion of peace and love. you should not feel as though you have to apologise because of people warping your religion to be something it is, but i really appreciate the kind words anyway. thank you for this message.

Clay’s twin who likes Jeff headcanon

Request - “ Could you write some headcanons for being Clay’s twin and being the exact opoosiote of him, while also having a crush on Jeff?”

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  • So while Clay got the brains, you got the brawn
  • You were definitely still smart, but far more sporty than Clay
  • Clay is very introverted, whereas you’re outgoing
  • He always likes to remind you that he’s older by like 10 minutes
  • He thinks it gives him some kind of authority
  • But you could beat him in any fight
  • You always ate all his food
  • Clay was the dream child whereas your parents had a much harder time controlling you
  • You laughed so hard the first time he got drunk
  • But he managed to get back at you by vomiting in your best shoes
  • Aside from the looks, people are surprised to discover that you’re twins since you’re so different
  • You once hid all his Lord Of The Rings copies in your underwear drawer and he cried for three days straight
  • You started to feel a bit bad when you heard him mumbling the words to himself
  • “A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins…”
  • Arguing about who uses the bathroom first in the morning
  • He draws you little comics with “Super Y/N” and leaves them under your door when you’re having a bad day
  • He gets really worried when you go to parties, and texts you hourly to make sure you’re okay
  • Laughing at him when you see him in Gym
  • Teasing Clay about liking Hannah but him never being able to tease you about Jeff because he could never tell if you were genuine
  • Despite being friendly with Jeff and the rest of the group, you never really noticed how much you liked Jeff until he was studying at your house one night
  • “Uh so you remember I said I was tutoring Jeff tonight…”
  • “No, but Hel-lo ;)”
  • “Oh God.”
  • Jeff finds your advances funny, since he never actually thinks his best friend’s gorgeous twin would mean it
  • He loves Clay so much and would never dream to ruin that by making a move on you
  • But he really wants to
  • He’ll stop by your job at the animal shelter just to see you and the adorable puppies
  • Clay would be surprised when he found out
  • “Jeff, why do you visit the shelter so much?”
  • “I-uh-”
  • “Do you like my sister?”
  • After finding out, Clay would do his best to get you two together because you’re his two favourite people in the world.
  • One day when you got sad after seeing Jeff with a girl, Clay hinted that Jeff liked you in “Super Y/N”
  • “What do you mean here Clay?”
  • “It’s vague…”
  • “I noticed that.”
  • “Wait Clay come back!”
  • The next time Jeff comes over you sit in the chair near them, and you two can’t stop making googly eyes at each-other
  • “Can you two just make out already?”
  • When you finally get together, Clay being the proudest brother in the world
  • Dates at the Crestmont using Clay’s discount
  • Hanging out all together and just loving each-other

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list of PDA shawn would do


I’ve only day/night dream about that almost everyday…so let’s get into it shall we?

  • Honestly I feel Shawn would be they type of guy that has different sides to his PDA’s.
  • You know there like the cute side, the reserved side, but then you also got that sneaky side (if you know what I mean, but I won’t even get into that because that’s just too much lol).

Cute Side: (In public, but kind of forget the public exists)

  • I mean, I always imagined him to be the type of guy that will constantly hold your hand just because of how it fits so perfectly in his no matter how big or tiny yours are.
  • Seriously, like if both of you were on a broken door in the middle of the freezing Atlantic Ocean, and you told him not to let go, he wouldn’t…ever. His hand would forever me frozen and interlocked with yours.
  • I also think he’d like wrap one of his large arms around your waist or rest then your shoulder. Just cause he likes to have you in his arms, and low key shows him saying “Yeah that’s my girl.”
  • Constantly twirling your hair.
  • Subtle Eskimo kisses…ARE. A. MUST. 
  • The constant back rubbing, or thigh rubbing (in a comforting way, not so much sexual).
  • The eye to eye glances and smiles that just shows “I love you.”

Reserved Side:

  • I feel like the reserved PDA usually happens when your with family members from either side, interviews, etc 
  • Shawn likes to be a gentleman and not show as much PDA as he would when you’re on a date or out in the open without a care in the world.
  • So his hands would slightly brush your hands or fingers would slightly brush yours.
  • Sometimes under the dinner table he’d find your hands and hold them there.
  • Definitely would steal a kiss or two when no one’s watching.

Okay this became a longer list than I thought it would be, but like come onnn this…I just,,,, Gahhhh!!

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what do you love the most about vauseman as a couple?

well god where do I even start.

I guess, thinking about it, one of my favorite things about them is that they’re really messy? they’re just… flawed… & I really like that a lot? like both as individual characters & as a couple. I like that they started in one place & ended up somewhere so different. I like that their love has been presented as both selfish & selfless. I like that it’s been presented through this threading of interwoven intense love & intense hatred. I like that… they’re allowed to be shown in a way that can come off as toxic at first glance but is actually fueled by something so much deeper when you strip all the petty shallow layers away?

I think honestly one of the reasons they’ve kept my attention so long is the journey their relationship & character arcs have gone on? I like that they started out as like… these two stupid kids. I love cocky Alex who thought she was untouchable, & I love naive Piper who just couldn’t see the danger in their world because she was so blinded by Alex. & I love that their relationship imploded because of that. I love that they honestly kind of HAD to separate from each other in order to be able to become people who could be together. & I love that they were always at the back of each other’s minds as they were becoming these new people. like, despite the fact that the breakup was messy & they both sort of acknowledged they’d never really see each other again, they also never really… let go of it? I love that they never falter on the fact that they’re the love of each other’s lives. I love that Alex can sit in a bar how many years later & still confess to loving Piper, & I love that Piper can sit in a courtroom how many years later & still acknowledge Alex as the love of her life. & I love the people they became BECAUSE of all this.

I just like that they’ve come so far? I like getting to see so many different sides of them. again both as a couple & as individual characters. & while I was definitely more into their darker shit in the first few seasons than I am into their domestic fluff in these later seasons, I do still love the domestic shit, even if it’s not as interesting to me. I’m like… beyond thrilled about the marriage proposal. I’ve always sort of gone back & forth on if they’d ever go there, but I definitely never thought it’d be something we’d actually get to see on the show. I just. I love how much their relationship has evolved while all (or mostly. because. season three.) feeling so… natural? & like… good. I love that they can present the relationship to us one way one season & then completely flip in on it’s head in the next, or completely swap Piper & Alex’s roles in it around in the next. idk. I just think it’s really well written. it’s not the sort of relationship you get to see a lot on tv, & it’s ESPECIALLY not the kind of relationship (or characterization) you get to see between women on tv. like say what you will about orange, or vauseman, or piper & alex individually, but we are so lucky to have female wlw characters like them. THAT’S what I like about them. they’re imperfect. & they’re a mess. & it’s something that’s so rare to see in this capacity. & I’m just so grateful for & enamored by it??

Some kind of drug

Summary: Bucky is a perfect example of a fuckboy but after you become friends with benefits, he starts feeling something he has never felt before. 

Word count: 2515

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: mentions of sexy times (nothing too graphic), language probably

A/N: This is inspired by G-Eazy’s song “Some kind of drug” and the relationship between Eva and Chris from norwegian show “Skam” (I highly recommend you to watch it!), more specifically the ‘P-Chris’ clip from last week. Although they weren’t endgame, I still love them. Excuse any kind of mistakes, English is not my first language. This is a little bit different but I hope you guys enjoy! 

Feedback is welcomed!

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Wake up this morning. I’m shaking, I can’t be still, girl

Too many images running through my mind

Soon as I hit it, I can’t get it out of my system

Even my brother—he asked me, “What you on?”


He stirred a little in his sleep, some memories from the night before playing in his mind like an illusion. Did it really happen? He wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not, but after some tossing and turning, his hand patted the other side of the bed. Empty. His eyes opened, at first slowly, blinking at the amount of light in the room, just to violently notice tossed white sheets and a piece of paper on the pillow.

Sleep well xx

So it happened. He would recognize that handwriting even in his hungover and not fully awake state. You, Y/N Y/L/N, had slept with James Buchanan Barnes the night before. It had happened. And why was it such a big deal for him? Because you were best friends ever since he had joined the team.

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Fact #715: There are labels for attractions specifically for certain genders; there are labels for men who feel a certain kind of attraction and there’s a different label for women who feel the same attraction. But these labels rarely extend to nonbinary people, let alone specific nonbinary genders. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to have those kinds of labels, though. If you don’t feel comfortable with any of the current available labels regarding attraction, you can create a new one. If you want a label that specifically means “a genderqueer non-aligned person attracted only to men”, for example, you can create that. You are allowed to create that.

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Why is Yixing your bias?

Oh man where do I like…even start. I feel like, when I was first getting into Exo, they had Peak energy and very loud personalities, and I’m a sleepy person so I liked how Yixing was more easygoing and kind. And the guy is so talented, he always caught my eye on stage. And Yixing is so different now, but I like him better honestly. He’s more assertive and risk taking and just generally admirable. There’s literally nothing he’ll shy away from, he’ll act, he’ll write a book, he’ll rap, he’ll literally compose and produce an entire album for himself and he’ll try his absolute hardest in everything and succeed. I mean-goals? And he gets so much hate but you wouldn’t even know, like at all, because he’s self-assured. Basically I look at Yixing and I want to be better for myself. Also he’s MEGA handsome.

one of the things i love about the tjlc gang, and maybe this is me just noticing this because we happen to be part of such a large fandom, is how we all have kind of different interests beyond sherlock. people talk about wholock a lot but not everyone i know is also into dr who. i feel like a lot of us have come from and continued onto a pretty large array of different interests which to me feels like theres this sort of universalness to johnlock that makes me really happy (’:

i mean obviously i have the same ideals, and i still feel very angry at injustices in the world and against me, obviously, but i’ve let go the whole…… you know. discourse fights. long strings of vicious fighting that doesn’t really go anywhere and does nothing but raise my blood pressure for no good god damn reason. it just wasn’t healthy and it didn’t help. kinda made things worse actually

plus like, i had users who largely had the same ideals as me but made like 1 post i disagreed with over something that i was sensitive about and i just absolutely hated them…. which isn’t something i do as much now…. people feel differently about shit, esp other gay people and other survivors and etc. my community isn’t a hivemind. it’s called nuance, etc

and like i don’t fault anyone for like still being wrapped up in that kind of stuff like it was kind of a phase of my growth i went thru in order to heal, really, so this isn’t meant to be condescending – but i am a lot happier now, and i’m still a neurotic mess but i try to devote my time and energy to doing things that make me happy rather than hurt, and it does wonders

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what kind of hairstyles do you think Lance would try out while in space? I mean eventually it could get too long n such? do you think he'd grow it out a bit, or have an undercut?

it seems like lance expresses himself physically a lot, so i think he’d have A LOT of different hairstyles through the years,,i feel like lance would be one of those people to grow out his hair pretty long and then just cut it all off out of nowhere bc he “got tired of that style and is moving on” haha

@welshwoman1988 said: I would sign up for that!


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(or, you know, a booty slap as Hoechlin seems to favour)

@halekingsourwolf said:  this is exactly why i keep thinking about starting a network (remember networks??), to get that sense of close community where people can help inspire and support each other. but then i have about fifteen different insecurities and just talk myself out of it

I would be 100% here for setting this up with you if you were down for it? It would be really, really good to have that kind of support just there. I also think it would be an amazing platform for anyone who was feeling worthless or insecure about their writing; just to have a fellow writer or writers cheer them on or be a sounding board, to talk about things like block and anything worrying them/making them anxious. Every writer knowing someone like minded was hearing them and that they had support. 

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I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is cheating on me but he's really far away and he's not coming back for ages so I can't even talk to him properly. He won't answer his phone and I know he's not going to, feeling extremely depressed

yea hes no good for u literally dump him

if hes gonna leave on a trip fine but if hes not gonna respond to u when he knows it stresses u out then nah. at the very least if you grant him Some slack, you just both want different kinds of communication and dont mesh together as a functioning couple u feel me? either way not worth this

10 degrees


the road to new york

Sore and tired, took yesterday off to rest up and get set for the end of vacation and start back at work.  Today went as well as first day back from vacations go…It was overcast and cool, kind of gloomy for a summer day but great for running.  After yesterday’s rest, the legs had some life in them, especially with the temps in the upper 60’s - amazing what a difference 10 degrees make in how your body feels - had a relaxing, almost effortless, 9 mile run in the park.  A good run leading to a nice evening, a track workout tomorrow with the club.

"Why don't you just have a baby?"

This has stuck with me. How long ago did she say it? More than a year?

I went to a teen panel at some point, and afterwards one of the youth drifted over to me to talk. She said, in essence, “Why would you want to adopt a teen? Why don’t you just have a baby?”

Whoa. So many different angles there.

The homefinder at my agency emailed me recently and said I need to do some paperwork if I want to keep my license active…and I’m feeling some kind of way about it. As the kids say. My mother is fond of the phrase, “Piss or get off the pot.”

The youth (I think she was 20 years old, actually) seemed to be passing judgment on me (“you must be weird if you don’t want a baby”) and maybe trying to suss out if I had evil intentions (sex trafficking of foster youth up here is real, y'all). Ultimately, her intent was probably to force out of me that teens were my first choice, that I wouldn’t cast her aside if I got pregnant with an actual baby.

Truth be told, being pregnant isn’t so appealing for me. At the same time, I don’t think I could see myself right now as a parent to a 20 year old–I’d struggle to view them as more than an ill-mannered roommate. I feel my line of thought is reasonable, and I told the homefinder as much when he tried to nudge me about her later. Obviously, there is also a spectrum of ages between infant and 20 years old!

[insert all the chaotic and stressful life events that have occurred since I got licensed and have prevented me from stepping forward again.]

But her words—! “Why don’t you just have a baby?”

anyone been following me long enough to remember when i excessively posted abt cascu & mashu’s student-teacher relationship as well as the kind of bond formed from being each other’s first allies since the fire hit fuyuki and their similarities as protector-type heroic spirits with shield titles (with the actual protecting manifesting very differently between them) and the way even though cu is taking on a guiding role here they actually mutually help each other figure out how to handle their new role as shielder and caster respectively because I am fucken feeling it again

Condoms and Toothpaste

A little Sterek drabble based on this tumblr post. Lots of love to @christinewolf​ for letting me bounce ideas of her and also giving me a few in return. She’s a great cheerleader and I love her a whole lot.

Also on AO3.

Derek isn’t exactly what you call a stable human being. He’s pretty messed up. A little bit lonely. Kind of an insomniac. Just a bit.

Usually, when he’s feeling a little too energized at three in the fucking morning, he goes grocery shopping.

Which is what he is currently doing. This happens at least once a week.  He has a problem.

He’s trying to decide between two different brands of toothpaste (it’s a hard decision, they both promise fresh breath and shiny white teeth, give him a break) when he sees someone in his peripheral vision.

Someone really nice looking.

With a box of condoms.

Stiles likes to grocery shop at odd hours. He blames it on college life. The only free time he gets between classes, studying, and making time for Scott is when he’s meant to be sleeping but just can’t.

During these times, he also remembers that he actually has to eat at some point. Something that isn’t pop tarts and cup-o-noodles. Thus the grocery shopping at three a.m.

He’s just walking by aisle ten when he stops short. Because. Because. That guy is very attractive and he looks like he’s trying to will the toothpaste to death just with the power of his magnificent eyebrows.

So. Stiles does the only logical thing his sleep-deprived brain can think of. He walks down the same aisle. And, promptly, grabs the first thing he sees.

Which happens to be a box of XXL condoms.

And Hot Eyebrows Guy is looking right at him.

Stiles searches his brain for something not-stupid to say, but the only thing that comes out thanks to 30 hours of not sleeping is, “Think these are any good?”

Hot Eyebrows Guy just blinks at him for a solid ten seconds with said eyebrows raised to his hairline, looking between Stiles’ face and the box of condoms before replying, “Condoms?”

Stiles feels like a complete idiot. His one interaction with a really hot guy he doesn’t know and he already screwed it up. He can probably fix this. The only way he knows how. Flailing and a lot of talking. “Well, I mean. I wouldn’t really know, and like, a guy like you probably has more experience than I do. You know - in the bedroom, I mean. Especially with this size-” Oh my god, Stiles thinks. I just made it so much worse.

“I mean, not that I would know something like that about you.” Stiles tries to put the condoms back on the shelf, but just manages to make several other boxes fall to the floor. “Shit. I mean, for all I know, it could be a lot smaller than this-”

Hot Eyebrows Guy continues to stare at him in complete bewilderment. Only then does he realize what just came out of his mouth, “Wow, I really need to shut up now.”

Stiles decides to just avoid eye contact and pick up the mess he made.

Derek can only stare as the guy who just implied he thought he had a small penis awkwardly picks up the boxes of condoms that ended up on the floor thanks to his flailing.

He’s obviously trying to avoid eye contact.

Derek has never been more offended and fascinated in his entire life. He didn’t even know that was possible.

This guy is a mess. And, Derek might be a little in in love. What the hell.

He’s brought out of his thoughts by the Condom Guy awkwardly standing up with the box still in his hand, the rest put away on the shelf.

“So, I guess I should just,” he gestures behind him as he starts to walk away.

Derek scrambles for something to say, “You’re a disaster,” is what comes out. Damn it.

Condom Guy looks mildly offended, but also like he agrees with the statement.

Derek smiles a little helplessly, “Wanna date?”

The stranger does a double take at that and looks behind him as if Derek could be addressing anyone else in a grocery store at 3:15 a.m.

He looks completely surprised. Derek thinks it’s cute. He’ll die before he admits it out loud, though.

“Wait, seriously?” Condom Guy says.

Derek nods and digs in his pocket, pulling out his phone.

Stiles leaves the grocery store in a daze, having only bought a box of XXL condoms.

But, he does have Hot Eyebrow Guy’s (Derek’s) number in his phone and plans to have coffee in a few hours.

Later, Scott calls him an idiot for not actually getting anything edible. Stiles counts it as a win anyway. So does Derek.

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I'd really love to hear from other bi folks who are in relationships with someone of the opposite gender. I'm a mid-thirties bi ciswoman married to a straight cisman, and I feel like I'm some kind of invisible Stealth Queer as a result. Are there other folks out there in similar situations?

this was me with my current boyfriend but now that i’ve been on testosterone for almost half a year, not so much anymore (although i’m at the stage where i mostly just look androgynous) :B 

any bi folks dating someone of a different gender at the moment who’d like to contribute?


Anonymous said:

Sonnet i love your games and i check in every hour to look for updates haha <3 i really loved Ran’s route and the sweet end! Will the Epiolog be so that Ran and Mc’s relationship may change? For good or bad? I dont dare to finish with a bitter end anywhere because it leaves me feeling empty xD 

MC and Ran’s relationship will definitely move forward in the epilogue. That’s really all I can say. ^_^

Anonymous said:

Hey! I just played Wilder - Ran. And I am so impressed, and in love. I remember playing Aloners and it was one of a kind, I really loved it! When I found out you’d released something new, I HAD to try it.. and I was far from disappointed. It’s different to a lot of VNs that come out these days, and it is definitely a step in the right direction. It was great. Amazing. I can’t remember the last time I played something that had me so damn hooked.. I wish you luck, and I cannot wait for more. <3

I’m certainly glad that you weren’t disappointed! Thanks so much for this message, and I hope you like what comes next.

Anonymous said:

Sonnet! I really love your hard work and dedication, and im hoping you are doing well and also taking time to relax :) I have a question for you; where do you get your inspiration and ideas? Your games are truly amazing!

Thank you so much for the kind thoughts, anon. ^_^

Inspiration comes from so many places. I feel like every book I read, or show I watch, or game I play leaves some kind of mark. Plus there are always those real life people or scenarios that just need to be shared with the world!

Anonymous said:

omg everyone in Wilder is so pretty? I also love how they’re all so different from what you usually see in typical otome games tysm for making this game! :)

Aw, I’m glad you like them! @periwinkleimp did a fantastic job making everyone look so individual but so damn attractive.

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1) Whoa I see someone has already hijacked your azamuga post to force their 'father-son' headcanon on you, even though the official chart literally calls them PARTNERS and that's exactly what they are: they're equals who look out for each other and take care of each other in equal manner (even though it's Mugaro who we see watch over Azazel and save his ass more often than the other way around). Azazel is as far from a fatherly figure as can be, while Mugaro's feelings for him seem more like

2) a crush than anything (even Nina knows what’s up). Plus, forcing real world standards on non-human immortal characters such as gods and demons is ridiculous, especially on El/Mugaro who was kind of artificially created (like Amira), his physical growth has already been shown to be different than that of a normal human being, and he is now considered a full-fledged god. Not to mention he’s already lived longer than Amira who was 5 years old back in Genesis, and he’s also more mature mentally

3) than Amira ever was (or at least Mugaro used to be that way, while the current El is still a huge mystery). So, if anyone has a problem with azamuga, they should have a problem with favamira as well; otherwise it’s double standards (though I guess that’s normal in this fandom). Sigh. I’m sorry I rant about things that are not directly related to charinina, but some people should just leave you alone and maybe use their heads a little, because the ‘if you keep smiling, I just might not die

4) tonight’ line, coming from Azazel of all people, is some sappy, romantic shit right there, especially considering Azazel’s tone of voice, the moonlit scenery and all (unless it’s common for fathers to say such things to their sons, idk). And let’s not forget about Jeanne’s words to Mugaro, implying the whole destiny business is at work, which is some top-tier romantic stuff in itself. So, to sum up, I’ll just repeat what you said: azamuga has more romantic potential than az*nin*. Thank you.

As always they are wrong while you, my beloved anon have always the correct point and reasons, BLESS YOU. Yeah, basically they ignore again all the facts that the staff bring to us or even the canon itself has shown us until now about the characters and the construction of the world. 

As a said in that post, I think the bond between them is genuine and i really like it, to me is a deep love, not a romantic one but platonic.

But yeah, anyone is totally free to take it as they want tbh.

As they have shown before, many of them who claim to be fans of the anime do not understand the standards of this world and much less the reasons of some characters, that’s why they can’t understand them and preferred to invent everything in the middle of the road, that’s why they end up matching characters that do not feel a minimum of physical and/or romantic attraction for each other, as is the case of Azazel and Nina.

Yeah, not chemistry at all. And then we have Azazel around Mugaro/El:

I started to think Azazel is Mugarosexual. Maybe?

I love many romantic implications in their scenes, like the moonlit scenery and the fact that Azazel didn’t want to use Mugaro/El’s power. That’s the kind of things that are beyond to any understanding and that’s truly beautiful. 

DAMN, he’s such a romantic. 

I feel that instead of forcing situations and conveniences they could simply adjust what the built world and the staff offers them, but as always, they prefer to take the other route and then blame us about why their favorite couples do not end up being the canon. I guess that’s something they enjoy to do.

And yeah, it’s laughable how they love to do parallels with favamira but they hate/dislike the idea of azamuga, double standard again, what a surprise.

Don’t worry! I actually love the fact that sometimes you come at me and talk about this kind of things, it’s certainly enjoyable in many ways. Keep doing it! Thanks you so so much. ♥ :’)