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[reflection + RAP MONSTER]

The brazilian armys, on this last two concerts of The Wings Tour, have been doing a lot of cool projects to make the boys happy. One of them, my favorite one, was when Namjoon was singing Reflection, his solo track. The armys shouted “We love you!” every time after he sang his “I wish I could love myself” part. What happened on today’s concert, on Monday, is that he sang “I guess I do love myself”, instead of the actual lyrics. This made my day and whole year better. Thank you Brazil. Namjoon, we love you

“My Russian grandparents in Minas Gerais, Brazil in the early 1950s.

Both my grandparents were born and raised in Kiev and met each other in Brazil. They escaped from the Soviet Union for a better life. They loved Brazil; the culture, the Portuguese language, and the people. They made Brazil their home and had no intentions of leaving. However, in the 1970s when my dad was a teenager, they came to California where they lived the rest of their days. The Russian and Brazilian cultures were always a part of them.”

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im joining the south america talk just to give u this: all the countries have a rivalry with argentina. huh, ur from chile ?? argentina sucks. brazil ?? our soccer team is better than urs. paraguay ?? u stole our lands !! its hilarious tbh

oh noes why’s that? don’t hate on each other pals 

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Hey mun, is there anyone you ship Brazil with? Btw, I'd like to say that I really like your blog! It never fails to make me smile. :D

Thank you very much!! I am happy you smile when see my trash posts  。◕‿◕。

Now let me answer you:

I ship Brazil with a good quantity of characters, then I’ll tell only the “important” ones~

It was because when I started thinking about my OC Brazil, it was a GIRL. Yes, the Brazil you know should be a girl. But I realised I couldn’t draw girls ;v;

Oh ~ I didn’t make him a boy only because of this!! After some time I thought that a “Brazil boy” should be better than a “ Brazil girl” Yes I am very indecisive  (T3T)

The problem was that I couldn’t ship him with Germany (Then “normal” ver) Because I already shipped him with Nyo!Brazil and… BAAAAAAAAH IDK WHY BUT I COULDN’T >M<

But an angel my friend :v came to me and resolved all my problems saying things that could make Brazil and Nyo!Germany a really cute couple!

Oh, I really have to talk about a particular ship that started after the creation of this blog

Okay, you can ask/say “This doesn’t make sense! I prefer BRA___” “Why do you ship them?” “Do you prefer this ship instead of BRA___?? Why??”

My only answer is I DON’T KNOW

I already did a lot of RPs/posts “shipping” Brazil with other caracteres, but This one is different~ AND THE WORST IS THAT I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHY ( ̄▽ ̄) 

I won’t tag the nyo!Japan blog here cuz I don’t want to bother the mun :)

Ufff ~ I finished ^^;;

I’ve never written so much English in my life :v

I hope I explained right :P And Thank you again for liking my blog ♥