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  • Yoongi: I mean like yeah he's cool and all. I mean it's not like the moon sparkles in his eyes or his hair glints like black silk in the spring sun. Sure his smile kinda makes my heart melt but not in a gay way. Like if I could marry a dude in a completely hetero manly man bro way it'd probably be Jimin. His muscles are really defined but like not that I look it's just a bro's gotta know when a bro is ripped you feel? It's like, he could lift a sofa covered in stray kittens with each arm and still smile that sunshine smile of his and- uh. Yeah. Park Jimin. He's okay.
  • Jimin: We're boyfriends.

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have you seen that post flying around about Liam saying that they think Niall's panic attacks and claustrophobia are funny and how they like to aggravate him when he's panicking because it's funny? it was so upsetting to read :-(

Here’s the actual quote, print only (Sugarscape) so grain of salt:

Right, next up we are going to chain you to one other member of the band for the rest of ‘Infinity’. Who do you want it to be?

Oh God, it’ll have to be Niall, NO, Tommo because we’d have some fun and I know we could find a way out of it. Whereas Niall would get claustrophobic or something and start panicking about nothing. Like, this one time we got stuck in a lift and Niall was panicking so hard and we’re like, “Bro, we’re gonna get out,” and he’s like [puts on an Irish accent], “I need to get out, I need to get out!” Then we started jumping - just to piss him off really - but it was hilarious.

Niall’s or “Niall’s” side of the story:

The reason I side-eye is because this seems to be a favorite Sugarscape anecdote. Poor sweet lil’ baby Niall. Hmmm…

Niall: “I’m claustrophobic so scared of tight spaces, I absolutely hate it.”

Ok, but here’s where it gets weird:

Note that was December 2013. The incident referenced in Niall’s tweets. But fast forward just a couple of months:

In the vid (which we can’t embed, but you can find it on le Google) Niall starts to look increasingly worried as people around him get a bit panicky, as he’s pressed up against seven other slightly sweaty, probably a bit pissed party people.

Are you shittin’ me? So I’m supposed to believe that in two months time, Niall (the established claustrophobic one) finds himself stuck in an elevator with the exact same number of people (grand total of 8 including Niall)??? And the second time they decided to up the ante with video that happens to end up with a tabloid? Does 1DHQ ever tell the truth about anything ever?

I think this whole saga is just publicity for publicity’s sake in keeping with Niall’s assigned image.

Cute, giggly, sweet Niall. Of course he gets adorably flustered. Since Niall didn’t have much going on to keep him in the tabloids and gossip press, I guess every now and then 1DHQ would just make something up to keep his name out there. And of course extreme hetero manly bro dude Liam is insensitive about sweet sweet Niall’s claustrophobia. Ok. Sure. But that isn’t the Liam we’ve seen.

I’m just gonna go ahead and call bullshit on the whole thing. Liam probably didn’t even do this interview. One of 1DHQ’s media reps probably answered the questions and Sugarscape molded it into the conversational format and added the Niall anecdote (yet again).

And if you needed any further proof that the interview is bogus:

It’s a hard one next. You can only pick Georgia Rose, Diana or 'Olivia’ – who’s it going to be?

Ooh, I mean me and Diana kind of had a thing but I can’t go there again and Georgia Rose, well I met her once but we didn’t get that far, don’t think she liked me very much and I think she likes Louis more, so it’s going to have to be Olivia.

Actually that’s my manager’s wife’s name! [Laughs] Please print that, he’ll love that.

There’s no fucking way Liam said that. Smh at how needlessly deceptive 1DHQ and the media are.

Dude! Dude dude dude dude dude duuuuuuuudeee!!! This! This. I saw this, and bro, this is the most beautiful bromance. @ladydrace and @crossroadswrite, this is your story. You would be these two fly friends in high school. Cause you’re manly men, dudely bros, Bromancin’ away. (shameless advert for the original song Bromancin)

Spoilers below so beware!

That? (as he gropes his pecs) He’s a guy! We’re amongst men here. #no homo

But(t) dude, my junk totally didn’t touch your butt because you were tying your shoe and I was just streching.

And we’ll totally pose for pictures with our faces nearly touching. But I only would do that with a girl though.

Is this ok? I am totally touching my bros butt. For reasons. To push the boundaries … Of what is acceptable dirty dancin. With my bro.

So you would want us to dance on each other? Cause we would … not. Wouldn’t do that. We only dance with girls. Of the female variety.

I’m pretty comfortable with myself. I AM COMFORTABLE WITH MYSELF TOO!

So yeah, I love watching your bromance blossom into a dozen beautiful broses ladydrace and crossroads, so this is for you.