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To All Jimin & Taemin Shippers

Please use ‘minmin’ or 'jitae’ to tag Taemin and Jimin together.

Benefits of using your own tag:
- Shawols and 2min (Taemin and Minho) shippers won’t feel attacked/angry/annoyed with ARMYS/JiTae shippers.
- You can scroll through the taemin/jimin tag and actually see Taemin and Jimin, instead of seeing lots of Taemin and Minho.

If you’re still thinking about ignoring this, then please read further.

SHINee has been a group MUCH LONGER (five years) than BTS has. Taemin and Minho have practically grown up together, and their ship has been around since SHINee debuted. 2min was their ship name, given eight, nearly nine years ago. Taemin and Jimin fans don’t have the right to steal it for their ship when 2min is NOT a dead ship by ANY means. A KBS stage calling JiTae '2min’ does NOT change the fact that fans have called Taemin and Minho that for years. Please respect the fans so we don’t have any hate on either side.

anonymous asked:

Who do you think has the best friendship within shinee?

Ummm… Actually this question is pretty hard to answer. SHINee are making sure not to spill too many facts about their private lives, I don’t know whether they are not allowed to or they choose not to do it (I’d rather say it’s the second one). Sometimes people tend to mistake fanservice with reality, I personally try not to pay too much attention to fanservice when judging members’ relationships. 

Jongkey used to show off their frienship a lot, in interviews, on stage and off stage. Back then I’d say that they were the closest. Right now though it seems that they’re not that close anymore. It’s also possible that they got so used to each other they don’t feel the need to be as affectionate as in the past. Also Key picked Minho as a person that “is the closest to being a real friend” in an interview but I don’t know if I should believe that.

I think that Taemin looks up to Jinki a lot ( sometimes he looks like he has a crush on him I swear ) and he seems to be the most comfortable around him. They know each other the longest compared to the rest of the members and I think their realtionship is probably the most stabile. They rarely do fanservice and still a lot of interactions happen between them (though most people don’t pay attention to them).

I don’t think you can say who has the best frienship in SHINee for sure because we don’t REALLY know what happens behind the cameras: Who they choose to spend their time with (maybe with no one from SHINee) or who they feel comfortable talking with about their private matters. But I think that Taemin likes Jinki best (I’m sorry 2min shippers) and Ontae seem to be the only ones whose relationship doesn’t change with time. Jinki always looks after Taemin and Taemin always looks at Jinki like he’s the most amazing person in the world. That’s why I’d choose Ontae if I had to.

momoko8  asked:

I love your blog! 2min is one of my fav OTPs hahahah I just have toask another opinion, but like lately it seems like TAemin is getting more bold! Its like whoa! GEt it Taemin ahhaha i mean MInhos always been the touchy one, i mean for Gods sake he cant keep his froggie mits off the boy lol its so cute!! But Taemin is like all over MInho oppa call me crazy lol NIce to meet you fellow shiper!

Thank you so much! Even though, i haven’t been able to update my blog much lately. But i get what you mean and i totally agree with you. Before, you would always see Minho making the first move on almost all of their moments.

like this..

and this..

and this..

and this..

and THIS..

But now, Minho still does initiate mostly but you can also see Taemin making the effort to touch and approach Minho publicly. I mean, we never really know what they do privately. LOL!!

like this..

and this..

and this..

and this..

and THIS..

Oh well, if you’re crazy then i am too, HAHA!! I guess only us 2min shippers can see these kinds of things, so it’s really nice to meet you too!

141113 2min at JAT in Aichi day2 ^^

♡ During Dream Girl, when Minho was standing behind Taemin, Mino poked Tae’s butt. Then Taemin sticked out his butt so that Minho could patt Tae butt easily ^^ Cute butt ( ;∀;) ( 24taem_shinee )

♡ During MC, members talked about Mino’s way of speaking which seemed he pretended to be cute. While boys were asking Minho to do cute poses, Taemin kept asking Mino to do bbuing bbuing ^^ When Minho made a peace sigh beside his face and did a cute pose, Taemin said “ Cute !! ” ^^

♡ Minho wiped Tae's sweat on his cheeks again … Minho !! Try hard more !! ( aionee )

♡ During MC, Minho talked about Hitsumabushi ( his fav Aichi meal ) and he said he ate a lot. Then Taemin said to Mino “ Uso shinaide kudasai ” ( he was supposed to say “ Uso iwanaide kudasai * means Don’t lie ). But he made a small mistake and it sounded so cute 💛 ( 2min_Twomin )

♡ During the first MC, Minho wiped Tae’s sweat on his face with his towel 💛 Besides, Mino wiped his own sweat with the same towel … shawols ( 2min shippers ? ) were screaming ” 2miiiiiiiiiiin 💛" (*‘▽’)

♡ During MC, after Minho showed fans various cute poses, Taemin said to Minho “ You’re cute as I expected ” !! oh is this Taeminho ~~~ ? ( ;∀;)But actually it seemed that Tae wanted to say “ You had better do a cute pose now ” … ( It's still hard for Tae to speak Japanese ^^ )

♡ During Perfect 10, in “ sexy ” part, Taemin stroked Minho’s abs clockwise (´艸`*)Then Minho patted Tae butt 💛

♡ During encore, Minho poked Taemin’s left arm with his mic once but Tae didn’t respond. Then Minho tried it again … so Tae smiled at Mino as if he's saying “ Whaaaaaaaat ~ ? ” cutely 💛 ( 2min_Twomin )

♡ During last greetings in the main stage, when members were bowing, Minho tickled Taemin’s ribs ^^ ( TAEMIHOC )

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