for 2million subs



She has achieved so much in 2014 and i’m so glad that she got to end an amazing year by reaching 2million subs. I’m so so happy that the ItsGrace channel exists bc around this time last year we were all a mess bc we thought Grace might stop making videos. Now look at us,  a year later and this fandom is stronger than it has ever been thanks to Grace working her ass off. She released a movie, wrote and published a New York Times #1 best selling book, released a travel web series with Mamrie, hosted the Streamys with Hannah and STARTED A NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL WHICH GAINED 2M IN A YEAR and so much more!!! She is living proof that if you work hard, you’ll achieve your dreams. No one is more deserving of that than Grace and I’m so happy that I have been there to see her reach 1m and 2m subscribers not once, but twice. How cool. 

Once again, I’m so proud of you Grace. I love you. 

Get AmazingPhil to 2m subs.

Phil’s videos are hilarious and never fail to make me smile. He cares for everyone and he’s really kind. He makes videos for us because he wants to, not because he needs to. He’s been on YouTube since about 2006 and he hasn’t reached 2million subs yet while most people have way over and that makes me sad. If you’ve never watched Phil before and you’d like to, I would recommend watching the channel trailer, Philisnotonfire and a day in the life. Please help. (Sorry for the long post)