for $90 it better be life sized


Part of my large collection of animal (and Rocket) related bric-a-brac.  The animal head magnets are by Life’s Attractions.  Some are quite good art references (the whole collection here is there to be used as references, but some are better than others).  The animal head busts and wall hangings are from a local tourist trap that puts them on sale when they don’t sell for a while.  I get life sized tiger heads and such there for $40 as a result.  The life sized fox is by Design Toscano and it’s not cheap ($90) but it’s morphologically correct and a very good art reference.  The two cardboard Rocket standees are from the first and second movie.  They are supposedly both “life sized” but the one in blue is a head taller than the other one.

The hedgehogs and such around the fox statue are assorted presents from family members that know I collect this sort of stuff, and the cardboard pear on the fox’s head had an actual pear in it several Christmases back when I hosted the holiday.

the get down is literally better than 90% of the shows in netflix right now and i can almost bet my life it’s 100% better than fuller house and y'all need to watch it, there’s no reason for its audience to be the size of a fucking decimal esp not when it’s an amazing show all around

Playlist: Top 100 Songs of 2014.

100. Nick Jonas “Chains (Just A Gent Remix)”
This remix hits all the sweet spots his singles JUST missed.

99. Nicki Minaj “The Crying Game” feat. Jessie Ware
Probably the best featured appearance Nicki had on The Pinkprint.

98. Tinashe “2 On”
The current Queen of SleepytimeJasmineTea R&B made the Cassie followup nobody expected.

97. Julian Casablancas “Where No Eagles Fly”
JC left The Strokes behind and got in touch with his experimental side.

96. Mariah Carey “Meteorite”
I’m all for Mimi dabbling closer to dance and further away from big ballads at this stage in her career.

95. Weezer “Cleopatra”
That hiccup in the meter took this single from merely enjoyable to quirky.

94. EXID “Up & Down”
South Korea is still doing dance-pop better than anyone else, even with a fake saxophone.

93. St. Vincent “Regret”
Still restlessly creative and making pop on her own terms.

92. Calvin Harris “Blame”
Another arena-sized dancefloor banger from Calvin Harris.

91. Miranda Lambert “Little Red Wagon”
Playfully brash like no one else in country music.

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So I can’t believe that I’ve actually hit 3,200+ followers? Like, what the hell?? I’m so serious here. I’ve only been roleplaying Wendy for a year and a half (what a rollercoaster that’s been) and you guys just appeared out of nowhere. I don’t know what possessed you to hit that follow button, but I just want you all to know that I appreciate every single one of you. Every one. I mean it. Even if 90% never talk with me, I still cherish you all dearly. With that said, it’s time to thank all the people who have truly changed my life for the better. 

Note: Bolded are all-time favorites while italics are people who’s blog I really adore


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I may be forgetting some names since I’m doing this mostly off memory, so if I have, I do apologize. Just because you aren’t here, doesn’t mean I love you any less. But once again thank you all, and I look forward to interacting more with you all~