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From the real deal on Tyra, to life in the model house and what it was like on set at our recent 36Boutiques Strip the Look campaign, Fo’s going to be giving us the low down as only she can.

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Meet Monique Darton

Last week we shot our soon-to-be-released Strip the Look summer campaign with a group of gorgeous models including Monique Darton, the almond-eyed American beauty that recently featured on Project Runway’s Models of the Runway with glamazon Heidi Klum.

This is what Monique had to say in our recent Twitterview with her.

36Boutiques: You recently came off Models of the Runway. Describe Heidi for us in 5 words?

 Monique: Stunning, funny, intelligent, nice & goofy.

 36Boutiques: What did you learn as a model on Models of the Runway?

Monique: To “make it work”. Hehe :)

36Boutiques: Were there any typically girly issues in the model house?

Monique: We started 16 girls 2 bathrooms… So that was difficult in the beginning.

36Boutiques: Who was your favourite designer on the show?

Monique: I really loved working with both Maya and Anthony! Both wonderful people.

36Boutiques: And what did you think of the judges on the show? Who was your personal fave and why?

Monique: They could be brutally honest, which is good and bad. I liked Nina - tough at times, but I learned a lot from her.

36Boutiques: Final Models of the Runway question: Was there any real cattiness in the house? Was it super competitive?

Monique: It was a competition, but really came down to walking your best so that a designer would pick you, or steal you.

36Boutiques: You just featured in our brand new Strip the Look campaign. What was your favourite part of the day?

Monique: The group shot & playing with the squirt guns. Getting squirted with water by @StyleGuideCT was priceless!

36Boutiques: You girls were awesome! Which item on the shoot stole your heart?

Monique: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black purse that I shot with. Would’ve taken it home with me if I could ;)

36Boutiques: It’s a 70s-inspired beauty! Our last question for you Mo: What’s your must-have item for this summer?

Monique: Every girl needs a swim suit that makes her feel sexy and confident! Don’t forget the sun screen ;)

36Boutiques: A girl after our own heart :) Thanks so much for chatting to us! We can’t wait to see the results of Strip the Look.

Monique: Want to THANK @36Boutiques for a wonderful shoot and my 1st Twitterview! Lots of love to you and @StyleGuideCT

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