The best merch is the type you make yourself.

Last semester was when I got into Sailor Moon, and this was entirely due to a book redesign project in my Typography class. It was the typical “redesign a classic novel” spiel, but I argued for how we could define the term classic. Some professors are the coolest. 

I always wanted to get into Sailor Moon, and this project was the perfect opportunity. I’ll upload concept designs soon, cause my initial ideas were much different from the final. 


Special delivery~
These are some concept designs of the book cover I did. The very first is actually one of the early stages of the back cover.

I wanted to play more with the Japanese title, but ended up having to go with English instead. There’s a chance I’ll revisit the Japanese variations again this summer, cause I had high hopes for the very last one. 

Forgive me if I butchered the Kana in any way.

The Mane Attraction
I spent a good part of my junior year creating (an alternate version of) this for a screen printing project only for it to crash and burn. Twice. A close friend has told me of a local studio I could go to finally make this happen. We were gonna go today, but fate had other plans. 

This was my final in Editorial Illustration but I wanted to wait until today to post it. We had to do mugshot caricatures of celebrities, and I decided to do Daisy Ridley thanks to my sis @beaurozguru.
My idea was to change it from Star Wars to Street Wars with the First Order as the cops and the Resistance as gangsters. The desired effect was to make it seem as if the photos had to be “pieced” back together. 
It was challenging to put together, but it turned out to be fun in the end. Photos come from a paparazzi spotting of Ridley in New York December 2016.