footy jocks

Fart coffin

Hey guys, thanks for all the love on My Jock Friends Bitch story I wrote a while back. Thought I’d do some short stories for now. Let me know what you think, feel free to message me requests.

It was four o'clock, sunny afternoon in the Australian summer down south. I could feel the sweat sticking my shirt to my back as I walked to my friends place.

My friend Jack has a pool, so I’m always over there when it’s hot. He’s straight as nails but we get along really well. He’s into sport, I’m into more nerdy stuff like gaming and study but we find mutual ground.

Whilst walking the last few blocks I think about the sight of Jack in his thin board shorts, whenever he gets out of the pool it’s like a Davidoff commercial in slow motion and his shorts cling to his ass and legs leaving nothing to the imagination.

He’s shorter than me given my height but damn his body is ripped and his ass and legs are hairy and thick!

‘About time you showed up, pools ready mate’ Jack yelled to me over the fence.
I ran right in and we both stripped off to our boardshorts and leapt in.

You see after we’d swim he always wants to sunbake then watch footy on TV.
I get super horny watching him wet and on display so I say I want a nap and can I use his bed.

He’s pretty Simple and never clues on that I just go upstairs to his room and masterbate using his soiled underwear.

This guy has the most amazing musk, imagine a footy players jocks, after a day of sweating and farting, now rubbed on your face, that kind of sexy!

So I went upstairs as usual and lay down with a pair of black underwear from his laundry basket. This guy always leaves his jocks laying around.

This time it was easy because he’d left his black pair on top of the basket after his shower, the ass area was covered in skid marks and smelt absolutely amazing.

As I positioned myself on his bed I raised the jocks to my face ready to jack off to his manly scent.

Jack’s bed was one of those throw together crate style beds made from specially designed wooden crates and timber bars to make it look real industrial. Then he had two rectangular cut mattresses side by side to make it soft and the linen on top.

I lay in the centre of the two mattresses and began inhaling his scent. The skid marks were real bad this time and real chalky and flakey it was strange but damn I was turned on. As I lay there jacking off I felt sooo relaxed, so horny and so sleepy from the sun and swimming.

1hr later

As I open my eyes I realise I was really tired because I did end up taking a nap. I go to sit up and realise my hands are by my side and my head is firmly locked in place. The next reaction I have is to move my legs but they can’t bend. My arms and legs are stuck in some kind of wooden box and my head well, my head is free but all I can see is Jack’s ceiling.

Suddenly I hear the door slam and Jack’s radio start to blare his favourite rock station. I yell out, ‘Jack???? Jack help?! I’m stuck!!!!’

‘Hey faggot, I know exactly where you are’ Jack says loudly as his head leans over above mine and I see him smirking.

'What have you done?!?!?!?’ I yell terrified now starting to worry.

'Enough out of you cushion, I’ve finished sun baking and it appears you easily took the bait. You see I left you something special with my skid marks this time, something to help you “rest”’ he said sarcastically.

I started to panic, he knew about my fetish? Oh shit what’s he gonna say?

'Please Jack don’t hurt me I’m so sorry it was just a stupid thing I didn’t mean to-’

’-shut the fuck up and stop your whining, I’ve known about your fetish for a while and it’s time for payback’

I still didn’t understand what was happening but suddenly he lifted one of his mattress halves above his head and started lowering it onto my head! I started to scream, is he trying to suffocate me?!?!?

All I can see is darkness and I’m trapped with little air under his mattress.
I hear a strange noise above me until suddenly light comes streaming in. He’s cut a hole above my head thank God.

'Jack please just let me go I’ll make it up to you I swear, if you don’t I’ll fucking kick your ass this is messed up!!!’

'Oh you’ll kiss my ass alright, and much more fag’ Jack said as he stood above me. All I could see was up his shorts, he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Jack suddenly started bending down and lowered his ass towards my face until my nose and face were engulfed in his beefy ass. 'Mmmmmmph mmmmmm MMMPH!’ I muffled under his jock ass but nothing legible was heard.

I heard Jack begin to laugh then he raised up and let me breathe.

After a couple seconds he pulled his shorts down slightly and began to lower down again. My screaming was quickly silenced by his ass, though already drowned out by his music!

Over an hour passed of this ass prison torture before I heard a loud knock on the door.

'Jack it’s mum, can I come in??’ She yelled.

I felt so relieved to know his plan was foiled. But then he replied, 'yes! One minute!’

Jack quickly stood up smirking and lay down flat, his ass on top of me this time laying down! He pulled the blanket up over his body only showing his face and completely hid me from sight.

Before he replied to his mum he said to me 'you’re my little slave now bitch, you’re in a fart coffin I slid into one of the crates that make up my bed. I hope you enjoy Dutch ovens!

As he said those words I began to scream muffled by his ass when he released a disgustingly wet and long fart right into my mouth!! I could barely breathe! I tried screaming again so he farted even louder. The stench was suffocating I could barely breathe then he yelled “come in mum just resting’

His mum came in and sat with him on the bed having a chat.

'Jack I hope you’re feeling ok, seems a bit stuffy in here let’s open some windows. Dinner is in the fridge if you get hungry, dad and I will be available on our mobiles the whole week away. stay safe darling, maybe you can invite that gay friend of yours over, you know he looks up to you!’ She said whilst kissing him, unknowingly leaning over the very kid she was discussing.

“Of course mum, he does look up to me” Jack said with a smile whilst farting again into my trapped face.

“I’ll always keep him close”