footy chic


I’m still primarily in lurker mode. Don’t feel like I have much to say.

That said, here are some updates:

–Christa saw a goose that was actually a duck. I think she may be related to Middle.
–Melanie is thinking about moving to Baltimore. I think it’s safe to say we all fully support this!
–Boo still loves his puppuccino
–I found a plaque that explains how our town was founded.
–Janet and I have a date tomorrow morning to see The Big Sick.


I did a thing….I PR’d!!!!!!

Official finish time is 1:08:45!!

And it was AWESOME!!!

Portland RnR 10K was a great course & loads of fun. I hung out with footy-chic & thespartanhusband in corral 15 and for about the first ¾ of mile 1. I am not sure how I lost them but all of a sudden I was solo!!!

Today’s race was one of those days where I wished I could have run forever… I felt good the entire time, took small little walking breaks and kept my pace under an 11 minute mile on average…

The weather was pretty rainy and cold before the race as we waited in our corrals… But the weather gods played nice and it just became a cool and cloudy day….PERFECT RUNNING weather!!

I really enjoyed the music, the energy and the course…

I can see myself doing this one again!!!