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Patrícia Mamona and Susana Costa of Portugal qualify for the Triple Jump final in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in 9th and 11th place respectively, making Portugal the only country with two athletes in the final.

Sword Fight

Saturday mornings with Harry were always the best mornings. You guys would get up however late you wanted and would watch the cartoons you had recorded earlier whilst eating whatever crap you wanted. The warm sun shined onto your face and you squirmed underneath it’s glaring rays and turned over and buried you face into the crook of your boyfriend’s neck. He was still asleep, but instinctively when he felt your body come closer he wrapped his arms tighter around you. You giggled at how even in his sleep he managed to be protective, yet caring. You heard him yawn and you lifted your head up as he groggily opened his eyes. His gorgeous green eyes were revealed and you smiled before kissing him lightly. “I could get used to waking up like this every morning,” he said in his raspy morning voice. You giggled and placed your head back in the crook of his neck attempting to get comfy again, but Harry wasn’t having it. “No don’t go back to sleep (Y/N),” he whined. “How am I gonna watch Adventure Time with if my girlfriend if she isn’t even awake to come downstairs and watch it with me?” he questioned. You just groaned and continued to snuggle into him. “Then you leave me no choice,” he said. You started to question what exactly he meant by that when you felt an assault of fingertips attack your sides and you squealed as Harry laughed at you. The room was filled with a mixture of laughter, shrieks, and you begging for him to quit tickling you. “HARRY… I’M BEGGING,” his fingers stopped and you finally took a moment to catch your breath. “Begging?” he questioned as he moved in closer to your face. “Begging,” you repeated in a, what you thought was a sexy voice. He began kissing your jawline leaving small pecks down your face before trailing his lips to your earlobe and whispering, “Come watch cartoons with me.” You pushed him away from you for getting you all worked up before laughing and jumped out bed and made a dash for your living room. You ran down the hallway and let out a shriek as Harry suddenly lifted you up and over his shoulder so you were facing his toned back. You pounded his back as he carried you down the stairs which was quite miraculous as he usually tripped down the stairs by his clumsiness, yet he was carrying you as if you were as light as a feather. Once you reached the couch he placed your head on a cushion and let the rest of your body fall onto the couch. You laughed at his craziness and reached for the remote. The both of you quickly got comfy on the couch and snuggled into each other like before. You flipped through your many recorded shows about to click on Adventure Time when Harry stopped you by shouting at the TV. “OOO wait babe the footie match is on right now,” he said as he grabbed the remote and flipped to the channel the match was on. You sat there shocked as you watched Harry watching the game as if he didn’t just completely blow off your Saturday cartoons tradition. After a moment you grabbed the remote back and switched it to your channel and watched as Princess Bubblegum was working on a potion. “Babe I was watching that,” he whined. “Yeah well I was watching Adventure Time before you rudely changed the channel on me,” you said sassily. He snatched the remote back and you gawked at him as he switched it back. You looked at his cocky smirk menacingly before attempting to snatch the remote back. Unfortunately he was already on his feet and had run away. You began chasing him around the house and yelled, “I’M GONNA GET YOU, YOU ASSHOLE.” Sadly his long legs were no match, but after the third lap around your entire house he was slowing down and you jumped onto his back. You both yelled as you hit the ground, but when the both of you hit the ground you immediately got on top of his lean frame and pinned down his wrists. At this point he was too tired to even try and put up a fight and didn’t bother trying to get you off of him. You snatched the remote and ran away laughing as you changed the channel again. A minute later your boyfriend ran back into the room. You quickly hid the remote behind a pillow you had propped yourself up on and gave him a menacing look. He put his hands up defensively and walked up to you. “I have an idea on how we can resolve this issue,” he said calmly. You crossed your arms, but listened as he began talking once he knew he had caught your attention. You couldn’t help the smile that overtook your face as you listened to Harry’s ridiculous plan on how to solve the problem on who got the remote, but you still agreed to it. Like you guys had agreed an hour later you were ready. Harry’s suggestion was to have a sword fight between your two kingdoms. This meant that the two of you collected all the cardboard you could and made swords, shields, armor, and you both had built your own little fortress to guard yourself from attacks. You had taken the bedroom and had a wall that started at your dresser at one end of the room to your bed creating a good amount of space to hide behind. You collected all of your socks, and underwear and balled them up so you could hit Harry with the balled up items of clothing. Harry had set up in the hallway and it was time for the battle to begin. “Are you ready?” he called out. You checked over your battle station. You had agreed that the winner would be determined  by whoever surrendered first or whoevers fortress was damaged beyond repair. Whoever won would get remote privileges. “Yeah I’m ready,” you called out. “LET THE BATTLE BEGIN,” he shouted. You crouched down and had your shield on your left arm, and your sword in your left hand. In your right hand you had a balled up pair of underwear. You heard slight movement and then yelling as Harry ran into your room. You screamed and he hid behind your large bed. You could see the top of his helmet sticking up and you knew he had his own weapons. You began throwing ball after ball at him. You laughed and pumped your fist as one finally hit his head. “SUCK IT BITCH,” you yelled and threw another. Soon Harry began his assault. You dodged the pillows and other various objects he was throwing at you except the one pillow that hit you square in the face. You were shocked that it actually hit you, and Harry laughed at your surprised face. The battle continued and you knew Harry was weak and would most definetly give up soon when you heard the door downstairs slam shut loudly. You both peeked up from your hiding spots with wide eyes. He put his finger over his mouth signaling to be quiet. You climbed out from your fortress and moved as quickly, and as quietly over to Harry as you could. You shrunk down next to him and snuggled into his chest despite the fact that both of your hearts were racing and your shields were colliding. “Ok I’m gonna go check this out. You stay here and if you hear a scream or no reply after 5 minutes call the cops,” he whispered to you before kissing your forehead and standing and inching to the stairs. No fucking way were you gonna let him go down there unprotected. You grabbed your phone and typed in 911 ready to call in case whoever was attempting to break in tried to attack. You walked up behind Harry and tapped him with your sword. He turned and tried to push you back into the room with pleading eyes, but you stayed put and refused to let him go down there without you. He sighed knowing that he wouldn’t win this battle and began giving you signals to follow him and turn corners only when he had checked. Your heart pounded and you felt like you were in some sort of ninja spy movie despite the fact that five minutes ago Harry and you had been playing with cardboard swords and shields. You began stepping down the stairs, deliberately not stepping on the second step because you knew that it creaked. You heard more movement coming from the living room where the intruder was and Harry turned around giving you a signal to jump out on three to scare away the person. He turned back around and held out his hand and began counting down on his fingers. Your heart continued a relentless beating against your chest as Harry counted down. “3, 2, 1,” he motioned and the both of you jumped from your hiding place on the stairs and began yelling. The person in your house began screaming as well, but after a second you realized that you recognized that scream. You stopped yelling and soon Harry’s and your “intruders” screams died down as well. “What the actual fuck are you doing here Liam?” you asked as you began poking him in the chest with your sword. “We were upstairs and we thought someone had fucking broken in,” Harry continued for you. Slowly your heart rate slowed down to normal and you retreated back to Harry. “I was coming by to grab my jacket that you borrowed the other night and figured you guys were out so I used the spare key you gave me,” he said. You looked at Harry in relief at the fact that you weren’t almost robbed. You let your arms go limp by your sides, but Liam began talking. “Now what exactly are you idiots doing?” he questioned, gesturing to your armor and shield. “Is this some sort of fetish thing?” he questioned. You and Harry gave each other a look finally noticing how stupid you looked before just crumpling onto the ground into balls of laughter and giggles. You felt like you couldn’t breath and you were crying because of how hard you were laughing. Liam yelled out over the laughter, “Ok well I’m gonna go now and you guys can get back to your weird medieval knight fetish thing.”

Thank you so much for waiting for this, but thanks to lukeaass and ohwhalestyles for inspiration and for helping me edit. I love you both so much and I hope you enjoy this imagine!