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꿈 - (She’s Dreaming)

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“a night thick with moonlight, it’s our only time together”

꿈  (She’s Dreaming) - EXO

(kim jongdae x reader)

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A/N: hello beautiful creatures here is another story for you all! this is kind of like a fantasy au so I hope you feel magical while reading!

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Useful tips to preserve your beauties

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Boots, high heels, or converse allstars?

Holy shit this ask bot is still going around the tumblrs? What did I do to attract your ire, ancient tumblr spambot? How do you continue to exist, to navigate the endless cyber hellscape of tumblrs unstable spaghetti codebase? What is your purpose? Why do you care about footwear prefwrences? What do you gain from this, spambot? What do you gain?


Patina “November Rain”

Edward Green by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care.

There are only 5 pair of this shoes in the World!

In exclusive for Skoaktiebolaget.

You can be the lucky owner of this Work of Art!

Skoaktiebolaget, Humlegårdsgatan 4, 114 46 Stockholm, +46 8 684 09 684
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11-19, Saturday 11-16, Sunday closed


Live from Florence by Dandy Shoe Care.

Saskia-Part 2

Everything is beautiful in this laboratory, from the many shoemakers tools to the magic crystals lying on the work table. The shoes-samples hanging in the air seem the mythological flying creatures. Everything in this place expresses creativity…

But enough talk… I leave you to admire the famous Saskia’s Shoes.


“C'era Una Volta Berluti…”

I do not want to criticize anyone. I simply want to show you two ways to do the Patina. One is based on the semi-industrial sole purpose of earning as much as possible, focusing on quantity. The other is to Dandy Shoe Care that does everything possible to make each pair of shoes truly unique. Without haste, with so much passion and love, focusing exclusively on Quality.
The choice is yours.