footwear care


Patina “November Rain”

Edward Green by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care.

There are only 5 pair of this shoes in the World!

In exclusive for Skoaktiebolaget.

You can be the lucky owner of this Work of Art!

Skoaktiebolaget, Humlegårdsgatan 4, 114 46 Stockholm, +46 8 684 09 684
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11-19, Saturday 11-16, Sunday closed


Live from Florence by Dandy Shoe Care.

Saskia-Part 2

Everything is beautiful in this laboratory, from the many shoemakers tools to the magic crystals lying on the work table. The shoes-samples hanging in the air seem the mythological flying creatures. Everything in this place expresses creativity…

But enough talk… I leave you to admire the famous Saskia’s Shoes.