Kamen Rider 45th Anniversary File: A Foot Note

Kamen Rider is known for the Rider Kick, but during the Heisei Era, a little change occurred in design that fans may not have noticed.

It involves the wear attached to the appendage that delivers said attack: fancy custom footwear with a personal emblem on the some of the soles of Rider’s shoes.

The first of these was Kuuga, though it had the Linto destruction glyph on it and not his symbol.

Agito’s foot

Ryuki’s Foot

Faiz’s Foot

Blade’s Foot

Oddly, this trend stopped when Hibiki started and was absent for a while. Just plain custom sneaker soles. (though Double’s were smoother and flatter for some reason).

Decade had barcodes on his feet.

OOO had..well, OOOs on his feet.

Fourze normally had his foot or both feet covered by a Module gadget, so it was hard to tell if he had an insignia.

Though his Stamper module did have the Kamen Rider Club on it.. so there’s that.

But around the time of Wizard, it started up again.

Very Nice! Kick Strike! SAIKOU!

The footwear of a fruit god.

Drive’s Rear Cowl Boots.

A spooktacular set of shoes.

And now the new kid…

Huh… No symbol, but it has game pad face buttons and circuit lines..neat.

So that is my foot note on..well, Kamen Rider footwear.

So what purpose does this serve? My best guess is simply for style and a marker for the film SFX team to know where to put the glowing energy of the Rider Kick in the frame of the scene.

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