footprints and friends

Once the light
Now in shade
As time passes
Memories fade

Every soul
Have their place
There’s always a best friend
Just a changing face

Either time is distributed
Or conditions applied
Is it too late to mend
Or you’re stuck with your pride

Friends you let go
Or they’ve
Like footprints in the sand
Which disappears with every wave


4th May, 2016

There is nowhere to hide out here, nowhere to escape to, no high ground. There is only the sand, and the sky, and the emptiness, so big and open it might suffocate him.

tw agoraphobia

It unsettles him, the desert. The wide-open sky wheels above him, vast and unchecked, and he feels it might swallow him whole, like the world might turn inside out and he will fall into the limitless space above him. The land rises and falls like waves, but there is only sand. There are great hills made of the stuff, and cracked-barren earth covered with shifting grains. There is sand packed tight in his shoes and his shirt and his hair, gritty grains clinging to his skin, and it stretches for miles and miles and miles in every direction, and he knows he could be lost here forever.

He misses the narrow vale of Whitestone, the claustrophobia of the mountains and ancient halls. It is too big, Marquet. He is too small to weather this immensity.

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Flour and Sticky Notes - Joel x Reader

First, i need to apologise for the lack of writing i have done. I’ve been under a lot of pressure at the moment, what with personal stuff, so i just haven’t been able to get into the right mind frame. But, i did manage to work this one out - as well as one other - a few days ago, so hopefully you all can forgive me and still like me! Especially you, Anon, who asked for this!

WC: 1086

SUMMARY: The war with Joel has been waging for 2 months, and there was always reason to remain on edge. When you are invited to help out with a RT life, Joel’s mysterious retaliation becomes clear. 

The pad of sticky notes hurtles through the air, catching you in the side of the head, with a soft thunk. Scowling, you pick up the offending object, gently rubbing your sore skin, eyes searching for who could have thrown it. Of course, you know that you needn’t look, you know exactly who it is as his wild hair ducks into his office.

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In addition to our lovely Christmas card and present from Waffles and Mango, we got a fabulous Christmas card and present from Littlefoot the Great! Littlefoot is Santa’s cutest box turtle reindeer! (With such a beautiful shell, too!)

Littlefoot is no longer so little of foot anymore–he sent us an ornament for our tree with his not so little footprint on it in a very pretty, sparkly green. I almost tried to nom it. Mommy and I compared my feet to Littlefoot’s footprint, and we can’t believe how big Littlefoot has grown already! What a champ! :}

Living Drugs(final copy)

Living drugs
Some people are like a drug, addicting.
Maybe you don’t realize in the beginning but
you start to cling to their words like heroin.
You need their advice in every situation,
they always have answer to the equation.

Inhaling them like a breath of smoke blowing it out along with the situation until your head starts spinning
You may not be aware of the consequence in the beginning
You don’t notice the minutes, days, months, and years they’re taking off your life… tik tok
Time that is now lost… tik tok
Time that has a cost.
When you try to pull away and break your addiction it feels impossible.
You depended on them for so long,
you don’t know who to turn to,
Who will actually support you?
She was your best friend to the very end,
At least that’s what you thought,
Seems like she forgot
she was the one you trusted with everything but now trust with nothing.
The one who used to stand up for you, now just spreading rumours about you.
She is the cigarette you knew was killing you each time you had one last… puff, which turned into many more as you kept going back, because that is the groove you’ve fallen into.
Because you’re addicted!
But you have to resist the urge to take one last… puff that always multiplies.
Because she is a living drug,
who walks the same path,
the only difference-a trail of smoking cigarettes’ follows in her footprints.