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∟ “There is a time for each purpose under heaven. There’s a time to weep. There’s a time to mourn. And there is a time to dance.” And this is our time! There was once a time for that law, but not anymore. Thank you.

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Can you write the RFA coming home to MC who seems like they're working hard but they're distracted and listening to music loudly and kinda giving a mini performance to an imaginary audience? Thanks in advance!!

your question’s phrased a bit strangely ;; i sorta get the main idea…? so i’m just going to put my own spin on it while keeping true to the heart of your ask, if you don’t mind!

Prompt: RFA comes home to a MC who is listening to loud music in the zone of their current task


  • she closes the cafe after its third rush hour, and goes home ready to collapse on the couch
  • but the first thing she hears walking into the apartment is one of the songs from the musical wicked cranked on full blast 
  • your half screeching-singing voice joins idina’s powerful voice
  • awake at this point she tiptoes into the living room
  • and she’s greeted by an adorable sight of you running around the room, a broomstick in between your legs as you sing along to the lyrics of defying gravity
  • jaehee takes the chance to sit down and be an audience to you. you’re so wrapped up in the song you didn’t even notice her
  • when the song ends, you hear a burst of clapping
  • swiveling your head, you see your girlfriend, sitting criss-cross on the floor, beaming up at you
  • ohmygodshe’sbeentheretheentiretime
  • but she runs up to you and gives a quick kiss on the lips
  • “MC that was so passionate! i should’ve recorded it!” 
  • you’re blushing so hard. she’s giving you way too much credit! 
  • for the rest of the night you two cuddle and drink hot cocoa while listening to the entire soundtrack


  • what was supposed to be an apartment cleansing turned into a jam out session for you
  • you’re listening to mr. blue sky and you just can’t help but dance your heart out to it. it’s such a happy song, and in a way, it reminded you so much of yoosung
  • you’re doing a dorky dance with the broom, using it as a microphone and dancing partner at the same time
  • suddenly someone wraps their arms around your waist from behind you
  • of course it’s yoosung
  • you scream with joy when he lifts you from the floor and tries to twirl
  • but only succeeds with him falling flat on the couch, you landing on top of him 
  • and it’s cheesy, but god you two couldn’t help but laugh together 


  • sometimes jumin may or may not watch the surveillance system just to check on you. and watch you. while he’s working.
  • jaehee is judging him so hard from the distance
  • he can be such a creep i swear to god
  • and when you’re staying home for the day from work/school, you’d do the cutest things (that’d be seen mundane to anybody else)
  • one of the odd things you do when you’re alone is plug earbuds into your ears and dance wildly around the house
  • jumin heard of ipods and headphones and all the modern technology, but he never used them himself. he prefers settling for the radio or having an orchestra or personal violinist to listen at his disposal
  • he’s so out of date
  • he finally creeps in on you during your jamming out sessions, and asks you what’s so good about the stuff you’re listening to
  • you didn’t even give him an explanation. you shove an earbud into one of his ears and started blaring footloose
  • his eyes widens and he shuts up, entranced by the funky fresh beats
  • and he sorta shouts, “THESE ARE VERY PLEASING TUNES”
  • omg jumin honey you’re adorable
  • happily sits with you to listen to the rest of the song
  • you explain to him the significant origin of footloose of kevin bacon, who taught people with sticks up their butts how to dance thanks to this very song
  • “who would shoves sticks up people’s butts?”
  • “jumin you’re missing the point -”
  • “that’s unethical”
  • i officially love you if you do get the reference i made back there


  • it ain’t uncommon for the two of you to walk in on each other singing
  • the household is always full of music and the neighbors aren’t annoyed by singing, because they’re practically listening to a broadway show
  • sometimes you two would burst out into random song if one of you turns on a karoke version of a musical song
  • your favorite song to re-enact is light my candle from rent
  • oh my god now i think about it this can totally be MCxZen’s character song
  • so much chemistry and sexual tension and back and forth singing-quips!
  • okay im getting carried away but
  • tldr; zen just loves singing duets with you 


  • y’all two are such sluts for the steven universe soundtrack
  • saeyoung was already vaguely aware of its existence after listening to some out of context songs from SU, while you already watched some of the episodes. meanwhile, saeran is all like: “what’s tv”
  • after you two made the decision to watch the show together (along with saeran, of course who tagged along for the binge watching) you all just fell in love with the show
  • saeyoung made 8-bit remixes of most the songs. downloaded them into his phone to change the ringtunes, assigning SU songs accordingly to the rfa members. 
  • [love like you for MC, we are the crystal gems for yoosung, can’t you see i’m a star for zen, here comes a thought for saeran, stronger than you for jaehee, and the cookie cat rap for jumin]
  • any one of you can just randomly sing, “we” and then the others can’t help but chime in to sing the crystal gem theme song and it’s just so pure

haha i went off track for zen and saeyoung but i enjoyed writing this nevertheless

There needs to be a fic where Stiles (and possibly Derek) get launched into a series of AUs because of magical shenanigans and have to figure out a way to get home by sheer force of wit and with some (slight) help from the peanut gallery at the other end of the amulet.

It might have more than a little to do with twue wove.

“Stiles, are you there? We just heard a bunch of swearing, and Scott’s, like, two seconds from squeezing his way through the necklace.” Allison sounds like this is an entirely legitimate concern.

Stiles would find that touching if he weren’t so busy freaking out.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Uh, well, mostly.”

“How are you *mostly* fine?” Lydia drawls, and Stiles isn’t really sure how to articulate just how weirded out he is right now without sounding like an even bigger nitwit.

So he goes straight for the truth.

“I’m, like, 78% sure I’m in Footloose.”

“Remake or original?” Danny asks, and there’s a beat of silence that oozes criticism through the connection, “You can’t tell me that’s not a legitimate question.”

“Remake,” Stiles watches as a girl around his age flounces past in one of the shortest sundresses he’s ever seen. “Definitely remake.”

“Okay, so what? Hang back, dance a little, try not to get arrested. We have to figure this thing out.”

“About that…”

“Stiles, what did you do?”

“I didn’t *do* anything. …except apparently disobey my daddy’s wishes and disrespect my dead brother’s memory by shaking my nubile young backside.”

“Holy shit!”

There’s raucous laughter down the line, and someone gasps, “He’s the reverend’s daughter!”

“It gets worse.” Stiles mumbles, “I’m pretty sure Derek is Ren.”

This thing is going to be MASSIVE.

No AU is safe.