footloose (1984)

1984: Footloose. Not my favorite movie. Not by a long shot. But the film had some things going for it: Kevin Bacon and Chris Penn are a couple of mensches. It was filmed in Utah, near where I grew up. And John Lithgow… How can anyone not like John Lithgow? Last but not least, the tractor chicken game, which was like watching Rebel Without a Cause (1955) in slow motion, triggered belly laughs galore. So even though I’m not a diehard fan of the film, there’s no denying it possessed a certain charm. I plan to stay the hell away from the remake, though, which looks like by-the-numbers Hollywood rehash. 

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Relationship status: single and withering away
Favourite colour: orange & light blue
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick 110% you wouldn’t see me without chapstick

Last song you listened to: sweet disposition by the temper trap
Last movie you watched: Footloose (1984) aka the only Footloose
Top 3 characters: how is this fair??? will herondale, gansey, & kate harker
Top 3 ships: wessa, feysand, snowbaz
Books you are currently reading: a darker shade of magic by v.e. schwab
Top 5 musicals: I only know like 2 so…wicked and hamilton??

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More Loose Gravity fun!!

This is based off the warehouse scene in Footloose where Ren goes to dance out his frustration. In Loose Gravity, Ford simply is looking for a place to try out dancing without being laughed at and get really into it! …..until he realized he’s not alone ;)