Are You Okay? (AU)


Rick sat cozily in his boyfriend’s bed, taking sips of a cup of tea as he read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the thousandth time, he had spent the night and was patiently awaiting Mystery’s return, he was talking longer than usual to get ready for the morning, but Rick thought nothing of it, he probably just got distracted on the way, it was a pretty common occurance for his ditzy lover
Once he had finished a chapter, Rick began to get a little worried, he had not heard any signs of him wandering the house, in fact, Mystery’s presence seemed much too quiet to be normal
He set down his book and tea, and got out of bed, wearing only his usual rocket ship footie pajamas, he began to search
It did not take him long to hear gentle sobs behind the bathroom door, purposfully muffled, he furrowed his eyebrows with concern, gently pressing his ear against the door

myrebloggingblog replied to your post:I just wanna draw alien Rhys’ clawed feeties in…
Kay but when I first read this I misread as alien Rhys’s claws in footie pajamas and now I’m thinking about him trying to wear human footie pajamas but his feet tearing them up and he gets upset over it

IDK how he would even get his hands on footie pajamas, but he would be interested them and try them on, only to be completely dismayed when his clawed feet tears them up

jack will get him some cute pajamas made with space for his tail and claws 


the video explains it all…

Kiddycrush - an intense platonic ‘crush’ where instead of desiring a romantic relationship with the person, you have a deep longing for them to take on a caregiver role for you.

Am I having a kiddycrush or a 'regular’ crush? How to tell the difference:

  • you fantasise about holding the person’s hand - but only because you’re too little to wander about on your own
  • you want to share a bed with them - but only so they can comfort you when you have a nightmare
  • you dream of laying in their arms and being held - so you can be rocked to sleep
  • you think about them undressing you - and then changing you into your snuggly footy pajamas for bedtime
  • you wish they’d kiss you - on the cheek, right after tucking you into bed and reading you a story

It’s not at all uncommon for kidz to feel super close to grownups they want to look after them - and sometimes these feelings can blend into each other, too! Just remember that your feelings are okay, no matter what they are. It’s not weird at all for even bio-kids to get attached to potential parental figures! Wanting that bond with somebody is a very special feeling indeed, and when it’s reciprocated, those kinds of relationships can be amazingly deep and (sometimes more than) equal to any romantic or ‘normal’ platonic relationship.

- Mod Azzy

Pre-Winteriron Concepts: Part Two

-Secret Santa at the Avengers Tower. Bucky doesn’t join because he’s having a bad month all around–Christmas brings back the guilt and, oh god, Tony’s parents. He spends that month squirreled away in a cheap motel, unable to eat from the guilt-fueled ulcer in his stomach. Christmas Eve finds him passed out on the roach-infested motel floor; too weak to move, too tired to care.

He wakes up back in his own bed come Christmas morning, inexplicably dressed in Ironman footie pajamas. He takes it for what it is and joins the rest of his team, rather shame-faced, under the tree. Nobody comments on his pajamas or the fact that he has the biggest gift pile, most of them beautifully wrapped and marked from his Secret Santa. Tony watches everyone from the kitchen, cradling his coffee with paper cut-ridden fingers.

-Bucky adding 5 new handwoven sweaters to his closet.

-Bucky braving the Farmer’s market because he overhears that Tony’s never tried soup. Well, okay. Not soup. (“I’ve had soup, Romanoff. 5 star and way over your budget.”)

But it’s not the same as the Poor Man’s Broth that he and Steve would throw together back before the war.

Bucky spends the day slowly collecting ingredients, working through several panic attacks and one full-blown dissociation episode that winds him on the roof, looking through his rifle’s lenses at the crowd of people milling below. But the end of the day finds a large pot simmering on the stove, filled to the brim with his childhood favorite.

It’s worse than he remembers: bland and pale against his memory of it. Steve refuses to try it. (“We swore we’d never eat this again of we didn’t have to.” He says, his voice sad and practically dripping with sympathy.)

The smell of the soup is so off-putting to the rest of the team that only Natasha braves a bowl. She powers through half of it, her face carefully stoic. He’s trembling by the time she sets her spoon down. She pulls him into a side-hug before she leaves and tells him she’s had worse, because of course she has. This is a king’s spread next to what they forced them to eat at the Red Room.

He’s about to toss the whole ridiculous mess of it when Tony bursts through the door, wild-eyed and soaking wet; his lips purple from cold. Bucky recognizes the banked terror in Tony’s face from his own reflection. Tony looks freezing but before Bucky can grab him a towel, Tony stops him with, “Something hot. Now. Please. I can’t-” Bucky watches his eyes go to the pot steaming on the stove, and the whole miserable day is worth it for the look of naked relief on his face.

“You don’t want that.” Bucky mumbles , but he’s already ladling out a serving.

“Don’t tell me what I want,” Tony says distractedly, and carefully grabs the bowl from him. Tony sighs as soon as he wraps his hands around the ceramic. Bucky wordlessly watches him bring a spoonful to his mouth, swill it around disgustingly enough, before swallowing it with another sigh.

“This is terrible.” Tony says happily, and demolishes the whole bowl. He shoves it back toward Bucky expectantly when he’s done. “More, please.”

-Tony demanding Bucky cook for him whenever Bucky’s up to it. Nobody else eats Bucky’s cooking- it’s usually too over-cooked or under-cooked or just plain awful. But Tony inhales every meal like its five star cuisine. When Bucky asks about it, all Tony says is, “Never had anyone cook for me without having to pay for it.”

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For some reason, I just thought of Genos buying Saitama footie pajamas and Saitama wearing them proudly around the apartment

AAAH!!! specially during cold winter days … the ones with animal features aaah that’s so cuuute XD hahaha!