Fluffy Blankets and Pillows V2

I had done these a while back and posted them, but the pictures got messed up and one was missing. Plus, they had grid lines on them and it was horrible, so I decided to redo it!

This is more recolors of my Fluffy blanket and pillow set.    The pictures still aren’t that great, but they are better.  These have been extensively played in game, but still things happen. Let me know if there are any issues.

36 Swatches

Fits most beds easily, but may need to use bb.moveobjects for best with large footboards.

Search “SLRN Fluffy” to find in Build Mode

Original Conversion done by @lindseyxsims  (Thank you)

Download Here- SimFileShare

Linked download folder also has links for original recolors, if you do not already have them.

Baby Shower Wallpaper

Neue Tapeten für euch :) Im Download enthalten sind drei Packages. Es gibt eine normale Tapete mit verschiedenen Mustern (in groß und klein) sowie einfarbig. Dann gibt es die Tapete noch mit einer Holz-Fußleiste und noch mit Holzpaneelen. Bei der mit den Holzpaneelen gibt es die Muster aber nur in der kleinen Variante.

Grundspieltauglich, Farb-Swatches sowie Custom Thumbnail.

New wallpapers for you :) The download contains three packages. There is a normal wallpaper with different patterns (in large and small) as well as monochrome. Then there is the wallpaper still with a wooden footboard (or strip?) and still with wood panels. The wallpaper with the wood panels has only the patterns in small variant.

Basegame, color swatches and custom thumbnail.


Dream Catchers and Teddy Bears (Bucky x Reader)

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Plot: The reader helps Bucky with his nightmares one night and now he can’t sleep without her. Side note: Reader has fire abilities that play a tiny role in the story.

Warnings: None

Words: 2,142

F/S – Favorite scent (Like a candle)

Y/A – Your Age

E/C – Eye colour

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Have the song that goes with it.

The moon was high when she heard it.
Whispers, murmurings, with just a slight overtone of static.

Eyes snapped open, looking slowly to the foot of her bed. Over the chest that acted as footboard, the seams between the stone blocks on the floor shimmered. Gold and red glowing particles, seeping up through the cracks, pulsing as though to a heartbeat.

Quietly, she rose and made her way toward it. The whispering grew, the light glowing more fervently at her approach. As soon as she arrived, it stopped, changing locations to out in the hall. She could see the pulsing light under the door. A sigh was heaved and she pulled her hair back and out of the way. When spirits called [and in the colors of gold and red], one did not ignore them. Regardless of convenience or time of day. Or night, as it were.

She made no noise, opening the bedroom door to spy the lit spot disappearing. It reappeared further down the hall, making a visible trail to the staircase and up. Twisting and swirling around the edges of blocks, disappearing as she arrived and leading her up to the main floor.

The ice chest was where it lead her, and she understood why; red and gold were the colors of wanderers. It didn’t matter where they were, the spirits had spoken and she was meant to answer. Digging into the chest, through the packed ice, she found one of the packages she kept for those who needed it.

Closing the chest, she looked over her shoulder to spy the light trail once again starting, the pulsing particle-filled glow surrounding one of the front doors and weaving its way down the mountain in its roundabout fashion between the seams.

The dirt gave way to coarse stone beneath her bare feet, still hot from the sun even at midnight. Passed the hidden enclosure what held her warhorse and workhorse in place. Morpheus’ shaggy body was hidden in a shadowy corner, sleeping peacefully. The moonlight shone silvery on the black coat of Bucephalus, the monstrous warcharger still awake and alert and constantly keeping tabs on his surroundings. A low rumble from the immense stallion, akin to an idling growl, reached her ears as he took notice of his handler’s presence bounding carefully on the rockface above him.

The spirit path trailed further down the mountain, off the back face and around the other side of the peak that held her crops safe from intruding mobs. Bucephalus’ presence in the area was helpful in many ways; the knowledge that such a vicious apex was in attendance kept the nighttime hostile mobs away, allowing a smooth trek from her mountain-carved home to where she needed to be within reason.

The lights ended at the shore of the nearby ocean, coming to a head with flickering images, distorted static-ridden things that were vaguely humanoid, the only things sharp and clear being their eyes. Kind and wistful, if sad, looking from her out to the ocean before the images flickered out. The trail stopped with them.

She stopped, looking over the water. Platinum-coated crests floated over the surface with every wave, with just enough lit below from the moon high above to catch the flitting squid just on the border between light and dark, about three blocks down. Her lips pulled thin in annoyance as she looked over the waves to where the horizon appeared.

“…I am not taking a late night swim, thank you.” she muttered to no one in particular.

The spirits were adamant about this one going out though, enough to show their warped faces. A moment of thought was given before she looked around her at the otherwise night-silent landscape. A breeze wafted from the ocean, carrying with it a smell of brine and rustling trees and grass behind her. Other than a few cows and chickens, there was not another soul around.

Good. If anyone in the neighboring villages were to lay eyes on what she was about to do, there would be uproar.

Facing back the way the path before had pointed out, she brought her left hand up, circling it clockwise in front of her while reciting the opening incantation:

Mother Sun
Father Moon
The Daughter between with the World in her Womb

Where her hand moved, a wake of ever-changing numbers and symbols in glowing blue appeared. They made a ring first, developing a tunnel made of successively smaller rings once she reached where she started. A subsonic rumble sounded, a pool of iridescent black appearing in the center and disrupting the textures of the sand and grass blocks around her, the water of the ocean rippling blue light briefly against the wind.

She took a few steps back, looked around her again cautiously to make sure before balancing the fabric-covered wooden box on her right palm in front of the portal. It contain dried mutton and beef, bread, cake, a flask of chilled water, and a bottle of apple wine distilled in a nearby village as a specialty. Everything a wanderluster could hope for or need.

She braced herself properly, knowing what was to come, and set the palm of her left hand against one side of the box.

Turn Time
Bend Space
Send this to a different Place

The ring began to move backward. Three of the smaller rings that had been covered by the oilslick puddle of a portal blazed back into existence, turning in opposing way and beginning to warp. Her body tensed, feeling the surge of energy starting through her legs and building behind her left palm, concentrating it.

A loud bang echoed around the seaside savanna, a flash of saturated blue light casting sharp contrast of black shadow and blazing white-blue. The package had been shot, not unlike a bullet, from her hand into the portal.

The recoil was devastating. Not only had the shot into the crackling portal scooted the caster’s braced body back nearly a block, the energy that hadn’t gone with the package was blasted backwards. It took the texture off her left arm, as well as the textures in the immediate zone; the blocks beneath her remained intact, but without proper surface visuals. Any blocks higher than beneath her feet were destroyed, the trees and foliage in the blast zone reduced to rubble.

With its cargo, the portal closed. The water of the ocean thrust away from the launch came sloshing back in. In the smoking aftermath, the textures began to slowly patch themselves back into place. It would take a few minutes to restore the pieces to both the ground level blocks and her left arm.

Energy expended, the task asked of her done, she sat on the shore to catch her breath. It wasn’t long, amid piecing squares of texture slowly reloading into the sand under her, that she was asleep again. The block seams surrounding her began to glow blue, faint static whispering beginning again for a different purpose.


Wherever it was the little package ended up, it was guided by its purpose without hindrance, exiting the inter-dimensional tunnel with an almost comical pop!

Where it appeared, seemingly from nowhere, none but the recipient would know.


The weather that day was gloomy at best.

Thick, gray clouds choked the sky and the sun so much that the light had trouble making its way to the ground. The vibrant orange he used into see in the autumn forests dulled to a sullen, ashen rust. This all blurred past him as he rode by on his motorcycle, looking in no other direction but straight ahead.

Though the rider’s face betrayed nothing, he rode to escape, not just to travel. Escape from the madness that nipped at his heels, grasped for his shoulders. He could still hear the faint echoes of their voices behind him, growing quieter, but never growing any less persistent.



A flash of wavering black and blue sent the man flying off of his seat and crashing onto the carpet of mutlicolored foliage. His motorcycle rode off on its own for a few more meters before it lost its momentum, causing it to fall and skid on its side.

Jack laid there for a few, long seconds in silence. From what he saw, he had just been attacked by a fabric covered box that had magically appeared out of nowhere. With a grunt, he sat up and rubbed his leaf-covered head where it had hit him, thankful that his metal helmet, which also lay on the ground a few feet away from him, was there to absorb some of the impact. He eyed the box suspiciously, as if expecting it to transform into another robot sent to kill him, but seeing that it did not, he cautiously began unpacking the box and fabric.

What he found inside of it was more than he could ever have expected. Someone packed an entire godsdamned feast in the thing! Food for the road, he could tell by the contents, and lots of it.

He closed the box and looked off in the general direction of his motorcycle, unable to properly express or process what just happened. Then after some useless moments of sitting and staring, he looked up at the cloud-choked sky and said,

“Thank you.”



Words: 542
Pairing: Legolas/Elf!Wife
Based on this imagine by imaginexhobbit.

A/N: Trigger warnings? Death and mentions of a character dying.

Legolas had returned with a hard expression on his face. The one someone puts on when they have seen too much. Seen someone suffer in their final moments, and could do nothing. So you watched as he strode swiftly from his horse, past you and past everyone, with a determined purpose in his stseps.

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This is my favorite bed of perhaps any sims game :) I’m converting it and I have to do a little mesh tweaking (see where the side bars sit? and the TS4 mattress pokes out of the end of the frame) and I wanted to get some input from you guys. Because the mattress sat higher in TS2 than it does in TS4 converting it makes the headboard look a little stretched out or too long b/c the mattress sits so low. So should I shrink the headboard and footboard height a little? What do you think? 

Supernatural Imagine: Sam Finding Your Hospital Bracelet from Your Secret Appointments

Requested By: @strictlyncisconfessions

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Taken By Surprise

Almost there.

Almost there.



You shut the door quietly, careful to keep the click of the lock as muffled as you could.

“Oh, hey! You’re finally home!”

Sam’s voice behind you makes you jump a foot in the air. You immediately shove your hands into your coat pockets before you turn around to greet your boyfriend.

He sits up on your bed, shoes kicked off somewhere near the footboard and phone lying forgotten beside him. Sam pushes himself to the edge of your bed, and you try desperately to wiggle off the paper around your wrist discreetly as you make your way over to him.

He happily pulls you into a deep kiss, a note of how much he’s missed you in a three hour absence. “I missed you,” he says, voice deep and forehead pressing against yours. You giggle.

“I was only gone for a little while.”

“Your point?” He grins and his hands reach out and tickle your sides, making you try to push him away as you shriek with laughter.

Sam pulls you onto his lap, and you’re both feeling dizzyingly happy.

“Hey, you dropped something.” It only takes a sentence to make your happy feelings fall like a heavy stone in your stomach. The bracelet must have fallen out of your pocket in your hurried efforts to keep him from tickling you.


“[Y/N]?” His lost tone and puppy dog eyes make you want to cry as he holds up your hospital bracelet. He takes a breath. “What’s going on?”

You can’t find the words you want to speak. “I-Sam-”

“Are you sick? Is it bad?” He’s up and off the bed, pacing beside you.

“No, Sam, it’s-”

He whirls around to stare at you. “What is it?”

“I’m pregnant.”


You take a deep breath now. “I’m pregnant,” you repeat.

Sam’s eyes are wide. “And it’s-it’s mine?” You let your shoulders drop dramatically, and you roll your eyes. Sam lets out a nervous laugh. “Right. Stupid question. Uhm. How far along?”

“Nine weeks.”

“Wow.” He claps his hands together, blowing air against them in awe. “Wow,” he says again. Sam pulls you into his arms and twirls you, excitedly. You laugh, warmth in your chest.

He hugs you tight. “I’m going to be a dad.”

You smile. “You’re going to be a dad.”

This is not me but it is exactly what I am . What I love about giving into the darkness is I love being a whore. I especially love when my connection blindfolds me slams me . Locks me to the stirrups on my head and footboard and then sends what I assume or the total perverts. I can’t see them but I love that they are using me

Dusty, Let's Go Home

I Have Loved You Since Series: Dusty, Let’s Go Home


A pair of hands snaked around your waist and found its way to your belly where the swell laid before a set of lips pushed past your hair and pressed a kiss against your neck. 

“Darcy’s ready,” Harry mumbled against your skin. “We have to go soon or we’ll be late.” You turned to face him and your bump made it harder to close the space between the two of you. You reached for his cheek and pulled him in closer giving him a small kiss before reaching for your earrings.

“I’m ready; can you just grab my shoes?” You eyed over to the closet and he followed to grab your boots. You took a seat on the bench in front of the footboard, trying to get your studs in and Harry came by your side, setting the boots down. 

“I’ll do it,” he said, already bending down to help you slip on your shoes. You watched as he carefully settled your feet into the shoes that felt five times smaller than your usual size. Your swollen ankles made it extremely difficult for you to fit anything these days but he managed. You ruffled your hands through his hair and smiled, giving him a quick kiss before standing up. 

You held his arm as you both descended the stairs to find a jumpy four year old, Darcy waiting with her doll in hand. “Hi Mumma!" 

"Hi baby,” you waved. “Are you ready to see Nana and Poppy?" 

She bounced from where she stood and threw her hands in up in excitement, "Yeah, Auntie Gem promised to let me hold Dusty this time!" 

You reached for your bag as Harry gathered the rest of his things. "Did she?” You chuckled. 

Darcy nodded, “Yes Mumma, I can’t wait, let’s go!" 

She reached for your hand and began to tug you out the door with Harry following behind. The ride over to Anne and Robin’s was about an hour away giving you some time to doze. Harry settled Darcy into her car seat in the back before coming around to help you in. 


Darcy fell asleep after the first few minutes of the ride. The traffic was horrible, you were meant to arrive around six and it was now half past six. "Yeah, Mum, we’re still on the road, we’ll be there in a few,” Harry spoke into the phone before hanging up. 

A sigh fell from your lips before you turned to face the impatient man next to you. Your hand reached over and found its spot on his thighs, giving him a small rub. He tensed to your touch and glanced over at you before moving his eyes back to the road. “Sure you want to do this now, my love? Darcy’s right over there,” he smirked with one hand on the wheel and the other against his mouth.

You grinned before moving your hands slightly further up towards his bulge. You could feel him growing by the second, making you giggle. You picked yourself up and leaned over the console between you to press a kiss behind his ear, just where he liked it. “I love you,” you whispered against his skin before falling back into your seat watching him smirk.


He pulled up to the driveway leading into the small house and stopped the ignition before stepping out of the car. 

“Darcy,” you cooed. “Baby, we’re here.” You peeked back at her from the mirror and watched as she slowly began to wake from her slumber. Her hands came up to rub her eyes before pushing her hair out of her face. Harry opened the door on her side and began unbuckling her from her seat as you slowly climbed out of the car. 

“You alright, babe?” Harry looked over before bringing Darcy into his arms. 

“Yeah, I’m good,” you stood, straightening out your pants.

Harry grabbed your hand and the three of you began heading towards the door. The bell rang for a few seconds before the door swung open. “It’s about time,” Gemma grinned. “We were just about to get started without you." 

You chuckled, watching Anne came up behind her, covered in an apron and swatting Gemma’s arm with a rag playfully. "Oh hush child,” she hissed before lifting Darcy from Harry’s arms. “Hey Darce! You look so pretty, darling! Have you gotten bigger since the last time I’ve seen you?" 

Darcy giggled and nodded before wrapping her arms around Anne and pressing a small kiss on her mouth, "Hi Nana!" 

Harry smiled, leading you in through the doors and pressed a kiss to his mother’s cheek, "Hi Mum.”

“Hello, my love.” She kissed Harry, handing Darcy over to Gemma before turning to you and pulling you into a gentle hug. "How are you, darling?“

"I’m okay, Ma. How are you?” You smiled, pulling back. 

“I’m alright,” she chirped, giving your belly a small rub. She took your bag from your shoulder and placed it aside as you headed over to give Gemma a hug. “Where are the girls?” You kissed cheeks and pulled back, watching her raise her eyebrow over to the family room where Niall was. He was surrounded with the twins and you laughed as Gianna gave her daddy a small slap on the cheek. 

“Geneva, Gianna, come say hi, my loves.” The six year old girls hopped off Niall’s lap and scurried over towards you and Harry. Harry scooped up Geneva and Gianna in his arms as they both placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Hi, Uncle Harry,” they said at once. 

“Hello lovelies,” Harry almost shouted, making them giggle. He stood to his feet to find Niall standing behind the girls, opening his arms. “Mate!" 

The girls turned over and gave you a hug before waving to your belly, making you giggle. "When’s the baby coming?” Gianna playfully poked your belly. “I want to play with him and Darcy!”

“Soon, darling, soon!” You smiled, standing to your feet. 

“Dinner’s ready,” you heard Robin’s voice yell from kitchen and you all followed to the dining room. He spotted you and Harry and gushed over to give you two a hug. “Harry!” You smiled watching Robin clap his hands against Harry’s back and pulling you in as well. You hugged tightly and chuckled at the bump getting in your way. “And how are you, darling?” He smiled wide with the mustache above his lip.

“I’m good. It smells wonderful in here, did you cook tonight?” You teased and he threw his head back laughing like Harry usually did.

“Of course, who else would?" 

You took a seat next to Harry, across from Gemma and settled Darcy into the chair besides you. Dinner went by as you all laughed and talked about Niall and Gemma and the new baby of yours and Harry’s. Darcy giggled along as she watched her uncle take one too many sips of wine creating an outburst of laughter and love. 


You helped dry the dishes as Anne washed and Gemma placed. The men and babies were gathered around the fire in the lounge, chattering about god knows what. You could hear the laugher and giggles filling the halls and the warm scented candles spreading through. 

"So how’s my nephew doing?” Gemma asked as she rose on her tippy toes to place the plate down on the shelf. 

“He’s squirming,” you chuckled. “Ten more weeks and he’ll be out." 

Anne beamed to the thought of one more addition to her many grandchildren. She was glad everyone was home and together, her babies and her babies’ babies. It was perfect. 


The three of you gathered around in the lounge and you took a seat besides Harry. Darcy, Geneva, and Gianna were sprawled across the rug, playing with Dusty, the family cat. The girls crawled around, following Dusty at every corner and meowed back after she did. 

A few more hours passed of bad jokes and smiles before you realized the time. Harry was beginning to doze as well as Niall and Gemma and Anne and Robin had stepped over into the kitchen to have some coffee. The girls were still lying on the ground, watching the tv screen with Dusty laying besides them. 

"Harry,” you hummed. He began to rouse from his slumber and he lifted his head from your shoulder. “Baby, it’s getting late, we should head home. Darcy’s falling asleep." 

He grunted, giving his eyes a small rub before clearing his throat, "Okay, I’ll go tell Mum.” He began to sit forward, standing to his feet before you reached for his arm. 

“I’ll go, can you get Darcy ready? I don’t want to be the one who wakes her,” you chuckled. He smiled sleepily and nodded before helping you up. 

Harry fell on his knees besides Darcy and began to wobble her gently. She slowly woke and brought her small hands to rub her eyes. “Baby, we’re going home, do you want to say goodbye to Nana and everyone,” he whispered, careful not to wake the twins. 

She sat up, waking Dusty and nodded. She was wobbly on her two feet as she stood, holding Harry’s hand. “Wait, Daddy,” she stopped, taking a second to look down at Dusty. “Do you think we can take her home?" 

Harry smiled and bent down to Darcy’s height, "I wish we could, my love but I think Dusty would much rather be at home with Nana, don’t you think?” A big sigh fell from Darcy’s mouth and Harry watched her eyes leave Dusty’s as she began swaying side to side, not wanting to look at him. “Darce, baby,” he began. “Look at her, look how comfy she looks.” Harry pointed behind her where Dusty laid. “We can always visit whenever you’d like.”

Darcy smiled, “Okay Daddy." 

Gemma and Niall woke in each other’s arms and Gemma sat up to stretch before a yawn escaped her mouth. She found Geneva sleeping on Gianna’s lap and she smiled. Niall rubbed her back, placing a kiss on her temple before standing and walking over to where his daughters laid. 

"Darce, say goodnight to Uncle Niall,” Harry handed her over and she fell restlessly into the Irishman’s arms, giving him a small kiss on the lips before saying goodbye. She then stumbled over to Gemma and wrapped her arms around her doing the same. 

“I’ll take this one up,” Niall whispered before picking up Geneva and waving to Harry. You appeared at the door, watching Darcy let go of Gemma. Niall brushed past you with a sleepy baby and you kissed him before letting him head upstairs. 

“Auntie Gem, if Dusty ever needs a home, she can stay at my house,” Darcy whispered, hoping Harry wouldn’t hear, but he did. You smiled walking over to where Harry stood and hugged his side as his arm slipped around your waist. You rested your head on his arm, watching Darcy say goodbye to the cat. 

“I’ll remember that, sweet pea,” Gemma smiled. 

Darcy quickly ran over to your side and her one arm wrapped around your thigh, “We can go home now, Mumma." 

Harry brushed a kiss on Gianna before hugging his sister goodbye. You grabbed Darcy’s coat from the hook and bundled her up, leaving her by the door and heading over to say goodbye to Gemma. 

The three of you shuffled outside and made your way to the car. Harry settled his sleepy girl into her seat before giving her a small kiss and heading over to the driver’s side. You managed to climb in and you sunk into your seat, leaving your arm besides you on the console. 

Harry started the ignition and look over at you, "You alright, love?" 

You nodded with a small smile. 

"Did you have fun, sweets?” You look through the rear view mirror, watching Darcy droop her head around. 

“Yeah, Mumma,” she spoke, barely audible. “Can we come back soon?" 

You grinned at your baby girl, "Yes, of course we can, sweets." 

And she finally fell asleep.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE. The 1st of February will always be a date to remember! 

I hope you enjoyed this one shot. Thank you to the anon who requested it and I hoped it filled your expectations. And yes, as cliché as it is, Niall and Gemma are together and they have twin girls, Geneva and Gianna.

I’m sorry it took so long for me to update as I’ve been busy these last two days. The next update may be a while as well as classes are beginning Tuesday. Hopefully, I’ll have something up tomorrow night.

How are you, lovelies? I’ve missed talking to you!!!

Love you. Nicole .Xoxo