A list of my favorite people ever. Though i tried to do this quickly so I mostly likely forgot someone and im sorry:) ♥♥♥♥


AncelotittiesAncelottittyAlfredodistefanoBarethgale ,Beckharry ,BenzemassBohemiciBrozilCaptainfabfroConcretarCr-sevenCristiamoDamu94Di-maria


Elamoresblanco, Fabiocoentrao, Fassbulous, Footballismylifecr7, Gerardopipita, Gonzalohiguains, Hgm-vdsHopethatisenough


Iisco, Ikerobsessediscobiatches, itslosblancos, Jengoblue, Joesmariacallejon, Juanando-cfc, Juaninmata, Juanseden, Khedirismo, ladecima, Lilxabilukatmodric


Madridistachica, Mailichan, Marcusbartra, Meowco-reus, Mrsallonso, Nenela16, Panic-at-the-isco, Princessrehana


Robbertseyebrows, Sanabananaaa, Sexio-ramos, Soy-un-madridista, Swirlytops, Tfortravis, The-perks-of-being-a-geezer, Thebromance, Thefabulousfabs


Xaabi, 2varane

So, tired old Nessie decides to do a quick run through her loved blogs - as she always do - at 3:44 a.m, right before she goes to bed and what happens? She finds half naked Sergio Ramos on Tina’s blog just staring at her… After that how is she supposed to sleep?

p.s - Tina… I deserve can you please figure out a solution to this? *stern face*


But you won’t go away just like that. No! Ehehehe.

You can sing this one with all Sergio’s girls, especially with Pilar, if you want. ;d

Nessie - being a bitch, as always. ;d

I adore this song and it’s sooo Sergessa, it hurts…

Oops, one more which I adore and which screams ‘Sergessa’. ;p

And one ‘Taking Chances…’ Sergessa, ofc… (Not to say Nessie /was/ dressed in dark-blue. o.O)

I am genuinely surprised I haven’t posted this one already…

And this is the culmination because our family cannot miss this singer and we put it under song number 7 here. ;d

Aww, Sergio is happeh. I am happeh too, then. ;p

How are you twin? Ehehehehe.

You little teaser… How can you do this to me? Are you enjoying putting me to misery?

All the songs… especially “Curious”…

But since you’re dealing me, here’s something to you in return *lalala*


Cris really loved this last one. Just look at him twin.

Oh, one more.

Because this one is just too good not to be here *muahahaha*

There, there Cris! Tina will take care of you in a sec honey.

Any thoughts my lovely gemelle?