footballers and children


AND ON THE SECOND POSITION OF the “Take desperate to a new level” ranking, right after Even Bech Næsheim and his paper dispenser performance we have: 

YOUSEF ACAR, Bakka. 20 years old who, in order to get to talk and be close to his crush, comes up with the excuse of being thirsty and brings up a conversation (and demonstration) about how to peel carrots off as well as football and children. His performance ends up with him getting nervous when his crush’s brother uncovers his master plan and tells him to stop flirting with his sister which unfortunately leads him to forget his drink in the kitchen which clearly demonstrates how extra he is and how thirsty (not for a drink tho) he is for Sana’s attention. 


Children play football as oil wells, set ablaze by retreating Islamic State (IS) jihadists, burn behind them in the town of Qayyarah, some 70 km south of Mosul on November 20, 2016. Locals told AFP that they face a range of health issues including breathing difficulties, and sheperds said they could not sell their livestock as the sheep’s fleece was blackened by smoke.


Archie rummaged through the old cardboard boxes in the corners of the garage. A deflated football and a few children’s books were all the young Andrews had found so far. Until his thin fingers brushed against a book. He pulled out the dust covered object and brushed it gently. The familiar logo of the school was printed on the front. This could only be his father’s yearbook. Archie opened the hardback eagerly. Searching for familiar faces. 

He saw Hermione, Alice, FP and even Hal until his eyes finally spotted Fred Andrews, with a full mop of hair and eyes that glistened even through a photograph. Next to his father, however, was a girl with a name he recognized but not a face. Blossom.

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Neymar trying to keep a mascot warm; while Luis Suárez has a quick chat with him before the match against Manchester City . 

And the boys face afterwards is PRICELESS!!