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i’m not going to tag anyone because i’m too lazy sorry

1) What was the last lie you told? i bought an energy drink and i told my mom that i didn’t

2) What’s your guilty pleasure? energy drinks, food in general

3) Do you secretly hate any player? not so secretly but i have few players i cannot stand, i don’t want to piss anyone off so i’m not gonna say who they are

4) A song you wish someone would dedicate to you. i have no idea basically any song

5) What are you wearing? jeans and a basketball t-shirt

6) When was the last time you travelled? last summer (but i will tomorrow)

7) Where did you go? Croatia

8) Do you regret anything you did/didn’t do this week? i was supposed to study for exams and i didn’t

9) What’s your favorite food? food

10) What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor? all of them

11) Name a place you’ve always wanted to visit. spain or greece or india

footballerfacts asked:

8, 10, 14, 18, 21, 28, 32, 37, 42. Have fun :)

you are crazy let’s be Friends I like you

favourite Show? Don’t have any

favourite Song?
MANY! At the moment I love listen to Linkin Park so I like Breaking the Habbit a lot, Shadow of the Day and A Place for my Head

favourite Book? I Love Lord of the Rings and those kind of Books so yeah

Movies or Books?
BOOKS! always

Tea or Coffee?

Longest relationship? 0 Days

Opinion on Abortion?
I think, when you know the Baby you have is ill like having Down Syndrom or something more serious it’s okay to take an arbortion,but If you want to do an arbotion because it could make you fat I think you should die at this Way.

Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? Away

Like yourself? Never done