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Hey! It's pretty much prom season and well could you write Jock!Josh asking cheerleader!Ty to prom and he's all nervous about it and maybe he has help? And it's just very cute and sweet✨ thank you!

( thisnis perfect because I’m promposing to my girlfriend tomorrow !)

Tyler was on the sidelines, cheering with his squad. Josh was on the field, playing hard. Once the game ended, the cheerleaders ran into the field to greet their winning team.

Tyler ran up to josh, but the whole football team stands in a line, and josh smiles at Tyler. The team holds up cards, saying “ prom?”

Josh walks up, holding a poster board.

’ 2 4 6 8
Would you be my prom date? ’

Tyler squeals and nods, running over and hugging josh

The loud speakers start playing cheerleader by OMI.

Tyler laughs at the cheesiness , kissing all over Josh’s face as the crowd roars.