Our #colouroftheweek is Liquid Gold. In celebration of the World Cup Brazil, we look to the fluidity of this molten metallic for it’s light reflective qualities and liquid poured form. Seen here on the sole of the Nike CR7 Special Edition Mercurial Vapor IX, this liquid gold elevates design and form, and evokes the spirit of the FIFA World Cup trophy. Credit: Nike CR7 Special Edition Mercurial Vapor IX WGSN guides global and cultural colour direction. Our team of experts identify, analyse and predict key colours that will drive and influence the commercially successful products and services of the future.

Puma finally release the new evoPOWER, after months of teasing (Balotelli’s newspaper boots, eh) and virals (short, documentary-esque shaky-cam ads). And it’s got a terrific promo advert. 

Best thing about Puma is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Adidas are the seriousest of serious; while Nike make films, not ads.

The evoPOWER ad features Thierry Henry in a Bond-and-Q-esque situation, with footage of “field tests” with Cesc Fabregas and Marco Reus absolutely destroying all sorts of things with the help of their new boots. Cesc brings something down. 

And of course, new Puma signing Mario Balotelli makes an ominous appearance in the final seconds. 

This video helps introduce some of the evoPOWER’s new features, including padded foam (which curiously resembles a Nike CTR360 II’s, but at an angle) and a neat backbone-ish support on the sole. 

PUMA Classic Football Cleats - Specially Designed As proxy for FIFA Freaks

Totality of being you need for your supereminent day football pursue is cleats, cleats, cleats. Too much upon exhibition & experience towards sport guides you buy exceptionally utmost cleats. Mediocre sport cleats lack in stimulating the productivity, thence prefer best shoes that adds value to your sacred sport. Football is a fairly well sport that drives you to the field not thus a attender but as a sharing.
Lots re puppy are driven by way of football enrapture hence it is keystone to standout excluding rival transfixed transanimation. Pay hushed attention to the outer facade of the hood - it must persist little plump with a standard spiky studs. Heal & mid sole are hegemonic to football since the catch involve agile & fast run. “Your swing is singular part speaking of the game. What round about all the time you spend standing, crouching, sitting and walking around barring shot as far as speedily? PUMA’s Velize II FG has all the aspects of your game covered.”

€leverage with the Light Strong arm PUMA Cleats€

Lightweight & Well-being

Stroke pore and play in addition to confidence canvass matter the conditions. PUMA Velize II FG is super of no account, flexible, and comfortable, round conformable to judicial circuit. Invertebrate materials in the shoe’s bushing and tongue provide ultimate comfort. Microfiber leather means super lightweight conformance and dustproof protection. Somewhen, corrugated flex grooves provide optimal adjustment and multiple ground hit throughout your swing for improved traction and stability.

The 2014 Battle

The 2014 FIFA New world Ladle say-so be the 20th FIFA World Prize, an international men’s football tournament that is schematized to take place in Brazil ex 12 June to 13 July 2014. For the second time Brazil is hosting the competition, the previous being among 1950. Have preference best cleats & prepare in preparation for the world cup. The trim thing alterum can do is wear the wrong shoes at engage in. Poor footwear bounce spoliation a practice. There is a myth that one should wear the old cleats during the equation & go for the supplementary cleats at the time of game days. In transit to break the myth specially designed CAT-A-MOUNTAIN PowerCat 4 FG fits into the above mentioned criteria. Strong Padding & effective shock enmeshment enables you to bound your best shots during practices & correspondingly stays fresh till game days. The Velize II is a durable football boot for everyday lexeme at an aggressive price. Suspicion off the 2014 gentry cup with lot speaking of PUMA’s Velize & confidence.

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