Our #colouroftheweek is Liquid Gold. In celebration of the World Cup Brazil, we look to the fluidity of this molten metallic for it’s light reflective qualities and liquid poured form. Seen here on the sole of the Nike CR7 Special Edition Mercurial Vapor IX, this liquid gold elevates design and form, and evokes the spirit of the FIFA World Cup trophy. Credit: Nike CR7 Special Edition Mercurial Vapor IX WGSN guides global and cultural colour direction. Our team of experts identify, analyse and predict key colours that will drive and influence the commercially successful products and services of the future.

Harold Edgerton Photography     

In the era of vacuum tubes and radios the size of tables, Edgerton created a way to stop the world; a bullet passing through an apple; a footballer’s boot connecting with a ball; the crown-like splash created from a single drop of milk. He was the first man to harness electricity to freeze time to an instant.

Edgerton’s iconic images would be difficult enough to create today, even with computers on hand to open and close the shutter and fire the flash. But Edgerton took his pictures in the days of analogue, recording them on a motion picture camera converted to shoot at previously impossible speeds, and lighting them with an electric flash he invented himself. Intricate geometries happening so fast the human eye is incapable of comprehending them were suddenly captured for all to marvel at (via BBC).

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Puma finally release the new evoPOWER, after months of teasing (Balotelli’s newspaper boots, eh) and virals (short, documentary-esque shaky-cam ads). And it’s got a terrific promo advert. 

Best thing about Puma is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Adidas are the seriousest of serious; while Nike make films, not ads.

The evoPOWER ad features Thierry Henry in a Bond-and-Q-esque situation, with footage of “field tests” with Cesc Fabregas and Marco Reus absolutely destroying all sorts of things with the help of their new boots. Cesc brings something down. 

And of course, new Puma signing Mario Balotelli makes an ominous appearance in the final seconds. 

This video helps introduce some of the evoPOWER’s new features, including padded foam (which curiously resembles a Nike CTR360 II’s, but at an angle) and a neat backbone-ish support on the sole.