Our #colouroftheweek is Liquid Gold. In celebration of the World Cup Brazil, we look to the fluidity of this molten metallic for it’s light reflective qualities and liquid poured form. Seen here on the sole of the Nike CR7 Special Edition Mercurial Vapor IX, this liquid gold elevates design and form, and evokes the spirit of the FIFA World Cup trophy. Credit: Nike CR7 Special Edition Mercurial Vapor IX WGSN guides global and cultural colour direction. Our team of experts identify, analyse and predict key colours that will drive and influence the commercially successful products and services of the future.

Puma finally release the new evoPOWER, after months of teasing (Balotelli’s newspaper boots, eh) and virals (short, documentary-esque shaky-cam ads). And it’s got a terrific promo advert. 

Best thing about Puma is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Adidas are the seriousest of serious; while Nike make films, not ads.

The evoPOWER ad features Thierry Henry in a Bond-and-Q-esque situation, with footage of “field tests” with Cesc Fabregas and Marco Reus absolutely destroying all sorts of things with the help of their new boots. Cesc brings something down. 

And of course, new Puma signing Mario Balotelli makes an ominous appearance in the final seconds. 

This video helps introduce some of the evoPOWER’s new features, including padded foam (which curiously resembles a Nike CTR360 II’s, but at an angle) and a neat backbone-ish support on the sole. 

Coffee Cups and Football Boots

by riverniall

Harry’s stood behind the counter again, but this time he’s painting his nails. Louis strolls up to the counter and, thanks to his no brain-to-mouth filter, blurts out, “Isn’t that a little girlish, Haz?” leaning closer to inspect.

Harry lets out a little huff as his hand slips, “Oh, damn, now I’ve messed it up,” he pouts and turns to Louis, “Why should making myself feel pretty be girly?”

Louis holds up his hands in surrender, “’M not judging, jus’ curious is all.”

(The entirely cheesy and cliché Christmas AU, in which Harry doesn’t give a damn what people think about him – mostly – and Louis may be a little bit in love.

Alternatively, the one in which Harry owns a café that’s barely scraping by and Louis is a footballer and he takes Harry away for Christmas.

Featuring Zayn as a cocky little shit that most definitely needs to be put back in his place, Niall as the loveable Irish dude who drinks too much and flirts with Zayn more than the average girl, and Liam who loves everyone but hates them all at the same time.)

Words: 14025, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’

Euro2016 is over. I’m so happy that Antonie Griezemann got Golden Boot (but i would be happier if they won tbh) and also I’m so proud of my team - Poland nt! This Euro was amazing and really suprisng! So it’s time to satrt to count down to Mundial!