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Hey! Quick question about your Olympics AU... did Clarke ever get around to introducing Octavia to Lincoln? If so, did Raven tease Octavia the same way that she had teased Clarke? Thanks for writing it by the way, I really enjoyed reading it!

Clarke didn’t have to even ask Lexa about Lincoln. The two ended up meeting when both teams happened to head down to the cafeteria in the village at the same time. Clarke had been texting with Lexa of course and knew she was going to be eating soon. She rallied Raven, Octavia and a couple other players to grab food before heading out to some of the day’s last events. 

Octavia grabbed her arm and squealed when she saw the Australian team sitting at a table near the door. Clarke didn’t even notice though, eyes and attention focused solely on the woman who captivated her with a single look.

She grabbed food with her teammates before sitting down at a table just near enough to Lexa’s but just far enough away, catching eyes back and forth while they ate. When Lincoln got up to throw his trash away and clear the table, Octavia made a beeline and introduced herself. It was too noisy to hear anything, but Lincoln threw his head back in a laugh and the two continued talking as they walked out of the cafeteria together. 

When Clarke looked back at Lexa, she was met with a wink and a sly smile. And suddenly Clarke couldn’t focus on her food at all, standing up to clear her tray and feeling a familiar presence behind her. 

They spent the day laughing and enjoying each other’s company walking through the events and the village.

Raven just rolled her eyes at the lot of them and continued to keep her options open.

I'm so proud of Ney โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

He has been handling all the pressure and the hate with poise, composure, and great athleticism on the field 💗 He is our captain and he’s here to lead our Olympic team to the 💛GOLD💛 medal! I have no doubt that his determination and courage will lead our players to continue pushing for success 💪🏽

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Hello, Mystery Brunette! My super secret insider just told me that lads on Ibiza and lady lad in London are only distractions, and Louis is in fact in Doncaster, currently playing football with baby twins and puppies. Team Doris & puppies is winning.

Haha awww what a lovely thought.

Baby Alarm

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When I wake up, it’s the middle of the night. It’s the first time this week that I was fast asleep, but babys obviously don’t care about how much sleep their parents get and my newborn daughter Lea is no exception.

I haven’t even opened my eyes completely when I hear the sound of her loud crying. The sharp tone immediately awakens my attention and my brain switches to what I like to call its “mom-mode”.

Looking over to my husband Manuel, I notice he’s still snoring and I roll my eyes. Sometimes I feel like Lea is only my daughter and not his, but I know it’s not his fault since mother nature decided only to give women the ability to wake up from high-pitched notes like a baby’s crying.

I sigh and kiss Manu’s cheek. He shifts a little and his right hand finds its way to the spot where my lips touched his skin. He’s still sleeping deeply which makes me aww to his cute little action. But before I can get lost in my husband’s face as I always did before we had our little daughter, her cries cut their way through my stray thoughts and I heave my sore body off the bed to go to Lea’s room.

The cries get louder and louder when I get closer to her room which makes me worry that I underestimated the situation. Lea has never been this loud at night, so I try to think of multiple reasons why this could be happening.

She isn’t growing any teeth yet, that’s for sure. She’s way too young for that. Maybe she just wants food or milk or her diaper needs to be changed. The loud crying just seems so odd, we have never experienced something like that before.

Lea is weeping bitterly when I pick her up and place her in my arms on my chest. I try to reassure her by dandling her softly and since that doesn’t work, I also try to breast-feed her.

After an hour of trying to calm her down, I decide it makes no sense to keep getting myself upset and my baby stressed, so I decide to go to the hospital with her. I feel awkward because I know the people in the hospital are gonna judge me hard af. “She can’t even take care of her own child” “She’s obviously way too young to have a child” “That poor little girl”

I grab Manu’s sports bag and exchange his stuff with Lea’s while she’s kicking in her baby seat. When I walk to the bathroom, someone surprisingly interrupts my plan.

“Ow” I whine after running against Manu’s buff chest. He chuckles and replies: “Sorry, I didn’t see you. It’s too dark and I’m tired af.”

I look up into his eyes and ask him why he’s up at this late hour. “I noticed you were gone and then I heard Lea crying downstairs.” he explained and furrows his brows. “She’s having a bad night, isn’t she?”

I sigh and lean my body onto his, he immediately wraps his arms around my waist. “I’ve been trying to calm her down for an hour now. I don’t know what to do anymore and wanted to take her to the hospital.” I mumble into his chest.

Manu sighs and says into my ear: “You could’ve woken me up, Emily.” He sounds a little disappointed, if not frustrated.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to wake you up. You were so exhausted yesterday and I didn’t want to interrupt your peaceful sleep.” I say and look up into his eyes again. He smiles and grabs my face between his large hands. “Exhausted? Me? You must be 1000 times more exhausted than me, Emily. I don’t even know how you do this every day. Lea is a little troublemaker and you manage to take care of her 24/7 without freaking out. You’re an amazing mom and I admire you so much, okay?” He seals my lips with a soft kiss and I smile, but still don’t know where he’s going with this. “But we’re in this together. I’m Lea’s dad and I want you to know that I’m always here for the two of you, you can always rely on me. You could call me in the middle of a match and I’d drop my boys for you!” I laugh at his last confession and thank him. What would I do without this man?

“And now I’m gonna look after Lea while you drink some tea to calm down again, okay?”, he asks with a concerned look on his face. I peck his lips again and whisper: “Okay.”

Manu walks to the living room to take care of Lea who is still crying and kicking heartbreakingly in her seat. It really pains you as a mother to see your flesh and blood in these situation and it’s equally frustrating to know you can’t find a solution to it, so you failed.

Manu was right, I need to soothe my own nerves too, so I go to our kitchen and make myself some tea. As soon as I feel the hot liquid go down my throat, relaxation washes over me. I smile relieved and lean my back against the back of my chair. Before I can get up and go to our bedroom, I feel my eyes closing and my mind drifts off.

My nap is short and soft, but I feel refreshed and relaxed when my eyes open for the second time this night. I immediately notice that the crying is gone and get excited. Manu actually made it.

I get up from my chair and walk to the living room. What I see there makes my heart burst of joy and love. Manu is sitting on the couch with his little daughter in his arms. She’s about the size of his lower arm and it looks beyond adorable how the 6’4′’ figure is holding onto this petite bundle of joy for dear life (more like bundle of terror…). When I approach the two of them, I notice they’re both asleep. Manu looks like a dork with his head leaned back against the couch while Lea smiles in her sleep. Her tiny fingers are clinging to her father’s huge forefinger and it seems like they both found peace in this exact position.

Maybe all Lea needed was her dad holding her and soothing her. I feel bad that I kind of left Manu out of the whole parenting thing recently, but I know better now.

I decide not to wake my husband and daughter up, but I still cover their bodies with a blanket before going upstairs to go to bed again.

Before leaving them on their own, I caress Lea’s cheek and kiss Manu onto his forehead.

“I love you so much”

there you go, emily! i hope you like it :) sorry that it’s taking me quite long to update atm, it’s just that three of my fingers are bruised and it’s not easy typing with them ;) hope you have a nice day xx