football, feminism and you


Guys, just watch this video please! I know you don’t like football but it’s not about that! It has English subtitles and it’s just… perfect

something important about 604 that involves Jeff and Annie I just noticed. The last “Milady Milord” was in S2 when Annie shut him down. After that he stopped saying it to her and always before than, it was only his way to win her over to him (Spanish 101) or it was his way of apologising to her (Football Feminism and You.) 

But now - now 

it’s what we’ve always known it to be - it’s an endearment. 

And his way of showing love and respect to Annie 

And the kicker? She knows exactly what he’s up to (which again lends credence to my theory that she suspects it was her down there in that bunker) and she says it back to him. 

It’s now not something to smooth over or win over - it’s an expression of genuine love. And they both know it.