football hooligans

european stereotypes as i’ve encountered them

austria: germans who love schnitzels, strudels and skiing. the sound of music fanatics.
switzerland: heidi and guns. money hoarders. 
italy: pizza and coffee mafia. do not mention ketchup, pineapple or starbucks.
belgium: fake country. beer and waffles. the place where all “faceless evil bureaucrats” come from. 
russia: ice ice baby, communists, insane drivers and furry hats.
netherlands: gays, bicycles and weed.
poland: more catholic than the pope. appointed jesus as their king.
belarus: modern soviet union.
estonia: godless, nordic wannabes.  
portugal: spanish people who speak brazilian and love football.
finland: takes ‘personal space’ to a whole new level. saunas, depression and heavy metal.
romania: drunk, poor vampires always ready to protest.
france: pastry, wine and sex. they invented french fries just ask the belgians. 
ukraine: rip
germany: all work and no play make jack a dull boy, where humor goes to die, socks and sandals. 
greece: invented democracy but did not put a trademark on it so now they broke.
spain: fiestas and siestas ftw. old british people retire here, god save the spanish
hungary: goulash, paprika and chill
ireland: drunk leprechauns
united kingdom: posh americans, football hooligans and tea
turkey: kebab and fascism

A Harry Potter headcanon you can prise from my cold dead hands:

Okay so it’s canon that Dean Thomas is a West Ham fan, we all know this.

What people outside of the UK (And thus a good portion of this American majority site) may not know is that West Ham is more known for it’s football hooligans than it’s actual football.

this is such an accepted cultural norm that almost every film centering around football hooliganism features the West Ham firm or some fictionalised version of them prominently:
For example: The Firm, Green Street, Cass and Rise of the Footsoldier (Based on a true story)

My headcanon is this:

Dean Thomas treated the Battle of Hogwarts like it was Match Day.

He showed up with a burberry scarf covering his face wearing a pair of Adidas Gazelle’s and a Stone Island jacket with Sovreign rings on both hands; when the fighting started Dean didn’t even bother with curses, he just  shouted “Let’s ‘av it then you cunts!” then headbutted the nearest Death Eater and stomped ‘em out.