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Injured Football Player Ch 8

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Summary: The reader and Bucky finally are home together, and Bucky talks about the wedding with her.

Word Count: 1374

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(Chapter 7)

The moment you two got home, you went up to your room and climbed into your big bed. You missed your bed almost as much as you missed Bucky. Bucky made his way up the stairs, when he walked into the room; you pulled back the covers encouraging him to join you.

He climbed into bed and you curled up against his left side. Bucky kissed the top of your head and smiled, “I missed this.”

“I did too,” you yawned.

“So, I was thinking since I will be out pretty much the whole season, we can actually start planning the wedding,” he said while playing with your hair.

you looked up at him, “Are you serious?”

Bucky was not into planning the wedding during football season, because he wanted to make sure that he was giving it his whole attention.

He nodded, “I figured we could set a date and start planning now so we can get married on this coming July 4th.”

You smiled, “You want to get married on the Fourth of July?”

He kissed you softly, “I know you always wanted to get married on the fourth, and I think that it would be a great date to get married on.”

You pulled yourself up so you were face to face with him, “You aren’t just saying that because of what happened are you?”

He tucked the falling pieces of hair behind your ears, “No baby doll, we could go around and around on different dates, but the one we both know July 4th would be the best. We both love the fourth, and the pictures with fireworks going off in the background would look pretty amazing.”

You leaned down and kissed him hard. Ever since you were little, you always dreamed of a Fourth of July wedding. When you and Bucky first got engaged, he thought you were a little strange to want to share an anniversary with America’s birthday.

When you finally pulled away you smiled, “We have a date! July 4th, 2018!”

“It will be easy to remember our anniversary,” he chuckled.

“Shut up Barnes. You do pretty good about remembering our anniversary now,” you said laying back down.

“True, but your mom always calls me a month ahead to make sure that I have something planned.”

You chuckled, “That sneaky, wonderful woman,” you let out a long yawn.

“You sleepy?” he whispered softly.

You nodded. When you were at the ranch you didn’t sleep well. Now that you and Bucky better and back home, you felt like you could sleep for days.

“Go to sleep, love, I will be right here when you wake up,” he kissed your forehead softly.

 It was only a matter of minutes till you fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, you rolled over to find Bucky sitting up against the headboard. You scooted over so you would be in his lap.

“Good morning, doll. Did you sleep well?” he asked running his fingers through your hair.

You nodded, “I did. Did you?”

“I sleep better that you were in the bed with me.”

You smiled, still half asleep, “Time?”

“Uh, 11:27.”

You shot up, “Oh my, God! I cant believe I slept so late! I have to go to the office!”

“Hey, hey,” Bucky said as he grabbed your arm to pull you back into bed, “I already talked to your dad and you aren’t going into the office till next week.”

“Who is at the office?”

“He said that he had it covered,” he patted his lap, “Come back and lay down again.”

You shook your head, “I have to go answer some emails. Then I need to call my mother to tell her we finally set a date.”

“That can wait a little longer,” he gently tugged on you.

“Fine, I will just answer emails from my phone,” you curled up into bed and grabbed your phone. You answered all the emails that needed to be answered, then when you went to call your mom, her name popped up in caller id.

“Hey, momma, I was just about to call you,” you said pulling the covers up closer to your chin.

“I was just calling to check in and see how everyone was doing,” you mom’s voice always made you feel calm.

“Oh, we are doing good. We are still in bed, just hanging out.”

“How is James’s shoulder feeling?”

“He is doing okay. He has his surgery Friday so he is ready to get that over with.”

“Oh I bet. So, know anything new and exciting?”

“Actually I do. That is what I was gonna call you about. Bucky and I set a date for the wedding!”

“Oh my goodness,” you mom squealed, “Oh when is it gonna be?”

“July 4th of this coming year.”

“Oh, baby girl, you always wanted a Fourth of July wedding! Oh I am so excited!”

“Me too! You are the first person we have told, so feel special, Momma!”

“Trust me I do,” you heard your mom jumping up and down.

For the next thirty minutes, you two talked about the wedding and you finally said goodbye and hung up the phone.

 You looked over at Bucky who was smiled at you, “You are so perfect,” he grabbed your hand and kissed it.

“Stop,” you blushed. You looked through your contacts and found your college roommate and best friend, Michelle’s phone number, “I’m going to FaceTime Michelle now”

He shrugged flipping though the TV, “I will prepare myself.”

 You chuckled as you pressed the call button.

 "What up, slut?“ Michelle’s face popped up on the screen.

 "Nothing much ho,” Bucky snorted at each other’s greetings, “You busy?”

 "Nope, just sitting at the office, what’s up?“

 "Well, I got some news to tell you.”

 "Barnes better not have knocked you up! You promised me that you would wait till you were 25 to start popping out those little demons! I have you for another year before I lose you to the dark side,“ Michelle ranted.

 "I’m not pregnant! Calm down!”

 She let out a sigh of relief, “Oh thank God. So what’s up?”

 "We finally set a date for the wedding,“ you smiled.

 "It’s about damn time! So when are we getting hitched to Barnes?”

 "July 4th, 2018.“

 "You are gonna get your Fourth of July wedding,” she smiled as she nodded, “I’m glad Barnes finally gave in to it.”

 "Yeah he surprised me with that last night. So, I knows this goes without saying and I’m obviously going to ask you in the proper way, but you’ll be one of my bridesmaids, right?“

 "Of course I will be! I’ve only been waiting for this since you two got engaged a year ago!”

 Bucky laughed and you chuckled, “Alright, well I’ll let you get back to work. I got other calls to make.”

 "Okay, bye slut.“

 "See ya ho,” you hung up the phone.

 "You two have a weird relationship,“ Bucky shook his head.

 "Oh, get over it,” you mumbled curling up in his arms.

 He kissed the top of your head.

 You started to doze off, and before you knew it you were waking up to the smell of pizza. You rolled over to see Bucky carrying a pizza box up the stairs to the room.

 When he saw that you were awake he smiled, “I figured you would be hungry.”

 You sat up, “Thanks, Buck.”

 He kissed your head when he sat down the pizza box. He sat down and watched you open the box. He was so happy you were back home. The idea of you not being together, killed him. He hated that he treated you so badly. He hated that he broke your heart. He would do anything and everything to make up for it. He would do anything for you; if you wanted him to he would walk away an quit football. You were the love of his life, and he would love you forever.

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