football text post

Oh god, guys, can we not do this again.

I keep seeing “Oh man, 17776 is the new Homestuck! All I can think about is Homestuck! It’s Just Like Homestuck!”

Can we please not do this “X is the new Y!” thing because inevitably this means that X is going to get driven into the ground in .2 seconds when people inevitably call it cringe culture. Please just let it be it’s own thing. Yes, it’s the same genre but can we please not do this I just want to enjoy football robots.

Dark Brotherhood sounds like an edgy name for a group of as edgy emo kids who gather up in some kind of cave to listen Fallout Boy and complain about their parents

Companions are sporty boys and girls who nobody thinks anything bad of. They are cool and most people admire them. The golden ones. Secretly their inner ring is smoking pot

Thieves guild is full of 12-year-old boys who think they are a big deal because one of them once snatched a candy bar. They drive aroud with their bikes, bully old ladies and think that school is for nerds.

The whole Civil War thing with Imperials and Stormcloaks is actually a fight going on between fans of two sports teams (probably football). Imperials are the bigger team and Stormcloaks dream about beating them one day.