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Bad Thoughts

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A/N: First time writing Jason and it’s borderline smut, what does that say about me? ….. Who cares! 

Request: Could you do a Jason Blossom imagine where they haven’t been dating for that long (maybe like a month or 2) and one day he sees her at cheer practice and can’t control himself lol and his sister ends up cockblocking him

Word Count:1,768

Warning: Borderline smut,kinda, almost??? y’know?

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(Archie Andrews x Reader): You’re such a cliche

Summary: Archie and Reader (a cheerleader) develop feels and eventually a relationship, the only problem is that the reader doesn’t want it to get out.

A/N: (apologies for spelling and grammar) This is a different style from what I normally do so I hope you enjoy it :)

 It had all started after an away football game. (Y/N) had been sitting at the front of the bus like she usually did (she claimed she got carsick; she was really just trying to avoid most of the other cheerleaders so she could read in peace) and Archie sat down next to her.

“Is this seat taken?” Archie asked, causing (Y/N) to look up from her book.

“I guess not,” You mumbled, a little annoyed to be distracted since you were just getting wrapped up in the story.

“Sorry, there’s no other seats, otherwise I wouldn’t bother you, you seem pretty pulled into that book.” He explains, looking a bit nervous.

You take pity on him, “That’s okay, I just usually sit up here to take a break from the girls, I love them but sometimes they’re a little too much.” You admit.

Archie nods, “I totally get that, I have the same thing with a lot of the guys on the team, that’s why it helps to have good friends who aren’t only thinking about football.”

You shrug, not wanting to admit that you don’t really have any good friends, just the other cheerleaders.

“So what are you reading?” Archie asked.

And that’s how it all started. The two spent the whole ride back to Riverdale talking about everything from books to music to politics.

After that the two found each other more and more often, they started partnering up in the classes they shared and Archie made it a habit to always sit next to (Y/N) on the bus to and from away games. Any time anyone asked if they were dating they would both scoff and reject the idea, both convinced that the other one didn’t feel the same way.

You were at a party, you hated parties, the music was always too loud, it was too hot, and everyone around you was too drunk. Cheryl was hanging on to you, her arm around your shoulders, “Isn’t she so tacky?” She asked you, her words slurring together.

“Who?” You asked dumbly, realizing you’d zoned out of the conversation.

“Veronica, of course” Cheryl sighed, “God, you’re so stupid sometimes. Anyway, I think she’s probably had work done, I mean…”

You nodded along as Cheryl droned on, not noticing Archie standing nearby watching you.

Eventually you excused yourself to go to the bathroom and carefully pried Cheryl’s arm off of you. When you got up to the bathroom you stared at yourself in the mirror for a long time, wondering how you’d gotten yourself in this situation. After washing your face quickly you opened the door only to stumble into Archie.

“Oh, hey!” You say cheerfully, putting on the facade you’d perfected in recent years.

“Why do you act that way when you’re around the other cheerleaders?” He asked bluntly.

“What way?” You asked, playing dumb, even though you knew exactly what he was getting at.

“It’s like you’re a completely different person when you’re with me, I don’t get it.” He tells you.

“It’s just easier.” You respond, defensively crossing your arms over your chest, “It makes it easier to fit in.”

Archie sighed, “Yeah, you’re a cheerleader, but you’re also so much more than that. Don’t let people like Cheryl dumb you down.”

“I appreciate that Archie, I really do, but if I was myself around these people…I’d probably get kicked off the team.” You reply, “Now if you’ll excuse me,” You add before slipping past him and making your way back to your post next to Cheryl.

The next weekend was an away game. It was a brutal loss and Archie was unusually quiet on the bus ride home because of it.

“Hey, you played great tonight, you know that right?” You said softly.

“Thanks, (Y/N), but I still feel bad, I could have played better,” Archie replied. 

“Hey, I’m sure next weekend will be better,” You say as you gently and hesitantly intertwine your fingers with his own. Your brain tells you not to, that this is a bad idea and you’re slowly becoming everything you hate but another party of you can’t bear that you’re not touching him more.

“(Y/N)…” Archie mutters softly, looking down at your hands and then back up at your face.

“Is this okay?” You ask quietly.

“Yes,” He replies quickly.

You smile softly as you turn to look straight ahead again. 

They held hands the rest of the ride, neither one wanted to be the first one to let go. Once they got back to school and everyone started getting off (Y/N) quickly snatched her hand away before anyone could notice it.

“Can I walk you home?” Archie asked, surprising you. The two of you never spent time together outside of school and stuff for football, especially not alone. 

You smiled and nodded, “Sure.”

As they walked Archie reached for your hand again.

“So what are we?” Archie asked as you walked up to your porch.

“I don’t know,” You replied, turning to face him, “I’m turning into everything I used to make fun of, but I don’t hate it.”

“Well, do you want to date?” Archie asked.

“I think so,” You admitted, “Do you?”

“Of course, ever since I first sat next to you on the bus I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask you out.” He replied, blushing slightly.

“Then you should pick me up tomorrow night at seven,” You reply as you unlocked your door.

Their first date was at Pops, they were having a good time, talking about their families and how dysfunctional they are when some cheerleaders walked in and made their way over to where they were sitting.

“Oh my god! Are you guys on a date?” One of them asked excitedly.

“No,” You quickly replied, “We’re just hanging out,” You lied quickly and believably.

“Oh, sorry,” She replied awkwardly, “Well…we’ll leave you to it…” She said before the group walked away.

“Sorry about that,” You said, turning to Archie, “They’re just…”

“Why did you say we weren’t on a date?” He asked.

“They-There are these really dumb stereotypes, you know, the whole cheerleader and the football player cliche? I just, I can’t become that.”

“But isn’t that what we are?” 

“No! We’re more than that, we’re more complex, but that’s how those girls will see us, and I just can’t-”

“Do you want to be in a relationship with me?”

“I-yes.” You admit, “But we’re some fantasy straight out of the 1969s.”

“Why is that so bad? What we have is real, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” You reply again, “Archie, I want to be with you, but if we are, we can’t tell anyone, at least not the football team and cheerleading squad.”

“Are you ashamed at the thought of being with me?”

“No, I just wanted what we have to be just between us, it’s too special to taint with everyone else.”

And for two months they did just that, they went on dates, spent time together, did everything that couples do, the only difference was that they didn’t tell anyone one at school, or act in any slightly romantic way when they were around other kids.

Archie had a hard time keeping it from his close friends. Betty, Veronica, Kevin-and even Jughead-sometimes tried to set him up with people, but he just kept avoiding their ideas, claiming that he was too busy with music and football and work to have a girlfriend. None of them really bought it (I mean, it hadn’t stopped him before when he was with Grundy or Valerie) but they had a hard time figuring out why Archie would be so adamant about it. Kevin was the one who first brought up the fact that he was hiding a secret girlfriend but everyone else thought that was highly unlikely, they’d never seen him act more than friendly with anyone, and none of the girls he hung out with stood out more than others.

But, like all secrets, the truth came out eventually.

You and Archie were at Pops one Friday night, enjoying your tradition of splitting a hot fudge malt and a basket of fries when the ice queen herself, Cheryl, walked in.

“Well, well, well, what are you two doing here? Out on a date?” She asks as she saunters over.

“Cheryl, for the last time, we’re not dating, we’re just hanging out.” You reply with an eyeroll as you glance over at her.

“Well, you two do an awful lot of hanging out for two people claiming to just be friends.” She comments, “Every weekend someone finds the two of you here, just the two of you,”

“Cheryl, everyone hangs out here all the time, what are you trying to say?”

“I’m just saying that if you’re not dating Archie, you should give someone else a ride on the ginger stallion.” She replies suggestively as she gives Archie a meaningful glance, “What do you say Archie?”

“I um-” He stalls, glancing at you nervously.

“Oh come on Cheryl, just because Archie doesn’t want to make out with you doesn’t mean he’s dating someone,” You cutting, starting to feel a bit defensive.

“Well, that didn’t stop him last time.”

“What?” You ask, feeling completely thrown for a loop.

“At my family’s maple syrup tapping,” Cheryl replies.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter, that was before we were dating,” You reply before realizing what you just said and claiming your hand over your mouth and glancing at Archie with wide eyes.

“Ha! I knew it!” She shouts triumphantly, “Jesus Christ, you guys made that way harder than it needed to be. I can’t wait to tell everybody, this is so exciting.”

“Great…” You mutter as she walks away, already typing on her phone (presumably texting the group chat the ‘good news’), “Shit,” You mutter as you rub your hands over your face. From across the table Archie reaches over and grabs your hands away and holds them in his own. 

“Hey,” He says softly, “It’s going to be okay, we’ll figure out how to deal with this, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re okay with this.”

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” You ask, giving him a loving smile, “I guess now that the cats out of the bag we should just embrace it, you know? I was getting kind of tired of hiding it anyway.”

“Good, because I’ve been wanting you to wear my letter jacket for ages now, and I think Monday would be a great opportunity for you to debut that look.”

“You’re such a cliche.”

“You know you love it”

Bad Girls Do It Well, Part 2 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: You were once a Southside Serpent assigned to train Jughead Jones III in the Serpent way of life. After being shot by a comrade, you decide it’s time to take some time off and focus on your education by transferring to Riverdale High. However, it looks like trouble will follow you wherever you go.

The moment you walked into Riverdale High School, everyone turned to stare.

You were an unrecognizable girl with slightly disheveled hair and a death stare for anyone who made eye contact. Somewhat laughably, you had traded out your comfortable leather jacket with the snake on the back for a pink cardigan and skirt, and you looked as out of place as you felt. You recognized who Jughead had described to be Archie, Betty, Veronica, and another boy their age. Upon seeing you, they whispered at each other and made wild hand gestures. You rolled your eyes, continuing to the locker the secretary had assigned to you.

Fidgeting with the combination lock while trying to read the scrawled out code she had written for you, a familiar figure strode up next to you and leaned on the wall.

“New look, huh?“ Jughead asked. He, too, had left his jacket at home. Surprisingly, he left the beanie too.

Transferring to Riverdale High after having dropped out for a few months and being an emancipated minor was no easy feat. With Jughead’s help, you pulled a sob story about how you realized how awful the real world was and needed a good ole’ public education to set yourself straight, which elicited elitist approval from the school board. Jughead’s foster family was fortunately very sensitive to Jughead’s needs and desires, and signed the transfer forms as soon as he brought up that he missed his old friends (which he didn’t).

You snapped your gum at him. “Some of my mom’s old clothes. Wanted to look inconspicuous.“ You laughed. “Does it look as hideous as it feels?“

Jughead shook his head earnestly. “You look kind of cute, to be honest.”

Rolling your eyes again, you eyed him up and down. “And you? Where’s the hat, kid?”

He grinned. “I dunno, it seemed like you liked me better with it off.” He ran his hands through his hair.

Your face reddened and you shoved him playfully. “I’m still your superior, you know. Just ‘cause I got shot doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.“

As the two of you laughed and you finally were able to start sorting your books in your locker, Jughead’s friends approached him.

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Betty’s a serpent (part 4)

(part 1) (part 2)  (part 3)

The final chapter is finally here!! 

It’s shorter than the others but I hope you all still enjoy. Please let me know what you think and thank you for all the support whilst writing this.

bughead fanfiction


Kevin nodded whilst Archie said “Yeah, I think we are”


After that the five started hanging around more. They had two meeting places; Pop’s or Scorpion although having the sheriff’s kid hanging around with a bunch of serpents wasn’t exactly ideal so for the most part, burgers and milkshakes were the choice meal. It’s normally in the evening just before curfew but just after Pop closes up that they manage to sneak in. Jughead being a very loyal customer had managed to convince Pop to keep the diner open on certain days for an hour more after team practice.

What no one had expected was the rain which caused the entire football team and cheerleading squad to tumble in, Veronica, Archie & Betty towards the back with apologetic looks. Jughead had been waiting with his milkshake and a plate of now cold fries and he knew Betty was going to meet him so he waited it out.

When the bell rang he looked up expecting to see his wife and best friends but was instead greeted by a soaking Chuck Clayton & Reggie Mantle as the rest of the team was piling in behind followed by the River Vixens. “Look what we have here” Chuck said walking towards him “our very own serpent traitor.”

Jughead didn’t respond and instead locked eyes with his wife who he could tell was getting angry.

“Come on Jones what you looking at?” Chuck followed his line of sight to Betty “ah yes, the good little Cooper girl. You know Betty, you sure aren’t as much fun as Polly” he’d now turned towards her.

“Leave her alone Chuck, it’s me you have a problem with” Jughead jumped up “or are you too much of a coward you have to pick on girls because you’re not man enough to fight me.”

Still looking at Betty, Chuck continued “Nah come on Cooper. You’re not still dating this southside idiot are you?”

Holding her composure the blonde replied “No Chuck we’re not dating anymore” she looked to Jughead who gave her a slight nod as Veronica (who was standing to her right) held her hand for support “we’re married actually so it’s Cooper-Jones now” she left Veronica’s hand, approached Jughead and kissed him before he handed her back her wedding rings. Putting them on she smiled and held her hand up in the boys now very confused face “so get your facts straight.” Veronica, Archie & Kevin also walked over to where Betty & Jughead were standing.

“Hold up. Your mom actually let you get married? To a serpent?” Chuck asked still trying to understand.

“Well I for one think it’s sweet, don’t you?” Cheryl asked her River Vixens who all agreed. “Chuck maybe you should think about finding a girlfriend too or at least stop harassing my squad and my niece and nephews aunt.” She walked over to the couple and offered her sincere congratulations as some of the other vixens followed.

The rain had started to calm down so people were beginning to leave but Betty stopped Cheryl “Hey, do you wanna join us?”

The redhead looked between the five friends “If you’re all okay with it?” to which everyone nodded. Cheryl slid into a booth next to Veronica and Kevin whilst Archie had pulled up a chair from the opposite table and Jughead & Betty sat opposite, her leaning into him.

Pop’s dropped off six milkshakes and a basket of fries. “A toast” Veronica declared raising her glass up “even though they’ve been married for ages without telling us, I hope you continue to make each other as happy as you do now. May you have a long, healthy and happy marriage. To Betty and Jughead.”

“Betty and Jughead” everyone repeated clinking their glasses together.


To say married life was easy would be a lie but they always managed pulled through.

Despite many arguments both Betty and Jughead had decided to attend college online, Jughead majored in creative writing whilst Betty majored in journalism. With their positions in the Serpents, neither wanted to leave Riverdale so both had looked for jobs they could do from home.

After three months of hunting and thanks to her parents extensive contacts in the journalism industry, Betty had managed to secure a job as a junior writer for an online magazine. Sure it’s not the type of work she thought she’d be writing but her serpent lifestyle was exciting enough that her writing became an escape. As for Jughead, the boy had talent and everyone knew it. He had managed to self publish a book under the name J. C. Jones that had quickly became a bestseller which led to his getting an agent and a hell of a lot more money for this work.

Jackie and Alice were now helping the younger members of the Southside community learn various forms of self defence. The elder serpent was also tutoring the younger children in other subjects something which Betty had encouraged all crew members to take part in and as she had them all wrapped around her finger, they did just that.

The most significant change in their lives happened two years ago, when Betty gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Charlotte ‘Cherry’ Cooper-Jones was born in the early hours of a December morning. She had her mother’s piercing green eyes, father’s raven hair and the entirety of the Cooper’s, Jones’ and Southside Serpents smitten.

It was a rare occasion that everyone got together now. Archie was now a famous singer and was either on tour or recording in LA, Veronica was the head of a global fashion and lifestyle magazine and was engaged to Archie. They had become quite the power couple on social media.
After a couple of years, Kevin was reunited with Joaquin and the two had moved to Sydney to enjoy a less dramatic life. Joaquin was now a chef and owned his own very exclusive restaurant whilst Kevin helped out Veronica with the Australian edition of her magazine. Cheryl had offered to be the head editor in England as a way of starting a new life. She had married a socialite but the two had decided to live in the suburbs so they could give their children the quiet lives they didn’t have.

Every Christmas everyone would fly back to Riverdale where Jughead and Betty would host a Christmas party. Archie had some exciting news that was a surprise for everyone which no one, not even Veronica knew what it was, so as everyone sat round one of the bigger tables in Scorpion, Archie stood up and pulled out his phone. “Something I’ve been wanting to write for a while was a song for you all. My manager just text me letting me know that it’s number one in the Christmas charts so it seems like a good time to share it with you all.” He had connected his phone to the bar’s bluetooth speakers and the sound of a soft guitar started to play. 

The chorus and hook echoed through the bar, everyone had memorised the words by the end;

Doesn’t matter who or where you’re from,
The people that stick beside you help you know, oh,
Your family is who you choose,
From the lonely boy to the girl with tattoos,
They’re always there for you…

The Gorgeous Stranger Pt. 2

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Words: 833

Imagine: You, Y/N Lodge, met the gorgeous stranger, Jughead Jones, he was dark and mysterious and  you met at pop’s. Was this going to be more than a friendship?

You walk with your sister into the high school and you meet up with Betty Cooper, the girl who’s going to show you two around. You listen to Betty and Veronica talk about the school and a few minutes later a boy comes up to Betty and join in on their conversation. You zone out and start thinking about the boy from yesterday at Pop’s, Jughead. You like him, he’s sarcastic and deep and you feel like you can relate to him and his personality in some ways.

You zone back into the real world when you hear the boy, Kevin, ask about your dad, you look away while Veronica answers. When Veronica asks them about the ginger headed boy, Archie, you see your chance to slip away unnoticed tired of their conversation. You walk around the unknown halls and try to memorize the way around. You finally find the classroom you’re looking for and you knock on the door. The teacher opens and smiles at you. ”You must be, Y/N Lodge.” The teacher says and you nod. She beckons you inside and closes the door after. ”Class, this is your new classmate, Y/N Lodge. Would you like to say something about yourself?” The teacher ask and you groan inwardly but nod anyways.

”I’m Y/N Lodge and I like to read and listen to music.” You say keeping it simple and the teacher nods and tells you to take an empty seat, you look around and notice an empty seat next to a boy, when you walk closer you recognize him, Jughead, you smile slightly at your luck and sit down next to him. When he feels movement in the chair next to him, he pulls down his headphones and look to the side and sees you. ”Y/N, hi.” He smiles. ”Hi.” You greet him back. The two of you didn’t say much more and payed attention to the lesson. When the bell finally rings you stand up and gather your new books. Jughead waits for you and you walk out of the classroom together. ”So what do you like so far?” Jughead asks to start up a conversation. You shrug, ”I don’t know, I mean I haven’t been here so long and this school seems to be full of drama, so I’ll guess we’ll find out.” you answer truthfully and Jughead nods in agreement.


School’s finally over and you’re supposed to meet Juggie, the two of you are going to Pop’s. You see Jughead and wait for him to reach you. “So, Pop’s?” Jughead asks for confirmation. “Yup” you answer and the two you walk in sync.

When you arrive at Pop’s you take a seat in the booth you sat in the day before. A waitress came over and left you two menus. You thank the waitress while Jug just nods. You look over the menu but can’t decide. “So, what’s good to eat here?” You ask and Jughead look up at you. “Well, I usually go with a burger, you should too if you like burgers.” Jughead advices. You look down at the menu again and decide on a cheeseburger. When the waitress comes back both of you order a cheeseburger with fries.

“So, Jug, tell me about the people in school, who should I avoid and who should I suck up to?” you ask. “You’re really asking me that out of everyone? I don’t even talk to anyone in school.” “Yeah exactly! Since you don’t really socialize with others, you have the time to sit back and watch which means you probably know everything that happens in this school. So, tell me.” You explain and Jughead sighs. “Fine. Well, there’s the jocks, most of them are douches especially Reggie. You have the cheerleaders, the leader, Cheryl Blossom, is basically a rich bitch, since she’s rich she thinks she can get away with everything and everyone in the cheerleading squad does everything to try and be ‘besties’ with Cheryl. There’s three people who’s actually pretty nice in the football team and cheerleading squad and that’s your sister, Veronica, Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews.”

You listen intensely and when he mention Veronica joining the cheerleading squad you choke on your drink. “Wait, you said my sister joined the cheerleading squad? And I met Betty this morning, she doesn’t seem like the cheerleading type of girl?” You question. “Well, they both tried out today. I thought Veronica told you?” Jug says and you shrug. “I mean I had a feeling she would join the squad eventually, I was just a little surprised she did it so soon.” You explain and Jug nods. The two of you keep talking and you spend another night at pop’s talking and bonding with Jug.

“How a team rose from the humblest of beginnings, Scaled heights and Ploughed depths to become the most loved football club on the planet. Revered not just for the trophies we’ve won but for the manner in which we’ve won them. With honour and dignity. With genius and inspiration. And a never-say-die siprit that is the stuff of legend. A refusal to accept defeat until the 90th minute and beyond. It’s a story you couldn’t write. A story you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t lived it, experienced it, witnessed it,yourself. This is the story of Manchester United. The team that wouldn’t die.