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SuperBowl Sunday with Kendall (Imagine)

Kendall is a huge football fan in heart, but sometime, he doesn’t show it toward his own fans. But ever since September, with the rumors that the Seattle Seahawks might be playing the SuperBowl in 2014, Kendall couldn’t stop talking to me about them. And that’s why I had gotten him SuperBowl tickets for his birthday in November.

Now it’s February 2nd, and Kendall and I were bundled up in nice warm jackets to avoid the cold winter of New York City/New Jersey. Finally, after another three months of non-stop football talk, it was SuperBowl Sunday. We’re were already at the arena, with thousands of other fans, watching the Seahawks killing it. The other team, Denver Broncos were done. Not even a score while the Seahawks are at 16.

Kendall and I are enjoying the best view from the VIP box; which is like the front orchard in a concert. Because Kendall was all about football these past couple of months, let’s say I learned something about the sport as well, and was rooting with Kendall.

Seattle Seahawks all the way.

Aside from the game itself, when I heard that it was Bruno Mars who will be performing the halftime, I was beyond excited! And that was way after I had given Kendall the tickets!

“Hey Kendall” I said, tapping his arm. He looks over at me.


“How much time left on the second quarter?” Kendall looks to one side of the stadium and point up to the score box.

“Less than a minute. Oh, Broncos are dead!” Kendall said.

I chuckle. We look back at the two teams lining up on the field. We watch as the Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson grab the ball and backs up. He looks around for any Broncos players. Two were heading toward him, but Wilson was able to throw it across the field. Everyone watched as a Seahawks player caught it and made touchdown! The whole stadium stood up and roar, clapping and cheering.

The quarter was over. The halftime show was next but first, it was the commercial break for all the viewers who were watching from they’re TV. Where Kendall and I sat, was the Seahawks’ side. All the team members came trotting over sitting on the benches and take long drinks.

“Oh my god” I breath, tapping Kendall’s forearm multiply times. “Russell Wilson…is sitting… right in front of us!”

I look over at Kendall’s who nodding. He has the wide eyes. He’s starstruck. Kendall stands up from the seat and lean over the clear wall that separates us from the field. Yes, we’re first rows. Kendall tap the football player’s helmet. Russell jumps at the sudden touch and turns around. I gasp when he looks at us. He smiles.

“Hey, you’re Schmidt!” he says. My eyes widen myself. He knows Kendall!? Russell holds a fist. “Fist bump?” Kendall gladly fist bumps with the Russell Wilson! “Listen, I got to go to the locker room and change shoes. Football sneakers are so uncomfortable. But hey, enjoy the show.”

“Will do Russell” Kendall replies. Russell looks over at me.

“Is that your girlfriend?” he asks. Kendall sits back down and wraps his arms around me.

“Yes it is.”

“Here.” I watch as Russell picks up a football and sign it. He toss it over the clear roll and I catch it. He winks then jogs away.

“Oh, what just happened?” I ask Kendall, looking at him. He chuckles.

“You got Russell’s autograph” Kendall tells me. I giggle. “By the way, that’ll be going in my studio as a display.” I rolled my eyes and push it onto Kendall’s lap.

“Have fun with it.”

Kendall laughs and play with the ball in his hands. I see the staff finishing up with setting up the stage. Then they walk away and a bunch of external VIP-ers for the Bruno Mars concert, comes running across the field, gathering around the stage. Until I see Bruno walking onto the stage. He’s on!

“Hey, I’m going to run to the restroom” Kendall whispers to me.

“But you’re going to miss Bruno Mars!” I point out.

“I know, but I will be fast. I promise. Beside, if I miss him, I can watch what I recorded back at home.” I look at him oddly.

“You recorded the SuperBowl when we’re here, at the SuperBowl!?” I ask. Kendall nods.

“Yeah. Now, I got to go. Bad.”

Kendall quickly leaves and jogs up the steps. I turn and look back at the stage where Bruno starts playing the drum and the real show begins! He plays one of his hit songs, and I swear I’m dancing in my seat! When the song ends, Bruno speaks,

“Woo! Alright guys! Quiet down a bit.” The crowds does go quiet. “I’d like to welcome a good friend of mine out here. Kendall Schmidt.”

My eyes drop as I look all over the stage for my boyfriend. Soon, I see Kendall appearing next to Bruno Mars. Part of the crowds cheer to welcome Kendall on stage. I’m confused.

“Hey Kendall. You’re out here because?” Bruno asks with a smile. Kendall takes the microphone.

“I’m out here because my lovely girlfriend over there,” Kendall points toward me. “got me tickets for tonight. Plus. I want to ask her something.”

“Excuse me?” Another voice speaks, but it sound like it’s from behind me. I look over my shoulder and jump in my seat to see its Russell Wilson, again!

“Russell? What are you doing here?” I ask. He holds out his hand.

“Come with me.”

“But, uh-” I point toward the field where Kendall still stood on stage, next to Bruno Mars.

“Don’t worry” Russell interrupts me. “I’m taking you to Kendall.”


I take his hand and stand up. He walks me against the clear wall and then opens it, which is actually a doorway. I follow him onto the field and he leads me to the center, where the large 50 is painted. And where Kendall was now standing. Russell stops me a few feet away from Kendall then walks away. I watch him get further then look around me. The entire stadium eyes’ were on us.

“Kendall?” I ask, looking back at him.

“Y/N.” Kendall smiles.

“What’s going on?-” The moment I ask, Kendall pulls out a small box from his pocket. I raised my eyebrows at him. Kendall begins,

“The moment I first saw you, you haven’t left my heart. Yes, you were just a fan of me four years ago, and now you were my girlfriend.”

“-were?” I whisper under my breath.

“Yes, were. Because now, I want you to be my forever.”

I watch as Kendall opens the box, revealing a three-diamond ring. I bring my hands up to my mouth. Was this really happening? Kendall goes down on one knee and the whole stadium aww'ed.

“Will you do the honor by marrying me?” Kendall ask. I nod.

“Yes” I answer.

Tears piles in the corner of my eyes. I wipe them away as Kendall quickly stands back up and slip the ring down my finger. He holds onto my face, bringing his lips to mine for a passionate kiss. The whole crowd claps toward us. Kendall then wraps his arms around me and hug me close. With the view, I watch as Bruno Mars starts singing “Just The Way You Are.”

With Kendall still embracing onto me, starts rocking me, along with the beat of the song. Knowing the song well, we both start singing along softly, so it’s only us who’s hearing our own voice. Kendall leans in, placing his lips nears my ear.

“I love your future Mrs. Schmidt.”

🎶 And when you smile; The whole world stops and stares for awhile 🎶