football snapbacks

telegraph-boy  asked:

How do Pansexuals feel about Bisexuals? Do they get along?

Fact: Pansexuals and bisexuals have been friends and allies for many centuries. In the year 1489, the Pansexual Clan, the Asexual Townsfolk and the Lesbian Tribe were attacked by an army of raging homophobic heterosexuals, all bearing snapbacks and footballs. Then, the Bisexual Armada arrived from within the shadows, and swore to defend us in our fight. The four nations fought together bravely and valiantly, and ultimately defeated our enemies. 

There have been many wars much like that one for the hundreds of years afterwards, and many losses on every side. However, all nations have sworn to defend one another- and Pansexual Society has recently signed a thousand-year treaty with the Demisexuals promising the same.