football snapbacks

Waiting for 17776 to end is like

you’re sitting there refreshing the page, but you don’t actually WANT it to end … so why do you keep checking?

In fact, why read the ending? If you never read it, it will never end.

But you’re gonna do it anyway. You know you’re gonna read it no matter what. And that’s basically the whole moral of the story realized in real life – that humans need an ending – and that’s SO meta and just one of many reasons why I love 17776

I don’t see how it’d be possible unless Ten and Juice arranged something with some space-faring humans but

I really want Nine to wake up with a better camera.

I’m talking crisp, 4k quality (or 4000000k who even knows) with 5 billion times zoom

Like they wake up and Juice is like “hey why don’t you try out that shit camera again”


“trust me. just take a selfie captain wine barrel”

And they see theirself clear as day. They see that they’re a shade of red. They see the wear and tear on their casing from floating out in space for thousands of years.

And when they find out they have a powerful zoom function, they zoom way out and take nice HD pictures of Ten and Juice so they can see them for the first time.

And this just leads into a fixation with taking pictures. Mostly of things and places for a while, but that eventually gets boring, because things and places don’t really change.

So they just take pictures of humans. They take shots of big game-winning touchdowns. They take photos of their human friends, like Nancy. They capture all these little moments and save all these precious memories.

And that becomes their purpose.

Since I feel she doesn’t get enough attention, some love for Ten:

- very smart!!! so prepared to share information!!!
- will answer all questions (in due time)
- probably knows what you’re gonna say but listens anyway
- a natural therapist
- practically writes poems everytime she speaks
- is always doing a Good Job (except with numbers sometimes)
- hates Game 27 but loves her big brother
- protects Nine when Juice gets a little out of line
- but also gives Nine shit like any little sister would
- everything she says is beautiful we don’t deserve her

(Feel free to add on!)

telegraph-boy  asked:

How do Pansexuals feel about Bisexuals? Do they get along?

Fact: Pansexuals and bisexuals have been friends and allies for many centuries. In the year 1489, the Pansexual Clan, the Asexual Townsfolk and the Lesbian Tribe were attacked by an army of raging homophobic heterosexuals, all bearing snapbacks and footballs. Then, the Bisexual Armada arrived from within the shadows, and swore to defend us in our fight. The four nations fought together bravely and valiantly, and ultimately defeated our enemies. 

There have been many wars much like that one for the hundreds of years afterwards, and many losses on every side. However, all nations have sworn to defend one another- and Pansexual Society has recently signed a thousand-year treaty with the Demisexuals promising the same.

Seeing fans saying good night to the space probes in their tags is simultaneously the most surreal, sweetest, and saddest fandom experience I’ve ever had

In just 25 chapters, we connected with three sentient football-loving space probes so much, that it feels like losing a few close friends.

But there’s always the hope of seeing them again after they recharge. It’s less of a “goodbye”, really. It’s more of a “seeya later”.

Sleep tight, sweethearts.