football putties

Hi this is my stim toy collection for the spinner ring giveaway,

Starting from the top theres:
Magnetic roller
Spiky football
Science putty
Fidget cube knock off
Glow in the dark putty
Mini rubik cube
Bug apple
Spiky ball
Skikey monkey
Key ring kelidascope
3 tangles (fuzzy, super textured and relaxl
Bendy rubber stick
Rubber band ball
Metal loops
Juggling ball
Winny the pooh key ring
Water timer pen
Putty rubbers
Stretchy hedgehog
Balance eagle
Pop out beans
Bug runner

I also have a few more water timers, snow globs and a regular tangle that’s not pictured. I had a spinner ring that was my favorite but it broke.

These giveaways are awesome and can’t wait for the next ones!!