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What if Tyler was a football player and he kissed this smol blu freshman in the stands and people started freaking out cause… who is he?

EheehehE YESSS

all the whispers of “whose that nerd hes with??”

and Ethan for 2 seconds is like oh wow he kissed me he really likes me oh my- but then immediately flops to fear like IM GONNA GET WRECKED TOMORROW IN CLASS- NOOOO. THERE ARE GIRLS AT THIS SCHOOL WHO ARE OBSESSED WITH HIM- THEYRE GONNA KILL ME.

and him all squeaky and jittery like. thats it, im dead, theyre gonna kill me. Theyre gonna beat me up and im gonna die.

So Tyler comes in the next day all bright and happy, ready to see Ethan and maybe properly ask him out on a more official date, but he sees how nervous Ethan is like “oh no did I fuck things up???” Aaaah i just want to draw them more in this au. its pretty much just a highschool au, but them being friends with Cool Patrol Mark and Jack both playing cupid is the cutest thing eVER.


Liam Dunbar x Werewolf!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: None, just very fluffy and cute. *3*
Word count: 623

Tags: @peacefullytatted01

“There you are!” you used your most friendly and flirtatious voice whenever you were around Liam and that was one of those things he loved about you, how you always cheered him up with the tone in your voice.

He sat down on the stairs, leaning against his knees and you immediately caught the scent of him being nervous, sad or mortified. You weren’t good at reading his chemo-signals yet, but you did everything to learn.

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Paulo Dybala : u have a cute fight

U were sitting on the bed and looking at the clock when u heard downstairs the sound of the door creacking open , moments after ur boyfriend Paulo appeared
Paulo :“ oh u still awake bae ?!”
*u kept silent *
Paulo looked at u :“ hey whats happened ?? ”
Y/n glared daggers at him :“ really ?? REALLY ?? ur expecting me to be asleep ?? Didnt u promiss me to come home at 8:00 pm ?? Didnt u promiss me to take me to Falcone’s Restaurent ??? And did u forget u have a girlfriend who’s fucking waiting for u ?? Really ??? Its 2:13 pm !! ”
Paulo :“ oh ! Sorry bae but i promiss ill take u tomorrow , i didnt forget about taking u to the Restaurent today but this evening , someone came from Milano to Torino stadium to fix some of the files with Muggi , and so Muggi asked me to drive him back to his house , and u knw im too shy to refuse , and u knw also that the road to Milano is really long thats why i came late i got stuck in the trafic”
Y/n :“ but u left me alone here the whole evening !! ”
Paulo :“ what did u want me to do ?? fly ??!! ?? ”
*here u grabbed ur pillow and stand *
Y/n :“ u knw something ?? Im done with all of this !! And avoid promissing next time !! ”
*u headed downstairs to the living room then u laid on the couch *
Moments after :

U felt something touching ur body , u opened ur eyes instantly to find Paulo wrapping u in a blanket , he noticed that u woke up
Y/n :“awwn how nice of…..wait !! Im still mad at u !! ”
*u said shifting ur look away from him , u could see from the corner of ur eyes a pillow and a blanket on the floor , u decided to ask him *
Y/n :“ whats this ?? ”
Paulo :“ my pillow and my blanket ”
Y/n :“ why ?? ”
Paulo :“ becuz i cant sleep without u , so i decided to sleep here next to u , besides u knw that i dont deserve having u mad at me cuz i havent done anything”
*u stopped for a moment then thought to urself , maybe u overreacted , he doesnt deserve this *
Y/n :“ ur a good lier Paulo !!”
Paulo :“ no , and u knw that i would do anything for ya ”
Y/n :“ uhmm .. i… okay im not mad at u , u convinced me ”
Paulo said with a big
smile :“ really ?? ”
Y/n :“ yes ”
Paulo :“ u knw today when u were arguing with me , ur lips were really shining , uhm i mean they were really great and i lusted for it , im happy i could stop myself from attacking u cuz u were mad at me ,
but now * he said jumping on top of u * since u are not mad at me * he pecked ur lips * i can kiss u now *he started kissing u very hungrily with his hands rubbing ur waist , u wrapped ur arms around his neck and u kissed back *
Y/n :” i love u , but u should send me a msg “
Paulo :” i love u too , and i promiss it wont happen again"
*he carried u to ur bedroom where u completed the scene *

peachyxjae’s masterlist for Wanna One(Part Three)

❥-Fluff 🍃-AUs ✻-Angst 💫-Personal favorite(s) ✧-Headcanon

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Come Back, Be Here Preference Part 2 (Cashton)

Author’s Note: So a part 2 to the preference I posted yesterday was requested. It’s a lot easier to write a part 2 because the original plot is already figured out which is why this request is being fulfilled so soon. I only did it for Calum and Ashton because I feel Luke’s and Michael’s already had a clear ending to them. 

Part 1 

Masterlist l Requests  


Ten years.

Had it really been that long? Had it really been ten years since you stood in this familiar corridor? From the looks of the chipping blue paint, ten years didn’t seem long enough.

You didn’t know why you had RSVP’d to this. Why did you need to go to a reunion to see people that don’t care about you? More importantly, why were you putting yourself through this tortuous night of your peers pretending to me someone they’re not.

Continuing down the familiar corridor, you began to remember what it felt like to be young. To have all your hopes and dreams and still think they could one day be a reality.  When you finally reached the gymnasium you took a deep breath before pushing open the giant doors.Here comes the “I miss you’s” and “what have you been up to’s.” 

Except they didn’t come.

No one cared about the resident tutor girl. As far as they were concerned you were the same girl you were ten years ago. Still living in your parent’s house, still teaching children who weren’t smart. Still the tutor girl. Had you really been that naive to expect anything different?

You had been sitting at the makeshift bar for an hour now. Not one person had held conversation with you expect the poor bartender. You didn’t see this night getting better. It was time to leave.

“Is my favorite tutor leaving already?” a familiar voice asked.

You turned around quickly, your feet tangling together causing you to fall. Or almost fall, someone caught you. Someone with a very familiar smile stretched across his face. Someone you’d been waiting to see for ten years.


“Glad to know someone here still remembers my name,” he teased.

“Oh please, everyone here knows your name. You’re Calum Hood, professional football player and soon to be small town hero.”

Calum laughed. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.”

“You miss me? Ha ha very funny,” you said dryly.

“It’s true! I always wondered what you’ve been up to all these years.”

“Is that so?”

You were smiling. A big genuine smile that stretched all the way up to your eyes. You couldn’t admit it out loud but this is why you came to this reunion. In the hopes that your favorite star athlete would turn up and remember you. Truth was you didn’t care about the other three hundred people in this room as long as Calum Hood still remembered your name.

“You know, I haven’t forgotten that you were supposed to tell me something that night,” Calum mumbled into your hair later that night.

The two of you were curled up on a bench in the school’s courtyard. You had wandered out here when the gym became too noisy for the two of you to catch up on each other’s lives. By now the gym had to be empty, yet the two of you refused to move from the wooden bench. In the distance, the sun was rising and yet you didn’t feel once ounce of exhaustion.

“What are you talking about?” you asked, sheepishly

“The night I told you I was going to Europe, you were going to tell me something too. It’s bugged me for years that you never said it. I know you didn’t forget it.”

He was right. You didn’t forget it, you hadn’t. You were still harboring your secret crush on Calum Hood.

“So are you going to tell me?” You shrugged your shoulders, shaking your head no. “Come on! I came back here to fi-” You cut him off, your lips crashing on his. It took him a second to comprehend what was happening but when he did he was kissing you back.

Calum Hood, professional football player, was kissing you. Tutor girl.

“Wow,” he paused. “I knew you always liked me!”

“Jerk,” you said, pushing him playfully.

“You know, you could have told me ten years ago. Now we have to make up for lost time.”

And just like that you got your wish. Calum Hood came back to your hometown all so he could spend the rest of his life with you, here.


You’d like to say that you hooked up with Ashton Irwin on one occasion and one occasion only. That your two night stand was the first and last time you ever shared a bed with the drummer. But, that would be a lie.

5 Seconds of Summer had made it back to your stupid state several times over the past three years. Despite, the magazine covers tying Ashton with Hollywood’s next it girl, it was you that always ended up in his bed. It was you who got to wake up next to the handsome drummer at seven in the morning. It was you who got ushered out the back entrance of the hotel by his security. And it was you who had turned into his resident hook up every time the band passed through.

As smart as you may be, you had fallen for Ashton. You tried not to. You tried to let it just be sex just like he had. You couldn’t do it. You couldn’t deny the butterflies in your stomach when tour dates were announced. The bounce in your step that returned when you saw they were coming back. There was no denying it, you had fallen in love with Ashton Irwin.

It’s a shame he hadn’t.

“Today’s the day million’s of girls dreams get crushed. That’s right viewers, today’s the day Ashton Irwin, drummer for the popular band 5 Seconds of Summer, weds his Hollywood girlfriend of three years,” the television blared.

“Turn it off,” you demanded.

Your best friend, the one who had dragged you to the concert five years ago, looked at you with apologetic eyes. You hadn’t meant to tell her about your escapades but it sort of slipped out one night. She was flipping through a magazine, reading an article about this new Hollywood starlet and her favorite drummer and it just kind of came out of you.

“Too bad Australia isn’t closer. We could go crash it. You could storm in when the officiator asks if anyone objects.”

“You’d love that wouldn’t you. So dramatic.”

“At least the poor girl would know the truth.”

“I’d hardly call her the poor girl. Look who she’s marrying,” you grumbled.

The television was still on the E! network channel. Ms. Hollywood starlet was being paid to let them cover the wedding. Nothing made more money than wedding coverage, except maybe cheating scandals. They were currently showing pictures of the couple back when they were younger.

“Maybe he won’t go through with it,” you best friend said.

“He’s head over heels for her! Of course he’s going to marry her.”

“If he’s so in love with her he wouldn’t have kept hooking up with you all those years. I mean look at the tour dates for their next tour. Our insignificant state is still a stop. That has to mean something.”

She was right. The band was set to stop here in a few months. News that shocked you when you found out Ashton had proposed to the Hollywood girl. You thought for sure he would pass right over you.

“I will not hook up with a married man,” you stated.

“You said the same thing about hooking up with a guy who had a girlfriend. Face it babe, Ashton is your weakness.”

He was. When he looked at you with his stupid hazel eyes all your morals were lost. Suddenly, you became a girl that you once hated. You were the other woman. The home wrecker. You were no better than the mistress that tore your own family apart.

You were about to correct her when something on the television caught your eyes. Down at the bottom, where the breaking news was always report were words you never thought you’d ever read.

Hollywood’s it girl caught with her costar the night before her wedding. No comments have been made from Irwin’s rep.

“Did you read that?”

“I guess Ashton wasn’t the only one with someone on the side,” she smirked.

With the new news you sat down next to your best friend. Your eyes glued to the television to see what the next report would say. You felt so bad for Ashton. Despite what anyone else thought you knew he loved her, at least at some point. How stupid could she have been to throw that away? She had Ashton all the time and yet she still managed to have someone on the side. Meanwhile you’d been hooking up with him once a year and never once thought of finding yourself an actual boyfriend.

Your best friend abounded the couch to answer the ringing apartment phone. When she came back, the phone was in her right hand, the left one covering the speakers. She had this glint in her eye that scared you.

“It’s Ashton.”

You should have hung up on him. You didn’t want to be his rebound. You didn’t need him. You didn’t need this. 


“I’m coming back,” Ashton said and then the line went done. 

Seasonal Oversight (Part 2)

I woke up the next morning feeling stuffed, but also giddy with excitement. Did Jonathan, that dreamy hunk of a football player, really kiss me? Did last night really happen? There he was, laying on the bunk below mine, snoring, looking as beautiful as ever. I slowly creaked off the bed, hoping he wouldn’t be brought awake. I looked in the corner of the room and saw the 6 empty bottles. Maybe I was just hallucinating drunk? Or maybe the whole ordeal was just a drunken mistake. I tiptoed through the room to get a bowl of cereal, when I looked at the milk hard. Why did we buy 2%? Why not just get whole milk? It tasted way better anyway. After eating the disappointing bowl, I peered at myself in the full-length mirror.  Wow, I did actually get chunky. Sure it wasn’t like I was full-blown fat or anything, but compared to that skinny teenager-the one that started the semester in August, change had definitely happened. I had been so lanky for such a long time in my life, it seemed like I was a completely different person now.

I stepped on the scale to confirm my suspicions. It read 154.2 pounds. That may sound pretty skinny, but for a 5’9 guy who started the year at 134, that was a whopping 20 pounds of fat. Naturally, I looked at my shirtless, pantless, nearly naked body. Pinching the flab that formed a slight mound over my boxer briefs, jiggling my soft chest, and tracing my blond happy trail with my index finger. Seeing that I had love handles was the most exciting. It was then, in this embarrassing moment in time, that Jonathan rose up from the covers and wrapped his arms around my goosebump-ridden body.

“I’ll keep you warm sweetie”

That’s all the affirmation I needed to know last night was legit.  I don’t know why I was wearing almost nothing in early November. But here he was, Jonathan, doing the same, but keeping me warm.

“You want to step on?”

“Sure babe”

I could sense the apprehension on his face. Tentatively he stepped on to see a number flash back. 184.6. Not all that bad really. Especially considering he was hunky and 6’1.  

“How much did you gain?”

“About 15 pounds, you?”

“20. You’ll be fine” I knew from his facial expressions that his main concern was with soccer and his impending scholarship.

“Coach will kill me if he finds out. His svelte 170-pound midfielder got a gut!”

“That’s definitely not a gut. You’re being way too harsh. Plus, isn’t the season almost over?”

“Yeah, I know you like it, Thomas, but I’ve got to get running again”

And with that he was off, only in his running shorts and nike tennis shoes.


I hated leaving Thomas in such a confusing mood. Especially after last night. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I don’t think I could say I was bi-curious anymore. Probably just a full out bisexual. What would my teammates think? I was supposed to be scary and tough, not a girly, pudgy, ex-jock. I needed to get a grip. Be the star soccer player I knew I could be. I am strong. I am masculine. I am fit. I kept repeating to my head throughout the jog. I made it to the training facility. That was around a half a mile away, right?

“Um, Jonathan?” a voice called out.

“Ah yeah?” I suddenly halted looking around

“It’s me, Vincent”

“Oh hey” I said to my much shorter teammate. You’d never guess it, but this 5’6 stud was an amazing forward.

“What’s up, man?”

“Ah, just jogging. Looked at my reflection and realized I gained 15 pounds, thought I should try losing it”

“15 pounds??” He seemed incredulous. “There’s no way you’ve gained that much. You look awesome!”

“Thanks! Maybe my scale was wrong or something. I’m a little tired anyway”

So with that, my ‘long’ jog only ended up being to the field and back. I think Thomas was a little surprised seeing me before he left for his morning class.

“Back so soon? I thought you wanted to work that thing off.”

“Yeah, Vincent said I looked ‘awesome’, so I thought maybe I’m just being too hard on myself.”

“Ok, big guy, if you say so”

I didn’t know what to make of Thomas’ passive aggressive comments, but whatever. Maybe he got off on teasing me. Without really thinking about it, I took a quick nap. I didn’t know how much time had passed before I woke up and felt a pang in my lower stomach. I was quite shocked to see my belly look so massive. More shocking though was my hands tied behind my back. There was Thomas, sitting down on my lower bunk with a full pot of what looked like penne and tomato sauce.

“I guess you woke up now, piggy”

“Um…Thomas, what are you doing? Why am I tied up?” I said in a calm tone.

“To fatten you up. You want to become my prize hog, right?”

I had no words to answer as he simply kept pushing more and more pasta in my mouth. It was absolutely delicious and I honestly didn’t want to reject the food. It made me feel that same tingly sensation of being so overstuffed I felt yesterday. On my own accord now, I witnessed the entire pot of pasta devoured, singlehandedly by me.

“Can I go now?”

And just like that Thomas was out of his weird feeder trance and nervous.

“Yeah, of course. I don’t know why you’re in bondage. Or who did that to you. Or what this empty pot is doing here. And you’re going to be late for soccer practice, so you should probably get ready. I’ll just clean this mess up. It’ll be all gone when you come back. Good luck out there.” All in one nervous breath.

“ok.” My eyes were wide and darting all around the room.