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Sooo this is how the Gency comic ends :3 (12 panels.. I had to attach the last two as pics to the post. I hope everyone sees all 12 T.T)

That kid is his no. 1 fan now! haha! (I love his face in the last panel so much I can’t even…)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (this one, final)


JUICE: cmon cmon cmon

TEN: This is first contact with humanity we are talking about. Far too much responsibility to just throw away on a dumb joke. No. Absolutely not.

JUICE: itll be funny

Lily is beyond ecstatic Harry brought someone with good taste home.
For the sweetest anon that requested this 💕

the story started on July 2nd, 17776

and Chapters 17 and 18, and almost definitely also Chapters 19 and 20, take place on July 3rd, 17776

given the significance of the date July 4th, and especially July 4th 1776, it is likely that 17776 will conclude on July 4th, 17776

furthermore, based on how revolutionary the events of July 4th, 1776 were (especially to the United States of America), it seems reasonable to expect that July 4th, 17776 will be similarly revolutionary in their effect on society

(pointed out and first image by @actualrealexplode7 , here)

i started watching football not knowing how emotional it’s going to be in the long run

i’ve cried at knock out rounds, derbies, quarter finals, semi finals, finals, and last night i cried at an international friendly

i cry when my team loses an important match, but i cry harder when they win

i cry when my favorite players retire and hang up their boots

i get emotional thinking that in a few years, the players i grew up watching and admiring will do the same soon

football is such a beautiful sport and before i started watching it, i honestly never realized what an emotional ride it will take you on

however, i am thankful that i got into it and i feel sorry for who doesn’t watch it because they’re truly missing out

*Me watching a football game between two teams I don’t support* “I am a neutral viewer,I don’t care who wins I’m just watching to enjoy.”
*3 seconds later*
Me: *already adopted 2 midfielders,one forward,a defender,the goalkeeper and the entire medical staff.*